Atelier Escha & Logy “Half Action RPG & Half Slice-of-Life”




The first glimpse at upcoming moechemy RPG Atelier Escha & Logy reveals heroine Escha Malier to be every bit as cute as her forbears, and also boasting rather more bishonen than previous titles in the form of the tongue-twistingly hot Logix Ficsario.


The developers admit their twin protagonist system is actually intended as much as a RPG market landgrab as it is an excuse to service female fans – they say playing the “slice-of-life” Escha scenario is intended for traditionalist fans who prefer their heroines mastering the intricacies of making bread in a cauldron and cutely venturing forth only to bop threatening fruit hamsters.

Meanwhile Logy’s saga focuses on a “world depicting scenario” intended for general RPG gamers and laden with weighty plot and events. Fiery battles and sharp dressing also appear to feature heavily.

Whether the developers of a carefully nurtured niche franchise can actually pull off a deliberate expansion into what sound distinctly like action RPG territory does not seem to concern many fans however, as the game as gorgeous as ever.

The trailer:


Atelier Escha & Logy is due in July.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of what they did with Mana Khemia. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to this too. Fuck the pussies who only want it so they can play as a little girl, enjoy the game for the game.

  • Rokudaime says:

    An RPG with a cute girl and a cool guy as the two main characters. What’s the problem here again? Why is everybody so hateful and angry about there being a male character in this game, and even going so far as to insult and renounce anyone who isn’t as ugly fujoshi (I’m a strait, rather homophobic male btw)? :-/ The Final Fantasy games are JRPG’s and have traditionally always had a mix of male and female main characters, but you don’t hear people complaining about that. So why is it a problem in this particular game?

  • Anonymous says:

    I always play Atelier games hidden from the rest of family and friends.
    With this new one I can play the usual Atelier, and then switch over to the dark depressing version and pretend to be playing a normal game. It’s a win-win for me.

  • Let’s see whether this system featuring two main protagonist (male & female) will ruin or improve the sales of the game.

    Actually this idea is not original other games already implement the dual system Protagonist. I want to experience how well KTC execute / implement this system. Hope not ruin my whole experience when playing Atelier series…

    Will the fanatic fanbase that bought the original game and before Escha & Logy or one that disliked will win ?

    Or the new fanbase that love the featured male protagonist ?

    After all, the money created to make such game must be turned into profit. If no one is buying then …
    Let’s see :3

  • I like how this is reaching the Final Fantasy level of rage here, with some fans who like the game for what it is and the other fans that dislike it just cause they added one sausage in the mix.
    And i’d like to say that this isn’t that god awful Atelier Elkrone with it’s sausage fest, as long as the game is good i will accept the change (even though i would have preferred if they got rid of time management instead of bringing action combat in my RPG).

  • Anonymous says:

    what about those of us that would like to play the girl as a main protagonist in a dark and edgy world where heavily plot and serious issues are dealt with through sheer force of will and obliteration?

    I’d like to see a game that features… Idont’ know, someone LIKE Orimura Chifuyu being the hero, but one where she isn’t sexualised in any way beyond what the fans conjure up for her.

  • So I’m buying a full game to only play half of it?

    This, plus the KT decision to not include the original Japanese voice track in Ayesha (and so probably not in this too – IF they even release it in US/UE) makes me think my Atelier adventure is ending in Arland.


    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like two games glued together.
      They should release both individually for half the price instead. Plus a bundle with both. I don’t know, but this double approach doesn’t make sense when the two experiences are so different.

      • Anonymous says:

        The studio they used to record voices probably holds part or the whole rights over the voice track. So KT would probably have had to re-license the whole voice track again and it would get more expensive so they decided to drop it instead.
        They couldn’t publish it with just the Japanese voices instead of dubbing because this would scare away possible new fans and it would be bad for them business-wise.
        About the people who are already fans, they know they are going to buy it anyway so… you know.

    • I heard ya.
      While i love the atelier series since Ps2’s Iris, there IS concern with KT recent rape of the series, alienating their fanbase, removing Japanese audio from their games, clearly they don’t know their own market.

        • Anonymous says:

          They probably didn’t want to spend the money for the voice, I remember seeing a lot of anime voice actors, so its possible that they didn’t want to pay for it…I would rather they skip the enlish voice and went for Japanese though.

        • Anonymous says:

          Citation needed.

          This is definately not backed up by anything on the official publisher’s forums.

          All they posted was a bunch of, “there’s a reason that we are not saying” and tried to obfuscate by saying that there are games where licensing is a problem, attempting to confuse people into linking the 2 separate issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      paying full price for half a game? well, thats the extremely cynical way of looking at it i suppose…

      the more positive way of looking at it would be paying for one game and getting 2. but hey, guess some people just love to be a downer….

      • Yeah, I am getting a little unnerved here. What exactly is this ‘half a game’ bullshit. For me it will only be half a game if they don’t make the character related in some way through their actions. If you just have an alchemist doing her stuff while the guy is doing his thing, and they never meet or intertwine, then there’s no point to the two of them being in the same game. Only then would this be a terrible idea, and I hope they’re not approaching that concept.

