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Top 10 Reasons To Date Otaku Guys


Japanese women have once again been quizzed on their views of otaku guys – for once focusing on reasons why they might be worthy of attention rather than studious evasion and moderate persecution.

The ranking:

1. He’ll think of you wholeheartedly

2. He knows about PCs and stuff…

3. He’s not going to mess around

4. He’s likely steady and not spending all his cash on booze, gambling & brand goods…

5. He’ll shine if he’s polished

6. Shy guys are cute

7. He’s not likely to be totally relentless when it comes to girls

8. He knows about lots of stuff

9. He can understand you if you’re an otaku girl

10. He has his own tastes

Unfortunately this does not change the fact most such surveys of female (or even male) opinion tend to rate otaku tastes as being some of the least preferable possible…

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