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Top 5 Worst Hobbies a Man Can Have


The latest survey of which male pastimes Japanese womenfolk find utterly unacceptable yields few surprises – idols and figures continue to be rated worse than compulsive gambling and such profoundly suspect pastimes as knitting.

The ranking:

1. Being an idol otaku

2. Figure collecting

3. Pachinko

4. Knitting

5. Horse racing

Predictably the poor men singled out for this have been crying foul:

“Just what hobbies do they prefer? Sports and cooking, is it?”

“A serious response would be ‘me.’ They are always insecure about hobbies being considered more important than themselves.”

“Men might actually turn out better at knitting and other handicrafts. Anyone would be grossed out by an idol otaku though. No man would want to date a Johnny’s otaku girl, would he?”

“Trainspotters are actually the worst, though they are not included by the looks of it.”

“What is wrong with knitting? You can spend forever enjoying the creation of one piece!”


“I do not get what is wrong with figures.”

“Bishoujo figures, like other moe pleasures, are just considered creepy. And they hate collections too, they get in their way.”

“If women complain so much about spending money on a hobby they ought not to spend even more themselves. Unless they have much more cash themselves, of course.”

“The most costly hobbies you can have are women and gambling. Those two generally account for most life crises.”

“What hobbies women like:
Sports (soccer, snowboarding and the like especially)
Playing music (guitars in particular)
Fashion (but only if you are hot)
Driving (but not if you are into sports cars)
Karaoke (but not if you like anime songs)

“Are there really any hobbies women will not be grossed out by?”

“Pretty much all women flail when asked what their hobbies are.”


“You would recoil if they said that – same with girls busy with FB or whatever.”

“Aromatherapy, hot yoga and anti-aging…”

“Thank goodness collecting model guns and swords isn’t on the list! Collecting tools is OK too, great.”

“I got hooked on NMB48! I went to the handshaking events, I was surprised to find lots of cute girls there, and some hot guys, and of course lots of creepy otaku.”

“There are a lot more female idol otaku these days…”

“Figure collecting isn’t for losers though. They cost a lot and you need a proper space to display them.”

“Well, I actually managed to turn 4-5 on to figures when they initially said it was creepy. Though I now regret it.”

“Anyone can enjoy looking up a figure’s skirt.”

“I am collecting only Nendoroids as I believe women will be accepting of them.”

“No way, I have them and they still hate them.”

“Try dating female otaku?”

“Female otaku want to date normal attractive guys though.”

“For figures you can get away with Dragon Ball and the like. Maybe even Evangelion. But not moe anime…”

“Even those go out with the trash if you get married though.”

“People who complain about other people’s hobbies are the most creepy of all.”

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