        As for people complaining about a male MC alongside the female, well… I have nothing to say but that the internet yet again proves it’s nowhere close to cleansing itself of its supply of stupid children.

        • Anonymous says:

          Buy it? Of course, when I move out of this POS country I will.

          I’m not the cause of anything, because I was never a potential customer. Where I live games are way too expensive, trying to import the Japanese version becomes a gamble with 40% chances of having my game stolen inside the customs and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it because the government doesn’t care about imports like this, only above a certain value.

          Today, I have two options: Play it pirated or don’t play it at all.

          If I don’t play, that’s my loss, right?

          But if I pirate it, who loses what?
          What damage is done? Did I take the game from your house? Nope, it is just another copy out of an infinite source.
          If there’s not piracy available people like me simply won’t play.

          There’s no piracy for 3DS games nor Vita games and this didn’t make me run and buy a Vita and original games, I simply don’t play them.

          What difference does it make to game developers or other games if I get to play their games? Is it wrong to borrow a game from a friend then? Because that’s also playing without paying.

          Then I’m double wrong, not only I’m playing pirated games, but I’m also playing them in a borrowed PS3 that can’t even read blurays. (because my friend busted his bluray drive watching pirated anime DVDs and now it won’t read games anymore, he don’t care about any games besides Naruto Retardation Storm and Dragon Ball games)

          Also, I don’t think that piracy is right, I have originals too, and they’re my most prized possessions. But for now it is pirate or go watch “let’s play” videos with stupid unfunny comments.

          And here’s my whole point from that comment:
          While you guys are suffering because of a shitty decision from the people you are supporting, the pirates are having their way.

          Is it fair? Hell no.

          Why is it that you paying customers deserve get the short end of the stick?

          Why is it that you are not allowed to modify what you own?

          Why is it that you simply have to either comply or shut up?

          You should see this as a message to the publishers and not turn to poor people who pirate and condemn them for doing it.

          And understand: Pirates cause no damage, we don’t have money, we’re eating the leftovers someone threw away, savaging trash looking for something usable. It doesn’t affect you, It doesn’t affect the industry. It is pure greed from the publishers to think that someone is eating their leftovers for free.

        • @ Anonymous 23:53

          Don’t turn piracy into something to be respected or boast over. People like yourself are the reason why the games industry is run by cowards now, and why games that deserve recognition are lost to crap sales.

          While I will give in that in Ayesha’s case it was sheer ridiculousness, piracy comes after you buy the game. Buy it and you’ll be okay in my book. I have undubs of all of Persona on PS2 as well as all of Ar Tonelico, but I own them as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          For people complaining about not having Japanese voice tracks: There’s always a way to make an undub version!

          But of course you non-pirates won’t play it, since you’re shackled by anti-piracy bullshit worthless copyright DRM trash.

          I’m playing my pirated copy of Atelier Ayesha in Japanese because I can, since I don’t need translations. But still, I know some guys who are working in an undub version, but of course it requires a jailbroken PS3.

    • Anonymous says:

      “So I’m buying a full game to only play half of it?”

      What? More like you’re buying a full game to play a full game and have the option of playing ANOTHER full game when you stop being a pathetic faggot.

      I say this because one side in Mana Khemia 2 was the same in length as the entirety of Mana Khemia 1 and lasted even more than a typical playthrough of one of the Arland games.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol anon butthurt at a male lead alongside the female. Call it half a game cause they can’t handle a male character who makes their shortcomings apparent. This mentality is laughable, grow some balls. Guys with androphobia…. lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Its probadly not as much because there is a male character than its is because they try to move the series in an other direction.

        I mean when I buy an atelier game I want to do what an atelier does not to play an action RPG. If I wanted that I would have bought games like Mass Effect or Final Fantasy or an Eldar Scroll game or etc.

        They are all good RPG’s which do it allot better than any atelier games would ever have done it.

        “So I’m buying a full game to only play half of it?”
        This is kinda true, unless they double their resources it would mean some of it has to divert to the “Action RPG” aspect instead of the “atelier” aspect. which means the “atelier” aspect is going to be less while the price stays the same.

        • Anonymous says:

          You mean try move the series back to it’s roots? This whole JRPG for girls and creepy 30 year olds that still watch magical girl anime is something that very recently came along in the series this last console generation.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree, the thing I like most in Atelier games is the relaxing atmosphere without having your teenage heroine burdened by the task of saving the world… I don’t mind them making an action RPG but I kinda hope they had made a whole game, a whole Atelier game and then make a separate title for the action RPG game… Making a mixed bag usually brings out sad results.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Atelier Iris games all included the whole alchemy deal while having both a great battle system and a coherent storyline. I was super hyped for Meruru, but when I got it I realized they were nothing similar. I do wish they’d go back to having a serious rpg, rather than an alchemy simulator.

