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“Why Does Japan Still Have Housewives?”


In response to foreigners questioning their considerable backwardness, the Japanese have been pondering why it is so many of their women still aspire to and succeed in becoming housewives when the rest of the world is now enlightened enough to make both man and wife slave away at a workplace equally.

Overseas the more politically correct perceptions of housewives range from them being sad relics of patriarchal oppression to nothing more than workshy NEETs, and in many developed nations girls who aspire to full-time dependency and a large family would be quickly rushed to a career counsellor and given a handful of condoms.

In Japan however, many young women still earnestly aspire to remove themselves from the labour pool as soon as they can find a husband – although most of them evidently decide to forego the trouble of childrearing – and the nation boasts rates of female employment a staggering 4% lower than Germany (64%), and 6% lower than the US (66%).

Despite this love of home life most Japanese men surveyed seem to express a preference for their wives to remain employed, possibly a desire entwined with the peculiar institution of Japanese matrimonial finances, in which the wife receives her husband’s wages and then grants him a suitably small allowance.

An article describing how an unrepresentative sample of random foreigners mostly expressed pity for their archaic state of existence soon had Japanese themselves pondering why it is there are still so many housewives left in Japan, and why women apparently yearn to become them:

“Do they really want to work that much?”

“Overseas women do. They want to be recognised as such, unlike the ones in Japan.”

“Actually, doesn’t this have more to do with them not having any money for themselves if they don’t work? Only Japan has the custom of having the wife control the household’s finances completely.”

“Fewer housewives is sure to mean more divorces. If you have money and a job why would you put up with an annoying husband? You can live as you like.”

“I want to be a stay at home husband. I want to raise kids!”

“I don’t think I could stand all the lunch time chats with local mamas…”

“Who cares about that, spending time with my kids is what I want. It’s a shame I was born a man, paternity leave notwithstanding.”

“Don’t worry about it. In Tokyo there are loads of single mothers and fathers too. Part time worker house husbands are common as well.

“Try reading the blogs of some housewives – they really don’t get it at all. They complain about how hard it is as a housewife when they spend all day playing games, and then complain about husbands not doing an equal share of the chores despite them being housewives…”

“That’s not a housewife, that’s a NEET. If she’s a housewife she does all the chores and childrearing and he goes to work. There’s no need to for him to do chores.”

“Some idiots don’t grasp this. If you argue about it you’ll be accused of being out of step with the times or abusing your spouse.”

“I do it full time! It’s fun and I’m happy, my kids are cute and I always did enjoy housework and cooking.”

“I’m so envious of you…”

“With sacking people getting easier and easier in Japan, being a housewife is way too risky. The guy serving your ramen could have been working at a bank before he got sacked you know.”

“I used to be in charge of a department at a small magazine, and now I get turned down at the interview for a part time manual labour job at a warehouse…”

“All those girls at elementary school who were saying ‘in the future I want to get married and become a housewife!’ were basically just saying they never wanted to work, weren’t they?”

“But now more young women want to become housewives. It’s a good thing.”

“Is it really? Rather than have kids and make a family with two working parents, the ones who hope to become housewives just hang on and wait, so the average age of marriage gets even higher and the birth rate even lower. And they certainly seem to refuse to lower their expectations even when they are just looking to become dependants.”

“I really do not get all these women who graduate from university with the earnest desire to become housewives. What a waste of our taxes…”

“Right, and there are ones from Toudai and places who end up as housewives…”

“A UK think tank was saying 4 years ago that if Japanese housewives would actually work Japan’s GDP would increase 30%!”

“In the midst of deflation and high unemployment, do you think increases in the amount of labour are going to increase GDP?”

“A woman’s place is in the home. I think this is wisdom the human race has developed over thousands of years.”

“More like in a few tens of years in the case of full-time housewives.”

“At least from the Meiji period?”

“What? I thought all those women were out working in the fields, in factories, and in households?”

“Only the top aristocrats and merchants could ever afford to support housewives.”

“So, isn’t it really just the case that all these foreigners are just too poor to afford to keep a wife?”

“And jealous, no doubt.”

“Japs live different lives according to the gender of their birth. We can never hope to emulate the white masters.

“I think what you people mean is that these days nobody anywhere can afford to support a wife. Japan is just finding that out at present.”

“No way. Housewives are basically a post-war phenomenon in Japan. We never had them before and we’ve only had them for a few decades.”

“A woman working in a rice field can after all carry her infant on her back. Even now, in Touhoku and the like there are families with two breadwinners, and only in the cities can you find loads of housewives.”

“The real reason Japanese women are so keen on becoming housewives is because in Japan it is normal that ‘the woman controls the purse strings’ after marriage.

Overseas it is taken for granted that the man controls the family finances. A housewife who doesn’t work won’t have a penny of her own to spend, so naturally she wants to work herself.

I’d like to see the people who write these articles about Japanese women see how bizarre people overseas think it is for Japanese men to hand all their wages over to their wife every month and then be given an allowance of a few hundred dollars to spend themselves.”

“But wives do such a good job managing the money, I think it is a good thing.”

“Japanese housewives press a button on a rice cooker to make their husband’s bento, enjoy lunch at a family restaurant, then press another button on a washing machine, set the Roomba going and then go out and enjoy themselves. No wonder Japanese women want to become housewives.

