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Patlabor Returns – “But Why As Live Action…”


Classic mech-police drama Patlabor is finally to return in 2014 – but as a live action project, a decision which seems to have rankled those hoping for more of the anime.

Production is by Omnibus Japan, the CG and post-production company credited on such classics as Evangelion 2.0 and Oppai Ballet, and Tohokushinsha, their parent company and the producers of the original Patlabor anime, as well as Saikano and the original Appleseed OVA.

The decision to use live action (although given the content of the show “CG action with live actors” looks likely to be a more appropriate description) rather than anime already looks to have won the show few takers amongst fans, with “Patraper” quips accompanying complaints about both the quality of Japanese mecha-CG and the universally underwhelming nature of anime-live action adaptations.

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