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Atelier Totori Plus R18+ for “Sexual Violence”


Australian censors have rated moe alchemy RPG Atelier Totori Plus as “R18+” for its “references to sexual violence,” “high impact” violence, “moderate” sex, and “themes” – a higher rating than they found fit to give any of the GTA, Hitman or Call of Duty games.


The Australian government only recently introduced the “R18+” rating as a way of offering a midpoint between “15+” and “unrated” – although it is still hard to see how Totori and company bopping cute monsters or cavorting in the occasional tame bikini puts the title in the same territory as typical top tier AAA slaughterfests.

The privilege of being the first game endorsed as being R18+ also went to another Tecmo published title – Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor Edge for its “high impact bloody violence,” although again it is hard to see how an Atelier title ended up in the same classification.


Meanwhile sexy fighter Dead or Alive 5 Plus received a mere “mature” rating for its “violence and sexualised gameplay,” themes of sexual violence evidently not applying to G cup girls attempting to knock each other’s bikinis off.



There may however be hope yet for the Atelier series (or else Australia’s censors simply hate Kishida Mel) – busty Ayesha’s outing (English version due March) received an “M” as well, although this is still a far cry from the original Atelier Totori’s “PG.”

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