Women overseas who aren’t really aware of just how pampered these women are and think more in terms of gender equality are left wondering why they aren’t more keen on working and buying things themselves…”

“Hardly surprising when Japanese housewives get all their husband’s money to use as they see fit. Elsewhere they’d just get something to cover their expenses.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Ya know, if all the parent’s are working then whose taking care of the kids? Part of the problem with the current generation of young and younger people is that their parent’s weren’t around them enough during the kids early years during their mental development. That’s why it’s now that a bunch of crazies are popping up all over the “western” world on killing sprees or terrorist attacks.

    It’s also worth mentioning that having more fully employed couples also puts tension between marriages because the question of whose making more money is bound to be ask at some point. Humans are naturally competitive and between couples that contest for whose the bread winner only breeds dark thoughts of uselessness to the loser.

    Personally I think that regardless of the country or it’s level of “development” there should be either a housewife or househusband. It’d also be better for the economy if a better part of half to 2 fifths of workable population are doing house chores; which in it’s own right is a job.

    It’s not a coincidence that the job market decreased as more women worked and that the economy fell shortly afterwords or why the general quality of life, globally, has dropped in the past thirty years. With the influx of workers there were naturally less jobs and because there were so many workers it became easier for them to be paid less. If the workers didn’t like their low pay they could just be easily replaced. From that comes so much disparity in our social and economic lives which then trickles down to infect the younger generation.

    I’m not saying that women are the problem for joining the workforce, it’s that society works to disrupt systems that work, for the betterment of all, for the sake of the few. It’s the same reason we have so many wars and population is spreading everywhere as well. It’s that people acted to quickly without thinking of the consequences and it’s the major reason the world sucks as much as it does today.

  • To be honest if i have a chance to get married with a japanese woman i will do it rather than any american or european women, mannors and culture are totally different, i had been lucky enough to date women from different countries and japanese women will be the best to get married they have high motivation, they know what they want and have a strong spirit.

    I will support whatever she chooses being a housewife or part of the work force, it will be part of my duty as a husband.

  • People who think being a full-time housewife is just a few pushes of a button are deluding themselves. If you actually are managing the entirety of the house/children/general upkeep/finances etc., it’s definitely a full-time job.

    That said, it’s a very good point that it’s a waste for women who intend to be housewives to go to college. What’s the point if you’re never going to use that education?

    • Simply learning something in itself is worthwhile. Also, smarter moms mean smarter children, and both add to a collectively smarter nation. Nobody wants to live in a world of dumbasses.

  • There was never anything wrong with being a housewife or househusband. People just suddenly started whining about it like it’s oppressive or some bullshit.

    I saw some garbage on the television where women complained that they they’d rather have a job because workplace and paycheck are more fulfilling than raising kids and looking after the home. That’s their own fault for seeing it that way.

  • Quite simple really.

    In patriarchal japan, it is still a mans world. Regardless of the emerging independence of women in japan, they are still inextricably linked to their old values. Women are expected to be submissive, a second string to their male counterparts, relegated to waitress duties during parties.

    Apart from that, have you seen the Japanese work ethic? basically, they expect you to live for work. Overtimes are commonplace, leaving little time for socialization and family.

    with all that shit, being a housewife does indeed look like a promising career.

  • Why would they want to work? In all honesty there is no good reason for them to do so to begin with!

    The only reason to work is to aquire money, they already do that by letting their husband work and in Japan “working” usually really means “working” as in working yourself to death.
    A housewive doesn’t have to do that, she doesn’t have to spend time and energy on work and still gets the money said work yields and is in full control of it. She basically has a live in slave whom she rewards around 4 times a year with sex (some statistics show even less).

    Since child bearing and raising has mostly become a non issue, many women nowadays don’t have children anymore (something that isn’t sustainable on the long run, not like they care) they get to spend the vast majority of their time and energy on things they enjoy. They are free to pursue whatever they fancy, from simply lazing around, watching movies, playing games over taking long walks in the park ot having an extra martial affair.

    Top off the cake with the whole feminism deal that allows them to put half of a housewives chores who are nowadays a joke to begin with on their husband and they hardly have to do anything, ever.

    It’s actually so far along that some even charge their husband for making them a bento to begin with, because why would they do it for free?

  • Nothing wrong with the woman working if there are no Children. Once children come, the wife should stay at home to take care and raise the child and keep up the home.

    This is the proper way to raise a child and to have the child love and care about the parent, as it is actually the real parent taking care of the kid and providing a loving, up-kept and nourished household.

    America is going backwards where the damn woman will keep working after the litter of children are born. Raised by strangers or sent off to daycare. If you can’t afford a child on 1 salary, then DONT have a Kid. We have enough people on earth as it is.

  • DAMN RICH KIDS… need to learn more about life…

    Here in this fucking third rate country where i live =S women are still aiming to be housewife… with the fact that they dont know how to cook and take care of chores… and still trying to live like a brat

  • At this time I have resigned to being the breadwinner of my household in addition to being the housewife. My fiance can’t find work and spends all day playing video games or telling me how to relax. (He will do the dishes every once in a while or order pizza) He thinks he has it rough right now. I would like to have kids one day but I think I will wait till he is working again.

    • Needless to say with the economy the way it is it is hard for anyone to be a real housewife. The men can’t provide like they used to to allow this to happen. Women can find work easier when laid off because they can always waitress or strip.

  • I’ll say I don’t like political correctness. It’s most of the time used as bullshit. I think us westerners are getting a bad rep from this.

