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China: 4500 Pig Carcasses in River “No Health Risk”


Shanghai has announced that thousands of diseased pig carcasses dumped in one of the city’s rivers will “have no impact” on water quality there – sadly an all too believable proclamation

The final count of diseased pig carcasses recovered from the river differs according to source – Shanghai authorities now concede “over 2800” found their way into the waters, whilst one local paper puts the count at “3323” and another “4600.”

However, officials say that “as the disease poses no danger to humans there is no effect on the water quality.”


The pigs themselves have been identified from ear tags as coming from neighbouring Zhejiang province, where they apparently became sick and unsellable, even in China.

The epidemic soon resulted in the deaths of “tens of thousands” of the animals. The farmers afflicted took the only responsible course of action open to them and dumped them in the river.

As well as dangers from their decomposing remains, there is concern that the disease they were infected poses a further risk to the public, along with the common Chinese agricultural practice of “pickling” their animals in antibiotics.


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