Introducing Sankaku Channel Rankings


Sankaku Channel has received a major addition of functionality in the form of a full suite of charts and rankings showing the artists, characters and franchises generating the most popular and very best art around.

At present a wide variety of rankings are provided – the main characteristic being whether the scoring is based on the average “popularity” or “quality” of the included posts.

Popularity and quality are automatically calculated for each post based on a unique statistical algorithm incorporating post views, favourites and votes – the key difference between the two being that “popularity” incorporates time as a factor, leading to highly dynamic and constantly changing results, whereas quality considers only all-time totals.

In addition, rankings of artists, characters and copyrights are all provided, along with separate scoring systems based only on posts of each rating – enabling results to be drilled down to include artistic skill and cuteness as much as lust.

Finally, the number of posts can be filtered (small being less than 250 and large over 250), enabling relatively new entrants to be screened from their more well established counterparts.

The rankings will be updated automatically on a frequent basis, so checking them regularly is sure to be a rewarding way of discovering top new artists, the most popular characters and the hottest franchises.

A sampling of the all-time rankings as they stand, based on the performance of over 2 million images and hundreds of millions of views, favourites and votes from millions of users:

The top 5 ero-artists – with an unsurprising top-spot:


The top 5 general artists (with ratings based only on their non-adult works):


The top 5 characters, revealing the charms of holographic princess Hatsune Miku are overpowering whatever dimension she chooses to inhabit:


And the top 5 series – Aimas having been projected into the top spot largely thanks to Takemura Sesshu‘s vast artistic prowess and evident love of the franchise:


Idol Complex, Sankaku Channel’s 3D counterpart, has also gained the same functionality – yielding a glimpse at the top 5 best major idols and cosplayers of all time:


Visit the Sankaku Channel rankings.

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