    Anyways I have no problem with a working woman or a housewife woman. Though I do believe in one thing. If you have children, regardless if you’re gay or straight or whatever, there should be two parents, and there should be at least one parent around to look after the kid instead of sticking them in daycare or the like. The youth is the future of a country and yet because there are so much neglect of parents when raising kids that a sector of the younger generation has turned out bad. They are just mean to their peers, mean to their elders, mean to their juniors. Man not enough love in the world. The world is all about LOVE! Man and this is coming from someone in their 20’s. If someone that young is worrying about about the young generation you know humans are in trouble.

    Well enough of that rant. The world is crap anyways. Humans have lost their sense in balancing their lives.

  • In America, and a majority of countries in the world, there are men who let their wives control the money, wives who let their man control money, and those who mutually share it. Are these people retarded? There is no typical arrangement anywhere, and I guarantee you there are Japanese couples who don’t fit this stereotypical mold. One of my close friends’ wife is a housewife, it’s not like every woman in America is some liberal, success oriented free spirit who desires to carve out a name for herself.

  • Well women feeling like they are privileged in life because they have breasts and a vagina and so shouldn’t have to work or lift a finger and using their looks to get ahead in life is nothing new.

    But a good quality woman (2% of them) could be a housewife. I just then don’t expect to ever wash a dish or sweep a dust bunny. ever. I’ll take out the trash and mow the lawn and I’m done.

    But nowadays women can’t be trusted as housewives anymore because it just means its a countdown to getting screwed by the paperboy who’s there for her and her feelings when her husband is too busy at work and doesn’t pay attention to her anymore. Come on we’ve all seen that hentai. Actually if its Japanese then the paperboy is her “maybe maybe not not blood related” son.

  • if i ever get a wife (unlikely, since i am on this website), she best work. i dont care if she doesnt earn a lot, she is contributing towards the bills and mortgage. dont try to use bringing up children as an excuse. that, and if there are children they are my burden as well… yes… burden.

  • Do dissent from the article and the comments. As a male, I despise the concept of the house wife. Now I’m not a feminist or going to rail on women and cultures who like this sort of thing. The thing about the housewife irks me. I just don’t think it’s a useful component of the family anymore, if it was really a useful component at all.

  • I’m a home maker. It’s a busy job and my work is 24/7, I may have an hour to myself to enjoy a game, but I enjoy this. I enjoy cleaning and keeping the house in harmony. I cook for my boyfriend, clean up his messes, wash his clothes. I am content with that. Being a woman, you have stupid issues like menstruation and moodiness and being at home allows me to manage that, something I wouldn’t have much ease to do if I were out working. My Boyfriend hasn’t ever asked me to work, even though I offered him that option once before. He’s a good caring man and for that I am thankful.

  • Wouldn’t bother me a single bit personally. If husband’s salary is enough to keep the whole family provided with decent food and a place to stay – that’s enough. At least your kids would be raised not in daycare and you would see your wife the first thing getting back from work, not an empty house lol.

  • “I’d like to see the people who write these articles about Japanese women see how bizarre people overseas think it is for Japanese men to hand all their wages over to their wife every month and then be given an allowance of a few hundred dollars to spend themselves.”


  • …. meh. i was raised by bitches and hoodlums. fuck if i care about the employment rates. they do what they do. also, i think the japs don’t fuck like rabbits the way does hence the low rates. funny thing is, no matter what the governments do to improve gender equality in work, women doesn’t seem to be all to satisfied. some guys have the worst luck in having lower wage than women despite those women only worked their way in bed rather than their profession.

  • Yeah, I agree. The US (my country) shouldn’t be pointing its fingers at anyone and telling them how to raise a family. If Americans even bother to get married these days, the marriage will probably end up in divorce. Kids raised by daycare instead of their parents. Kids grow up fucked-up and we end up with the highest incarceration rate in the world.

    Besides, plenty of American women want to hook rich dudes and never have to work again.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    “and the nation boasts rates of female employment a staggering 4% lower than Germany (64%), and 6% lower than the US (66%).”

    Wait a minute, that means Japan still has 60% of its female population in employment. Not saying 60% is not a problem, but what’s with the misleading use of the word “staggering”?

  • I’d like to be a houseband.
    Taking care of the house and having a nice meal and a sweet smile ready for my hard working businesswoman wife. Spending all her money online shopping.
    Aara ara the good life.

    But seriously, why are some people so xenophobic and self centered that they will question anything that’s different so much? Sounds like insecurity to me.

  • A lot of women here in the United States have women that would be happy with just being a housewife as well. While it’s not as apparent (I can’t speak if it’s more common or not), it does exist in the West.

    The workplace can be EXTREMELY stressful to a lot of women.

  • There is nothing wrong with being a housewife -if you WANT to-. The fact is that in Japan many women are basically -forced to do this-. I work in Japan and I always here about ‘oh my friend has to quit soon, she’s getting married…’ and how my friends relative was basically asked to step down after getting married because she was expected to become a house wife.
    Then there are the places that wont keep any female employees on longer than 3 years. Its pretty sickening, but places like this have been getting less in modern times. The fact that they still exist at all, however, is one of the few things I dislike about living here.
    Theres also nothing wrong with being a househusband, but Japan can be so infuriatingly backwards about gender equality that this is seen as something bizarre in many places (although not so much in bigger cities, as the article points out.)

  • My mom became a housewife the moment I was born. She had a bachelor’s degree in business and would probably had became a successful manager right now. She could have just leave me to the care of my grandma but no, she decided to raise me herself while my dad is working abroad.

