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Chinese Yokosuka Infiltrator “Wanted To Join US Army”


A Chinese man arrested deep inside one of America’s major naval bases in Japan claims he infiltrated the base as he “didn’t want to go back to China” and that he “wants to join the US army.”

The 24-year-old Chinese man snuck into at the United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka naval base in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture one morning, which he had entered undetected.

US military police discovered the man at one of the base’s harbour facilities, 1.5km away from the main gate (the base itself abuts directly onto downtown Yokosuka), and promptly detained him for trespass.

He was handed over to Japanese police for prosecution (or as seems more likely, discrete repatriation to China), and claims he just wanted to enlist to escape China:

“I came to Japan 10 days ago on a ship. I didn’t want to return to China, so I wanted to join the US army.”

According to police he spoke only Chinese and some halting English, and his identity was beyond doubt as he carried a Chinese passport.


The incident is particularly humiliating for the authorities as only 3 days before they held a major joint exercise aimed at preventing Islamist terrorists using a small boat to launch an attack on the nuclear carriers regularly anchoured at the base.

Both the pathetic security in force at a major US military installation and whether the man had any other reason for infiltrating the base have been widely commented on – although it seems brazen conduct for a spy, few seem inclined to believe that he could have entertained any serious hope of joining the US military by sneaking onto their base.


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