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Teacher Smashes JC’s Face, Gets Off


A teacher who punched a 13-year-old girl in his class so hard he broke her cheek has outraged teacher-watchers, with there being no sign he will even lose his job, let alone be arrested.

The unidentified 30-year-old Nara prefecture middle school teacher paid a visit to the home of a first year girl in his class after she had been absent from school.

He was apparently not satisfied with her response to his demands that she return to school, and proceeded to slap and punch her in the face.

The assault left the girl with a broken cheek bone, to say nothing of any mental ill-effects.

The teacher admitted he brutalised his pupil in her home, explaining that he was annoyed with her:

“I was disciplining her for being absent and coming late without reason, and ended up flying off the handle and going too far.”

The local education authority has yet to take any action against the teacher, who is staying at home whilst they consider his case.

They say they will “take steps to ensure no such incident occurs again and that he is thoroughly disciplined so we can achieve an environment for children which is free of corporal punishment.”

The fact he has not faced immediate sacking and criminal charges is somehow not surprising to those familiar with Japan’s teaching profession – not that this seems to have decreased the sense of outrage:

“Arrest him!”

“What do they mean they are considering how to deal with him, this is clearly a crime!”

“How is assault like this possibly considered corporal punishment?”

“Add trespass to that!”

“Clearly it is assault. And why no reporting of his name?”

“This is taking things a bit far just for someone not going to school.”

“The school obviously wants to disguise this assault as the much lesser offence of corporal punishment… our schools are really terrifying organisations.”

“With a facial injury like that her face may be permanently altered.”

“At least he didn’t take the opportunity to rape her as well. Terrifying stuff…”

“He’s obviously very dangerous and quite possibly mentally unstable.”

“Why wouldn’t the girl file charges? They must be pressuring her as well. If they let this sort of thing slide how do they ever expect to eliminate corporal punishment and bullying?”

“A 30-year-old teacher smashing the face of a middle-school girl is just too much. They have to arrest him, the precedent is too atrocious to set.”

“This idiot just made it even less likely she’ll come to school…”

“By breaking her bones he just gave her a real reason to stay home – what a kind teacher!”

“It’d be bad enough to do this to a boy, but to a girl and to her face is unbelievable.”

“He probably thinks he is one of those cool enthusiastic teachers.”

“Nobody just skives off school for no reason. Give some thought to why she didn’t want to go to school in the first place…”

“Not hard to see that he was the reason she didn’t want to go to school…”

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