    I seriously could not imagine my life right now if she gave up motherhood for a career. In fact she even taught me the importance of being a good housekeeper even if I’m a guy. I can now live on my own right now, but frankly I don’t want to leave home cause she would otherwise be lonely and no one would attend to her needs when she is the only person in the house. If I want to be a really successful person one day, I must learn first to be a responsible son, the way my mother showed me that she was a responsible mother.

  • Women who want to work:
    “A woman’s place should be at home, cooking and cleaning for her husband! Women can’t have personal ambition!”

    Women who want to be housewives:
    “Lazy NEETs, go be productive and contribute to the household!”

    But really, it’s better for the economy and the household finances for women to work. I get that some people want the easy way out (although certainly this mentality pertains to both genders), and yes, if you have tons of kids, raising them takes a lot of time. You might not have as strong of parent-child bonds working, but you’re still giving them their best chance if you can help finance their education (and it’s not like children are all traumatized that their fathers don’t spend enough time with them or anything).

    Househusbands are becoming more common though. At some point, hopefully this discussion will become completely non-gendered.

  • In the west world EU and US every one seam to love being slaves for the company and works there asses of to pay taxes an other shit. They say they have a great life but I think they are lying is slaving for a company so much you never have any free time you never get time to spend does money on something you want instead of paying taxes to the rich fat fucks.

    Well I work but still I wish I could stay home some time and haver a fucking life of my own instead of being a slave.

    This world is fucked up and people like it.

    • It’s because people allow themselves to be manipulated so easily. The company and their buddies define slavery as “success”, and people believe it.

      In their minds they are champions, but in reality they are fodder.

      • Who are you to judge what other people would do in their free time?

        And, if you have a house; real house not a shit hole condo, you will know that just keeping house tidy makes you so busy that you don’t have enough time to buy any shit other than groceries.

        • My name is Mr. Anonymous. Nobody works a week. That would leave No days off unless the worker did 10 hours a day, for 6 days out of the week…. and at 70 hours a week that is 10 hours a week. This is more than over time. Unless the person requests such time, It’s highly doubtful that any company would give it.

          Also, not everyone in the United States carries a credit card, mind you we’re the biggest example of consumerism there is out there. However Americans do have their points in time where they are intelligent. Not every American says they need a large screen TV. However if you ask them about it, they will say that they want it. Honestly I would rather live in Japan, I appreciate the style they live in… American’s should take a minute and admire the structure of Japanese culture and living.

          However I do not agree with some of their lingering practices. American’s used to have housewives, but we still had the men in control of the finances. there was some point in the late 1800’s early 1900’s that had laws passed that a man could beat his wife with an object no larger than the width of his thumb…. thus the term rule of thumb was coined, as an example, that’s how much our country has changed. However now a days a household cannot be formed with out a woman… America is pretty screwed up at this point…
          However, most women for the most part, in the U.S. want a Job so they can have everything they’ve ever wanted. Out here it’s been built into the heads of people that hard work brings riches.

          I don’t know the true reason behind the desire to be a housewife in Japan, but we can clearly say it’s not to be lazy… America got lazy at one point, we now have the largest percentile of obese human beings in the world, in just our country. We are working to rectify this mistake…. You don’t however, see that many obese Japanese walking around, do you?

        • You do know I was talking about people who put in 60 to 70 hours a week or more at their job?

          The only activity they have time and energy left to do is watch TV which advertizes buy this it’ll make you feel better so they go buy it.
          They now have a credit card bill that needs paid so they may even ask for over time to cover it.
          More feeling like shit and we’re back to square one.

          As for saying cleaning a house is a full time job no not really if you don’t let your house become like a horder’s house keeping even a large house clean is not too hard.
          But raising a family and cleaning a house is a full time job.

  • I would love to be house-husband to a rich successful woman. I will raise our kids to be star athletes & fight other parents at games, in the name of our family. Please pick me. Oh successful job oriented woman with enough money to support this NEET.

  • I can’t blame them. The Japanese are worked to death. You’d be first on the list to be let go if you won’t serve unpaid overtime. The work is nowhere as light and, let’s get real here, women can’t be expected to work as much as men.

  • By observing the article and their/our comments, I can see that the word “housewife” is umbrella’ing and causing miscommunication when variations are spoken.

    A legitimate housewife is (was) a partner to the husband who approached the home/family with the same sense of gusto, duty, and trial as the father.

    Children in these homes were not raised by their television, their tablet, their school, etc. but by a mother. These kids intimately knew things “like their mother’s milk”, not like the back of their hand. Boys would seek qualities similar to their mothers in future mates. Girls would crave and request old recipes, and boys would ask wives to attempt them, food from older days when homes ate family meals together and often. These kids called out for their mothers when they died far from home.

    By all means, women. Please join the workforce. Your old one has been abandoned by your predecessors. But your name isn’t going to be on dying lips.

    I had about zero mother’s love. I deliberated myself into becoming balanced and adjusted person while growing up in a very neglectful home. Though I’m adored by all peers, my social charm feels conscious, like manual breathing, as do most of my synthetic virtues.

    When I watch the loving mother trope in media of any origin (anime does it well) I feel a sense of hunger, longing, and lament different from FOREVER ALONE. I smell what I never had and will never have, and ache inside.

    My eyes are watering so enough of that. Know that even a robot can raise an honest, civil human, but something will be missing. And while a father can provide the mother’s nurturing in almost perfect substitution, it’s unnatural in the truest sense of the word.

