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Romanian Stabber: “I Spent All My Money At The Arcade”


A Romanian boy who stabbed a young Tokyo woman in the back in a mugging has explained that “stabbing her was simpler than threatening her” and that he needed her money “as I spent all mine at the arcade.”

The 17-year-old unemployed Romanian boy resided in Tokyo’s Musashino city, and explained that “I thought I’d rob someone as I spent all my money at the arcade. It occurred to me that it would be simpler to take their money if I just stabbed them, rather than threatened them.”


He approached a 22-year-old woman who lived near him and was returning from a local convenience store one night, followed her and then stabbed her in the back, inflicting a 17cm deep wound which pierced her lung and proved fatal.

After the crime he “spent some time at a manga cafe waiting for there to be less people about.”

He also claims to have chosen his victim at random, saying “We aimed for the people walking by alone, and I stabbed a woman who passed a few times from behind.”

He was also later charged with fraudulently using bank details after trying to use her stolen cards (he apparently did not realise he needed her PIN to withdraw anything), and police are also investigating the involvement of his Japanese acquaintances, suspected of being his accomplices.

Despite the juicy prospect of tying the crimes to the scourge of video gaming, the mass media have so far been more interested in playing up his wicked and not inconveniently Korean or Chinese foreign blood, although they have so far been silent as to the details of his background.

The case has already inspired a great deal of concern and the usual bashing of the lesser barbarian races (although it seems likely the boy was born in Japan and merely has Romanian citizenship):

“How did an unemployed Romanian youth end up living in Tokyo anyway?”

“It seems his father was Japanese, or at least his mother was married to a Japanese man.”

“He was probably ethnically Japanese, but with Romanian citizenship.”

“They wouldn’t even report his nationality if this was some dirty Korean!”

“They interviewed his father and he spoke fluent Japanese so this guy was probably raised here or something anyway.”

“This women he killed was 22 and working part time, yet according to reports had a ¥70,000 apartment – a hostess maybe?”

“We have to throw out all these foreigners before all Japan ends up like Tokyo!”

“Expect a ban on arcades.”

“Was probably actually a pachinko parlour but they didn’t want to write that for obvious reasons.”

“Even Japan has problems with Roma…”

“Foreigners are the reason Tokyo isn’t safe any more!”

“Even if he is young, this crime is outrageous. Slaughter this white pig!”

“This is the cultural level of all foreigners! The Japanese are a chosen people, we must stop letting in these types!”

“White religions often teach that non-whites aren’t even human, they just make fun of non-whites.”

“Can any whites who live in Japan deny this!?”

“You whites in Japan! Don’t bring your inferior cultural standards to Japan!”

“Honestly you people sound like Koreans…”

“A 17cm wound is pretty deep. Not like he stabbed her indecisively a bunch of times as usually happens. A terrible thing in any case.”

“He must really have wanted cash for the arcade to do that. Hopefully he gets locked up for a long time.”

“Don’t they apply the death penalty for these cases?”

“For most murder-robberies, it is death or life. At 17 though I think it more likely he gets 5-10, life at worst.”

“Honestly, following someone out of a convenience store and then stabbing them in the back sounds like a pretty unlikely MO. More likely he had some particular reason for killing her, or was put up to it?”

2ch has of course also been busily investigating, and has dug up photos the perpetrator purportedly posted online, showing him perhaps as big a fan of purikura as his victim:


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