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Million Arthur: “A New Low Even For Square Enix”


The latest controversy courted by Square Enix comes in the form of their decision to release “Million Arthur” on the PlayStation Vita – the first time the company has been shameless enough as to release a F2P smartphone card game on a real gaming device.



Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, an anime-styled “online card battle RPG” which embraces the F2P pay-per-item style business model popular with smartphone casuals but widely loathed by actual gamers, is due later in April:

The game does feature some nice art on the cards:

















The decision to release “smartphone trash” onto the PSV has caused a surprising amount of umbrage online – although there is evidently some disagreement as to whether this is a sign of the Vita or Square Enix’s dire straits:

“Square Enix’s stock price is down to 3 digits!”

“A F2P pay-per-item game? So a social game?”

“Square Enix has totally betrayed us.”

“I wish they’d just hurry up and go bankrupt. Nobody would lose out.”

“They are seriously off course now.”

“Who would even buy one of their games now?”

“This trash? The legendary one with all the buggy events which they never patched and which you still have to pay for…”

“I guess this befits the Vita…”

“Just knowing Square Enix was involved makes me lose interest.”

“Wonderful, social games on the Vita…”

“Why not leave this stuff on the smartphones where it belongs?”

“Where is FF11?”

“I’d rather they not release this item charging stuff on consumer gaming devices.”

“Let this trash die on the smartphones.”

“No phone games on consoles please!”

“Who is going to play a game like this on the Vita anyway?”

“Porting one of these fraudulent charge games onto the Vita, really? Nobody wants them.”

“Only middle schoolers buy or play card games. And they hardly own Vitas, so this is doubly bad.”

“Square Enix are done for. They have no choice but to concentrate everything on the only stuff they have which makes any money now.”

“They have failed at all their online games… I think this is just Wada’s legacy being passed down.”

“A game publisher which doesn’t sell releases a game which didn’t sell on hardware which didn’t sell, classic.”

“Whether it sells or not, I hope they introduce some sort of zoning feature so kids are protected from being bilked by their charging.”

“This series bombed years ago on phones. Do they really think a smartphone app on the Vita has any chance?”

“If this doesn’t bomb, expect a flood of F2P smartphone games on handhelds.”

“Square Enix, are you alright?”

“Porting a social game onto the Vita… a new low.”

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