    …I just wasted twenty minutes writing to lonely males 16-30 with little connection to the maternal and feminazi worlds.

  • Men – work 8 hours.

    -come home.
    -deserves dinner on the table
    -relaxes after hard day of work
    -smokes cigar
    -has sex with wife
    -goes out for beer with friends

    woman – works 24 hours

    -wake up kids for school
    -cooks breakfast
    -washes dishes
    -drives kids to school
    -8 hours workk
    -come home
    -cleans house
    -Has sex with husband

    also who takes care of the child when sick? The woman. the man is working at work to busy to do that. When we are sick we call for MOM.

    Women work 24 hours a day. Men work only 8. And then we men get to have sex with our busy wives who are sooooo tired from their job, kids, and cleaning they dont want sex. so then what?

    If a man can work enough to pay for his wife to stay at home to raise his children 24 hours a day then hes a good man.

    the rest of the lazy men who expect their wife who is their best friend and lover as well to cook, clean, take care, raise, and also work a job is jacked up.

    • Oh please. The real reason there’s no work is the same as America; outsourced labor forced factories to close and the starting wages of other job openings to decrease, due to increased job competition. You can thank assholes like Bill Clinton for that BTW.

      Eventually the only common jobs available will be seasonal & fast food. Retail openings will fade away as more shoppers switch to online chains, to save on gas & total cost. All because they cannot afford to pay ‘top dollar’, due to the fact that they can no longer find decent paying jobs and what jobs they can find offer poor benefit plans.

  • ‘Backward tradition’!? If I can be the only one working to support the house, I would prefer that too. I wanna come “home” after work, not some place to crash with my name tagged on it.

  • In my opinion? Screw all this gender crap. It’s all up to the individual.

    If a female wants to work, so be it. If a male wants to be a house-husband, whatever. (ala Madoka’s family)

    The thing that truly counts is the individual’s happiness and if the relationship is stable or not.

  • My country (Thailand) have many family that children had been lifted by housemaid. Result is number of children in my country are addict to drug and involved with crimes as they find love and care from bad friends.

    I think Japanese new-mom desire of being housewife is good, it would make sure that children will be raise as moral adults. Every children need love and care from parents.

    • This is a pretty poor analysis. This is to assume that much of the families in Thailand can afford a housemaid. And a housemaid pretty much functions the same as a housewife. So how do you think a housewife would prevent these kids from being drug addicts and criminals?

      • No, most criminals come from being abused as children, actually abused. And no, not having a video game system or the like does not equate to being abused. I’m talking about physical (being beaten), mental (being told everything is their fault), and sometimes even sexual abuse. That’s what causes most criminals. The rest are either victims of circumstance (growing up poor and having to steal type of thing) or are born with such things as sociopathism. Meaning they have no concsience and love causing pain.

        So, just because someone comes from a fatherless family, does not mean they turn into a criminal. Myself personally, as well as many other people have such a background, but are NOT criminals.

        • Wrong, abused children grow up just like abused dogs, they fear society and other people. A person can be from a loving family and still grow up to be a criminal. You make it sound like all criminals should just be put in a mental institute instead of actually paying for thier crimes because “it’s not thier fault.” Most of the abused develop a strong sense of right and wrong, to make sure that what happened to them, doesn’t happen to anyone else.

          Just today, in the news, a 17 year old, and 14 year old, walked up to a woman in broad daylight as she was walking with her baby. The boys demanded that she give them any money she had, and after they took it, they shot her in the leg, walked off 10 feet, then the 14 year old turned back around, put the gun to her baby’s head, and killed it. Abused children, if they were going to do that, wouldn’t do it out in the open day like that, they would be to self conscious about being seen.

          Now….what does any of this have anything to do with lonely Japanese housewives?

    • Agreed the US has a high juvenile crime rate because kids are often left unattended since both parents are working.
      So called latch key kids are far more likely to do poorly in school, hang with a bad crowd and get into trouble.

      The low crime in Japan may be partly because one parent still spends time with the kids.

    • Why have a child when you can’t take responsibility for him/her? It’s a crap comparison, but even from an early age, our parents refused to let us have a pet if we ourselves can’t take care of it. So why is it a-ok for parents to chuck their kids at childcare centers or leave them to maids?

    • I’ve never read nothing SO STUPID. Don’t you study sociology in your country? Ha, what am i saying? That’s the same stupid opinion many jerks have here in brazil. But we do not study sociology neither…

  • For all this bitching and half-assed justificationism, reality is that female unemployment is only -6%.

    So, quite frankly, they’re just a little behind the rest of the rest of the industrialized world. Noting really to make a fuss about.

    • I was recently bringing this up in response to Tropes vs. Women in Video Games: in spite of Japan being such a “backwards” country (so says a lot of us westerners), they at least have the good sense to feature quite a few female protagonists in their games (and their animations, for that matter). Granted, a fair number of them act as moe eye-candy meant to reel in a primarily male audience regardless, but there are still quite a few more innocent examples (“innocent” in the sense that they’re not blatantly provocative towards the opposite sex; moe potential is a moot point since fans of a certain franchise can and will sexualize just about anything).

      Hell, not counting Retro Studios (which is owned by Nintendo, and features characters originally made by Nintendo), the most prominent female character I could think of that came out of America-developed games is Lara Croft, and she herself started out as a sex symbol intended to pander towards pubescent boys. This is to say nothing of the crapload of shooters exclusively featuring buff, rugged dudes, the option to play as at least a female supporting cast nowhere in sight (and you know that ideal’s fucked up when even your average Fist of the North Star game features a playable woman or two). And gamers really wanna say that Japan’s the backwards country?

