RDG Otaku “Steal Reading’s Hashtag”


“Japanese cartoon” fans of RDG – Red Data Girl – have caused an upset in a UK paper after the volume of their twits on the #RDG hashtag easily obliterated the previous Reading-related activity.

The flood of “more than 17,000” tweets after the airing RDG apparently overwhelmed those of the backwater Berkshire town, upsetting their local rag.

News evidently being in short supply in the town, the story was front-page news, narrowly beating out features on potholes and village traders:


Whether the production staff ever bothered to check on whether the tag was actually in use beforehand is not clear, but it seems likely that in typical Japanese fashion they are aghast at having caused such an inconvenience.

Amongst the wicked Japanese cartoon fans responsible there is some sympathy:

“How sad… unless they make a system to handle duplication of hashtags I guess it will continue to happen.”

“Can’t be helped, there are only so many.”

“With 3 character tags it is surprising there are any left.”

“P.A. Works are trying to change it to #RDG_anime now.”

“With a small town having a 3 letter tag this was bound to happen.”

“I guess there’ll be a collaboration with Reading now!”

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