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Teacher Hit Pupil 53 Times “For Eating Sweets on Bus”


A teacher who hit one of his pupils 53 times in the face for eating sweets on a school trip, injuring his neck and requiring weeks of recovery, has had his pay reduced 10% for 6 months.

The 42-year-old unidentified Kagoshima city middle school teacher was overseeing a school trip when he spotted a 3rd year pupil eating sweets on the bus.

He took him to the staffroom and hit him 3 times in the face, and then had him accompany him to a more secluded spot, where he slapped him a further 50 times.

The boy suffered injuries to his cervical vertebrae as a result of the beating, and required several weeks to recover.

The teacher reported his attack to the principal, but told him he had only hit the boy 10 times and that he had only cut his mouth. The principal issued him a “written reprimand.”

After doctors told the boy’s parents he would need weeks to recover, they confronted the school with the report, forcing them to reinvestigate.

As a result of this the principal himself was issued a written reprimand by the local school board, and the teacher was given a temporary 10% pay cut lasting 6 months.

In light of recent similar incidents, the apparent legal invulnerability of Japan’s teaching profession is again coming under scrutiny online:

“Why wasn’t he arrested!?”

“50 times… somebody who does this must be ill.”

“This has got to be criminal assault.”

“50 times – your face really will swell up like in a manga from that.”

“So would your hand.”

“And for eating sweets? What a small man.”

“Teaching, where you get paid to beat and torment kids – what a great profession.”

“Probably some pervert who gets off on this stuff.”

“It’s disgusting that our taxes support these psychopaths. They are no different from the ones who protect the bullies rather than their victims.”

“I guess it depends on the kid’s attitude as well.”

“What is wrong with eating on a bus anyway?”

“Why don’t they fight back? If a teacher tried this on me I would have put a dent in his skull.”

“Probably some ordinary kid who cowers when beaten?”

“If a kid did this they would be brought up on charges pretty quick.”

“How do they even count it up to 50?”

“At least sack him.”

“They need to stop calling acts of assault ‘corporal punishment’.”

“50 times, seems more like he was trying to kill the boy, not discipline him.”

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