  • I don’t see anything wrong with being a housewife as long as you do your JOB.

    Not taking care of kids, doing no “house” work and leeching off your husband is not a housewife. That is worse then being a NETT and your just putting too much pressure/stress onto your husband.

    Then again, we live in 21st century where Women joining the workforce is a norm for most countries.

      • But it will put much more burden to the parents. Instead of just go to work and work, working parents, have wake up earlier to wash cloths(or make a trip to cloth cleaning shop), and make food for the kids in the morning, then cleaning the dishes, throw the garbage out..

        The, at 6 p.m. being tired from work they have to take the dried cloth inside (or go to the cloth cleaning place again), check on the kids status(homework, etc), teach the kids to do their homework, make dinner(or go out for dinner, which still require energy to do)..

        Not mention the parents still have have office works that they planned to do in home, such typing unfinished letter.

        At weekends instead of resting the parents have to take time cleaning their homes, because they have no such luxuries time on weekday, instead of resting or spending times going to Zoo or something..

        With housewife, it will be easier to the couple. Dad can focus on work in office and home, and mom can keep the house tidy, the cloths clean, the food ready, and the kids educated.

        • What went wrong is the rich business owners took note that more than one parent began to hold a steady income, so they saw an opportunity to raise the costs on everything without equally raising wages. From food to entertainment to transportation to housing. It’s all gone up while wages remain stagnant. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

        • Unfortunately it’s often too hard to make ends meet on a single income.

          In the US somewhere along the line something went very wrong.

          It used to be you could raise a family with one bread winner working a 40 hour a week job.

          Now two often is not enough.

          Things can still work as long as both parents don’t put in over time and there’s enough money to hire a maid service.

  • There’s nothing wrong with a woman being a housewife.

    I actually think a lot of western families would be better off the woman stayed home to take care of the kids than leaving the children in daycare while they have a career.

    • “I actually think a lot of western families would be better off the woman stayed home to take care of the kids than leaving the children in daycare while they have a career.”

      Got any proof to support that?

    • I agree. It’s distressing when I realize how many of my friends barely talk to their parents because they grew up with little interaction with them.

      I don’t know if it has to be the woman; I think just have a parent be a full-time caretaker would be beneficial. Though there HAVE been interesting studies/discussions as to why women may be more suited in general, I’m sure that just as in anything else it comes down to the individual.

    • >>There’s nothing wrong with a woman being a housewife.

      Every job that is gendre-specific (or almost like that) is wrong on some level. Well, not the job per se, but the social reality of those jobs.

      It’s not right that there are no females on fighting roles in the military as well as that there are practically no female CEOs (at least in my country, G8 material).

      • Househusbands are not unheard of. It’s not gender specific.

        Anyway, women usually have better affinity with their kids which makes them better suited as caretakers. There is nothing wrong in making a objective choice if said choice is gender biased. It’s simply unreasonable.

        This kind of attitude is exactly what’s wrong with neo-feminism. You can’t force true equality on people when their natural aptitudes differ. Next thing you know, we’d have to start letting fatties into the Olympics because it’s discriminating to only pick fit people.

        [quote]It’s not right that there are no females on fighting roles in the military as well as that there are practically no female CEOs[/quote]
        Women aren’t put in fighting roles out of practical reason. Do you know what happens to women captured as PoWs? They get tortured and raped. Usually at the same time. That’s bad both for PR and morale.

        As for CEOs, well, I don’t mean to sound like a supremacist or anything, but common male personality traits tend to be rather advantageous in highly competitive and stressful environments. Testosterone is kind of useful when you are swimming in the shark pool as a morning exercise.

        • 23:23 here, I forgot to add:

          There are simply not enough opportunities for that to happen.

          Exactly my point.

          women have never participated in a severe and prolonged large scale conflict

          Which also won’t happen anymore. Maybe with the exception of North Korea, but I’m actually just as afraid of how WE will deal with THEIR frontline women soldiers. Having women throughout all branches and roles in the military could help a great deal to alleviate the potential issues.

        • Oh, really? Why don’t you tell that to Rhonda Cornum?

          Funny that you should mention that case, because it IS one of those well-documented ones where the captors where indeed acting more afraid of her than anything else. I suggest you read her book, or at least anything more informative than her wikipedia entry.

        • [quote]May I take the liberty to refer you to my other comment @ 00:34 23/03/2013 #comment-1271460? Also, the only recent well-documented cases where female soldiers have been taken PoW had their captors acting more like they were afraid of them than anything else.[/quote]
          Oh, really? Why don’t you tell that to Rhonda Cornum?

          There hasn’t been much wartime rape on civilian populations either. There are simply not enough opportunities for that to happen. I wouldn’t draw any conclusions on the lack of evidence, considering women have never participated in a severe and prolonged large scale conflict.

        • “Women aren’t put in fighting roles out of practical reason. Do you know what happens to women captured as PoWs? They get tortured and raped. Usually at the same time. That’s bad both for PR and morale.

          May I take the liberty to refer you to my other comment @ 00:34 23/03/2013 #comment-1271460? Also, the only recent well-documented cases where female soldiers have been taken PoW had their captors acting more like they were afraid of them than anything else.

