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“Egg-Sized” Hail Kills 9 in China


Hailstones “the size of chicken eggs” have fallen on southern China, killing 9 people and injuring a further 272 in unusually deadly weather even for China.

According to reports, southern coastal and inland regions experienced a convergence of cold winds from the north and warm winds from the south-west, resulting in gale force winds and intense rain storms.

A hail storm featuring unusually large hailstones and lasting some 10 to 20 minutes also ensued, smashing roofs and windows, and killing at least 9 people, with 272 reporting injuries of one kind or another.

Strong winds also took their toll, causing power outages and blowing over houses, killing a further 3.

Whilst gigantic hail is far from unheard of and has long been a staple for journals of Forteana, injuries – let alone deaths – are unusual and this probably marks the most severe such hail ever recorded.

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