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KyoAni’s “BL Betrayal” – “They Abandoned The Moetards!”


The recent revelations that Kyoto Animation’s latest magnum opus is to be a gorgeously animated tale of lithe young men in swimming trunks have proven controversial amongst their fans, many of whom are now revolting in more ways than one – although fujoshi everywhere are doubtless ecstatic.

The trailer:


Traditional fans seem to regard anything other than a stream of familiar ‘blobs as a major betrayal:

“This is totally aimed at womed – poor moetards!”

“Creepy CM!”

“Sexy stuff.”

“Please don’t become some creepy rotten homo anime studio!”

“As opposed to churning out creepy moe anime? They are creepy enough as it is. Apart from Nichijou all their recent anime look identical.”

“They have forsaken the moetards!”

“No homo stuff please. At least put one girl in there!”

“They’re even shaving their armpits…”

“They sure do run like girls.”

“Those abs are overdone.”

“Tamako was pretty awful too, so now they’re aiming at women?”

“Tamako bombed so hard and was not well received by the moetard core, so now it looks like they are abandoning them completely with this. Honestly, switching from extremes of fringe moe anime to extremes of fringe BL anime seems to be just repeating the same mistake.”

“Seeing that K-ON! was actually popular with JKs as well as otaku seems to have precipitated a change in direction, starting with Tamako and now this.”

“This is probably part of some scheme to get at all the taxes the Tokyo government is wasting on its Olympic bid.”

“I am ashamed to say I actually thought this looked pretty good.”

“Tamako flopped so they want to try hitting the fujoshi demographic with this, seems reasonable.”

“It really reeks of KyoAni’s usual extreme quality.”

“Munto is awaiting its successor.”

“As Munto proved, KyoAni has no aptitude for original projects. Most anime studios are the same – just look at Gonzo.”

“With hits like Tiger & Bunny, Kuroko, Tenipuri, Utapuri and so on, it is not hard to see why KyoAni wants a slice of the rotten pie. Even DEEN managed to get Hetalia selling well despite it being total trash anime.”

“There seems to be a lot of anticipation overseas as well – something like this seems to be in demand.”

“Finally some nipples from KyoAni…”

“For once, here’s hoping they cover these ones with beams of light!”


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