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Lolicon “Raped 40 Schoolgirls Using Blog”


An Internet-savvy lolicon has admitted to using his blog to rape and video some 40 schoolgirls, aged from 11 to 16.

Police arrested an unemployed 42-year-old man residing in Kitakyushu, after he was caught meesing up with a 12-year-old JC at an Osaka hotel for sex, which he helpfully videotaped.

He admitted to engaging in sexual relationships “with about 40 middle and elementary schoolers,” using blogs to establish connections with the girls.

Police have identified 50 “victims” (it would appear they were all consenting and possibly engaged in prostitution) from the 50 videos and 6,000 pictures he kept on his PC, finding they spanned 7 prefectures and confirming the details of 10 girls, who were found to be aged 11-16, with 7 under 13.

He is said to have approached the girls on their “blogs” (precisely what service was used is not specified), then invited them to visit his own blog, where he would offer them “advice” and counsel, culminating in an encounter at his hotel once he had gained their trust.

Other charges include rape (apparently of the statutory variety with respect to the girls aged 12 and under), child prostitution and child pornography related offences.

Even on 2ch the man has his detractors:

“I need to know how to do this blogging stuff, tell me guys.”

“I don’t how you get to know girls using a blog like that?”

“I’m so envious, he should get the death penalty for sure.”

“This is pretty amazing going – I wonder if he was handsome?”

“I bet the cops took their time going over those 50 videos.”

“What is with these filthy Osakans! And they fancy themselves the next capital!”

“He’s from Kyushu… besides, whatever region he’s from, he’s as Japanese as you lot (myself included).”

“Another Korean!? Handy things, Koreans.”

“Definitely amazing if it was all consensual, he must have been handsome?”

“I want to be a cop.”

“What blog did he use to pull this off?”

“Probably Ameba. There are loads of elementary schoolers using their AmePigu avatar social game system, so he could just masquerade as one of their peers.”

“What, you think any of those users aren’t old guys pretending to be elementary schoolers?”

“They have lots of adult women too. But for meeting JS/JC like he did only Ameba fits the bill.”

“And why aren’t they busy raiding the service which made all this possible for once?”

“They need to tell us what blog he used to carry out this horrible crime.”

“AmePigu is full of JS/JC and housewives. As you might expect, there aren’t that many places for under 16s to hang out and chat, so they are all corralled into there. They kept approaching me when I went on there, they are all sex-crazed…”

“Quit all that ridiculous stealth marketing for AmePigu. Most of the kids on it have been banned by their parents after all the reports of what happened there…”

“As if the parents have a clue about this. The restrictions are by Ameba. You can’t go in the room of a minor anymore, or talk to strangers. They have to come to you.”

“Wait, who loses out from all this again?”

“These poor kids will face all kinds of worries and torments as they grow up. And they probably will never realise what trash they are for doing something like that. Where do you think all the sex workers come from? I think it’s better low-teen sex is criminalised.”

“What, they earned a fortune doing this I bet…”

“It was consensual, and I suppose there was an element of curiosity and he was good looking? They may just have been precocious brats, but I do think this kind of thing differs from actual abuse.”

“There are no real victims. It’s not a big crime, and what’s wrong with JC+ having sex?”

“How was this supposed unemployed guy affording to travel all over the place for sex? Was he on benefits or something?”

“It was all consensual prostitution, but some of them were under the age of consent so it handled as rape.

Rather more scary than there being some serial rapist maniac out there is the fact that there are so many little schoolgirls out prostituting themselves on the Internet and willing to let guys tape themselves doing it…”

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