          Most (all?) armies in the G8 (including Japan) employ women in active fighting roles. Even so, female soldiers in the west have more to fear from their male comrades than the enemy. Especially true for the US armed forces.

        • [quote]Are you saying men who want to stay home and bond with their children shouldn’t be allowed to just because it’s not in the “natural aptitude” of most men?[/quote]
          No. Nice strawman through.

        • Are you saying men who want to stay home and bond with their children shouldn’t be allowed to just because it’s not in the “natural aptitude” of most men?

          Even if people tend to fall along gender roles (which yes, sometimes they do), all people are different. Some men do have what would be considered a “motherly instinct” and they want to play with their kids. Some women are highly competitive, ambitious, cutthroat and good at dealing with stress. You can’t pigeonhole the exceptions to their gender based on the traditional or even current trends.

          Let people do what they want. As a man, your “natural aptitude” should be working in the fields doing physical labor, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to.

        • 10:25

          You’re one of the biggest idiots and sexists I’ve seen around here. Neither were men made to die nor is the killing of female soldiers in war worse than killing a male soldier.
          All killing is equally bad or equally justified. If a female soldier is trying to shoot you and you let her just cause she is a female you deserve to die.

        • I need to make a correction here:

          only 7% of all women in the IDF are primarily front-line infantry soldiers

          That of course was supposed to be “only 7% of all front-line infantry soldiers in the IDF are women”. Important difference…

        • Anon 10:25, your information is not very up-to-date (as are the interpretations of the “evidence” you mentioned). It slowly began to change after an amendment to the military service law in 2001, and by now it’s still a consideration during tactical planning within a unit, but there’s no real reluctance left in general. Heck, there’s an (almost) all-female infantry battalion. It’s true that as of now only 7% of all women in the IDF are primarily front-line infantry soldiers, but that number is rising. Since the Segev Committee, the IDF is aiming for 50%.

          I feel your concerns from the 2nd paragraph. But the only conceivable war still left to be fought that could entail slaughter of women on the battlefield is against North Korea. Other than that, as I said, the only combat opponents still left on this planet are bearded muslims, Black African militia men, and warriors from obscure Asian ethnicities. Israel is a special case as it’s the only highly developed country in such a situation, but of course it would be a bad idea for the military of other countries engaged in such a conflict on their own soil to employ women in front line service. Mainly because they’re underdeveloped though, which is the reason for their troubles in the first place. Intervening forces from the highly advanced armies of the G8 though are nowhere near as affected.

        • Except you forget that Israel is extremely reluctant to let their female soldiers near combat situations due to repeated evidence that it actually makes the enemy fight harder (Muslim men don’t want to be beaten by women) and makes nearby soldiers take unnecessary risks for the purpose of being a man in front of a woman.

          These is aside from my personal belief that War should be solely between men. The slaughter of women is abhorrent in every way. Men were made to die.

        • You do have a point, but we don’t have any large scale conflicts between big armies any more. The realities of asymmetric warfare make the capture of an allied soldier incredibly unlikely compared to past times, and when it happens, there are large amounts of resources available and also actually put to use on rescuing them.

          Doesn’t seem to bother the Israelis anyway (nearly 50/50 male/female cannon fodder and officers), and they run one of the most effective and efficient fighting forces on the globe…

      • A job that is gender specific is a job, that either most women or most men don’t want to do.

        Most guys don’t want to be a nurse, hence the majority of nurses is female.

        Most girls don’t want to become an engineer, hence the majority of engineers is male.

        If people don’t have the freedom to choose what they want, but need to find a job that pays their bills… things change.

    • You were doing so well with the first part!

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a housewife. It is a person’s prerogative to choose how he or she lives his or her life.

      But the second part? It is not the woman’s burden to stay at home. Additionally, a man can can just as easily take care of the children while the woman brings home bread. It’s a case by case basis bro.

    • as staeted thou unless the guy makes a shit ton no one has the cash for it anymore. and if you tryed to give guys higher pay the gender equality people would come out the wood work and scream blue murder…

      its just a part of out society that has changed and now it seems odd when we see it else where that or we try to pine after the “good” old days…

    • My sentiment, exactly. Someone have to keep the house tidy and clean, and keep eyes on the kids development..

      I rather have my wife doing it than some stranger like a nanny that may or may not give a damn about me and my family condition.

    • They do that to hook rich men in Cancun. Not kidding either. I know a few successful birds that vacation down there and they all say the college girls vacationing there only do do to try hooking a rich guy. The degree is just an excuse to go on vacation and pretend they’re on equal footing with the rich dudes they try landing before becoming trophy wives.

      • “So what ? I don’t see that weird. They trade off their education for a family. Some of them may find happy.”

        The world needs less families. And not using your education to use is just.. dumb.

        “The benefit of education is not limited to just working a deskjob, idiot”

        But the benefit of education is not limited to not using it, idiot.

      • Why’d they bother getting a degree in some specialization they’d never use, then? You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars in college tuition just to be educated enough to “know things”.

        • Thing is, higher education only educates you enough to not be a complete beginner anymore. Instead you become a fresh graduate, ready for training on-the-job as a readily-exploited intern.

          Quite a few women, even if they find a matching job for their diploma, end up finding a guy and giving birth and then falling into the housewife routine.

          What I’m saying is, don’t put so much weight on a university degree. It’s just a paper that certifies that you’ve passed some formal criteria in an environment that trains you to do exactly that.

