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Islamic Miku Cosplay Divinely Inspired


An effort to cosplay Hatsune Miku in line with Islamic strictures which surfaced at a recent Indonesian event has been attracting much praise, both for its cleverness and its cuteness.

The event in question, CLAS:H 2013, also saw plenty of other Japanese pop culture on display, but as usual Miku was the centre of otaku attention.

Although evidently acceptable to Indonesia’s relatively liberal (by the standards of a religion locked in the dark ages and intent on imposing them on everyone else, at least) strain of Islam, there is sadly not much prospect of Miku making headway in regions where music, illustrations, and even thighhighs are regarded with suspicion or even banned.

The intersection of the world’s most peaceful religion and the world’s most popular virtual idol has received a mixed reaction amongst Japanese Miku fans – although everyone seems to agree the cosplayer is cute:

“This is as far as the Muslims can go then?”

“She looks like she’ll be pretty when she grows up.”

“Definitely a lot cuter than I expected.”

“Quite cleverly done!”

“She’s cute but I do worry what they’ll do to her.”

“Isn’t this idol worship?”

“Can disciples of Islam worship our angel Miku?”

“They aren’t that strict about that stuff in Indonesia so she should be OK. It would be totally out in Saudi Arabia…”

“I guess the doll’s miniskirt is the only one they’re OK with for some reason.”

“Islam is such a hassle… at least let them wear what clothes they want.”

“She is so cute…”

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