  • Anonymous says:

    To all you people complaining about the lack of Japanese voices: Seriously, consider learning Japanese. If you really love Japanese games there is no reason not to. Sure it takes time, but it is not impossible, it is not even that hard.
    Not only you’ll be able to play these games once they’re out, but also it increases your curriculum. Multilingual professionals are highly sought after, you know. So you get a better professional curriculum and as a bonus you can play the games you really love the way they “were meant to be played”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Calm down. PS3 is cracked open already. The missing JP voices in Ayesha was added in for the UNDUB version. It will happen for this Atelier too.

      Get yourself an UNDUB version if its important enough to you.

      • Anonymous says:

        I happen to know Japanese, so fortunately I don’t need an UNDUB version, but for people who don’t, using an UNDUB is the only way.
        But, if you want to keep it “legal”, you’ll have to either learn Japanese or deal with English dubs.
        Also, for instance, the Vita is not cracked yet, and some people think it won’t for a long time. So, if suddenly publishers decide that they won’t include Japanese voice tracks, or even worse, that they won’t localize Japanese games because it is not worth anymore, all fans are going to be out of luck: Unable to create UNDUBs, and you can pretty much kiss fan translation projects a good-bye.

    • Anonymous says:

      My comment disappeared into the ether.

      To put it short, not everyone can learn Japanese. Most non English speaking peoples prefer their Hollywood movies in English even if they dont understand it. Its same for people who want dual audio for JRPGs.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I know. As someone from a non-english speaking country I know this whole dub vs. original voices.
        But still, better than subtitles is actually watching a movie without the need for subtitles.
        Same goes for games.

        I understand that not everyone can learn a new language. But the only reason they “can’t” learn is because they don’t have time to. Besides that there is no reason one can’t learn a new language.

        Where I live, no games are translated and not everyone knows English. This forced me to study and learn English, in order to play games and understand what’s written on screen. Now that Japanese games are not popular in the west anymore, it was way easier for me to jump to Japanese and start learning it. Because I already know how to deal with an “unknown language”.

        But this doesn’t mean that I have special abilities to learn new languages. It’s just that I already know the path to learn a new one, and that pretty much is something like this:

        Learn the basic vocabulary, get exposed to the language itself, get translations and check what you got right, try to figure out the meaning, grow the vocabulary more and more, get more exposure, and then after getting a lot of experience and being almost fluent, start to study the language’s grammar.

        Most people fail to learn a new language because they try the artificial way, that is by learning the grammar rules first. Grammar rules are artificial.
        Languages are human, they are natural, and the most efficient method to learn them is not through artificial rules.

        • Anonymous says:

          @09:35 Learn to read.
          No one is saying that it is wrong to like the Japanese voices.
          Instead, liking the Japanese voices is one more reason to learn Japanese.
          No need to wait for the goodwill of some publisher to pick up the title you want, etc.
          Also you can appreciate the voices more because you know what they are saying without a subtitle.

          So answer the correct anon and not me, I’m not calling anyone a weaboo.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not everyone can do this and a lot of anime fans would love to hear Japanese games in Japanese. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Those who call these people weaboo or whatever are just as bad as those who mock anything English.

      Anyone who had to endure just okay to sub par dubs of Hollywood movies in their regional languages can understand how important it is to hear the original language even if you don’t understand a single word.

      • Anonymous says:

        I replied you below, but now that your comment showed up: I’m not mocking anyone nor I am calling them weaboos. People also call me weaboo because I’m learning Japanese to play games.

        Also I know how some dubs are bad because I’m not from an English-speaking country either.

        What I am saying is that, instead of being forced to wait 2 years to play a game and being forced to play it with a bad dub on top of that, maybe it is worth to invest some time to learn the original language instead.

        You won’t have to worry about it being localized (Valkyria Chronicles III, for instance), you can play it once it is out, without having to wait for years before they even announce a localization (Tales of Xillia).

        If you really love Japanese games, and have time to learn, you should do it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I prefer Ayesha (with Japanese voice) rather than this.
    Reason : The female protagonist is not good enough.. but the male protagonist here looks cool :3. So it makes only so-so games.

  • Anonymous says:

    O would normally say “what is so wrong with having a male protagonist…?”, but, given I do not know the game that much, I will just assume there is “something on the game’s formula that makes a male protagonist a “does not work” idea.

    In other words, for those on my position, just imagine a Dragon Ball Z game and/or film with a female protagonist instead of a male. It becomes much easier to understand then.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anything that gets them closer to the Iris games is fine by me.

    Arland was a nice side trip but I’m getting pretty tired of the “accomplish fucking nothing for 30 hours” the Arland games were made up of. The poor story development and character development can only be done in so many games until you realize the games have no real goals.

    And lets be completely honest here. The Arland games were made for 10 year old Japanese girls and the way they play makes it painfully obvious of this fact. Not that I didn’t enjoy them for what they were, but lets get this franchise back on track.