        • Like if education was a big deal anyway. It’s wasted anyway.
          Most successful guys had shit education but they were smart individuals and managed to reach the top and right now most of the well educated fresh of college people are going back to flipping burgers.
          “Wasting education is such a sin” that’s fucking retarded.
          Investing time on the family, actually caring about the kid’s future insted of expecting the media to raise them. That’s not a fucking waste of time.
          Maybe if they did that more in Ameria they wouldn’t have such fucked up new generations that clearly had 0 good parenting and not all the education in the world will make up for it.

        • I don’t understand why so many people find this bizarre. As a degree is necessary for most jobs, many of us get a degree just as a fall-back, in case the things that we truly want to do fail.

          If a girl can’t find a husband or start a family, she still has her education and can provide for herself until she can settle down. (This can apply to men as well.)

  • If you want to raise and family and be a stay at home mother for that purpose, its a perfectly valid life choice in my opinion.

    However these women who want to be housewives but have no desire to have children, are just lazy bitches leeching off of society.

    Or to put it another way, raising a family is a productive endeavor, sitting on the couch watching soaps all day, is not.

  • Feminism is just a Globalist Banker plot to destroy the family and hurt white men.

    Frankly, what do you believe, that FROGwash or your own eyes!? Look at how the west, America, Europe has declined since they changed things and started women working…

    In short, the labor force was doubled. (compounded by exporting jobs to China, etc. and more illegals) Now, when the available labor doubles, what happens to the compensation?

    It’s cut in half…

    But the Feminists or as the Great one said “Modern women who seek to destroy Men” still shriek and whine. From that “Feminist Frequency” woman who got suckers to pay for in Kickstarter for what she’d do anyways and Penny Arcade/Any anon can do better…

    To the ones that still rant “Well, men are still paid more than us…” and the Globalist Bankers go… “Don’t worry, toots, I’m lowering his wage as fast as I can shy of open bloody revolt!”

    Women need to be put back in the kitchen. That way there’s Zero jobs wanting, even one armed, crippled, crazy people can get work. And the man who goes to college and works hard deserves to earn a prosperous living and support a family and if he’s careful with money have a good retirement and fun vacations, toys on the way!

    Now, in the past, some women did work. Uh, besides as prostitutes that is. Well, if they had a man they got FIRED because it’s her MAN who’d better be working! Likewise, obvious dykes were tolerated as long as they made the cover pretense of civilization. But once they find a man, time to leave, big deal, the office threw them a party on the way out!

    All this “Feminism” thing has been is a con game to turn us all into the slaves of the globalist bankers. It’s not a “Global Village” it’s a “Global Sweatshop”.

  • Oh please, women want to become housewives because they’re LAZY & SPOILED. Japanese women don’t even want to reproduce, which means they sit at home watching tv or go around screwing other men, while their husband’s life expectancy is greatly diminished from being overworked, job stress, lack of sleep & being forced to consume junk food.

    If the woman wants to stay at home, the least she can do is raise 2 kids, cook and keep the house livable. If she refuses to do so, she’s nothing more than a PARASITE sucking the life away from another. And this being Japan, we all know she doesn’t even let her husband touch her, while she greedy helps herself to his bank account.

    • You know, something that’s been bugging me as I notice it more and more lately is that fictional mothers tend to be killed off, like, a lot (fiction in general, but especially anime and manga). This is often written off as “she was weak and frail” or “she came down with a sudden illness”, or even a “died in labor”. In contrast to all the widowers, I seem to see extremely few widows in fiction. If a father’s dead, it’s often only because BOTH parents are dead, or in some kind of adventure story, the protagonist’s father seems dead only to come out later and go “Psyche! I was alive this whole time”. Very rarely do I see a guy leaving his still-living wife and kid(s) behind due to some illness, or even something less natural like a car crash.

      In some ways, it could be justified: if the writer wants a single-parent household, women just need to have a one-night stand and that’s that. Men, however, need to lose a mate, either through death, abandonment, or divorce (though that still doesn’t explain why the latter two are rarely ever used; in fact, men getting custody in a divorce case seems to be another rarity in fiction). But I’m often left to wonder what the reality is. As you mentioned, men would seem more likely to be overworked to death than women sitting around in a comfortable environment. I’m sure there’re some statistics on all this stuff (fatality rates of young-adult-to-middle-aged women, male vs. female custody of children in divorces, single fathers vs. single mothers, etc.), and I’d be damn surprised if the numbers didn’t indicate otherwise.

        • point, but that only works if they actually make it a contributing factor in the character’s background. Oftentimes, a lazy writer can’t be arsed to write a middle-aged woman in the household (even if she’s strictly a background character with little to no speaking lines), so they make some off-hand comment about how she’s been killed off and leave it at that. Her death seemingly had no effect on the characters’ development, and if not for the fact that a woman is required for a man to conceive a child, she might as well have never existed in the first place (I don’t so much mind a case such as, say, Taritari, where her death had a clear traumatic effect on Wakana AND she gets enough focus post-humously to easily be considered a character in her own right). But even if the maternal connection of young children is a strong factor, I still find the focus of single parenthood ridiculously unbalanced.

          Another thing that bugs me: if you’ve got a story where two single parents marry, I tend to see it where the father is a widower. The mother? She had to run out on some drunk, abusive jackass…. personally, I think that says some negative things about men more than anything (fun fact: it’s been suggested that women instigate domestic abuse just as much, if not more-so than men… however, the majority of such cases go unreported due to embarrassment, an unfortunate result of the cultural stigma that guys shouldn’t be getting beat up by a girl).