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AKB48 Fans Lose Minegishi Cards: “But I Spent $5,000!”


Not content with merely demoting freshly shorn AKB48 idol Minami Minegishi to “trainee” status for her disgraceful lack of chastity, her management have also stripped her of her online card game presence – outraging those of her fans who had obediently sunk all their money into it.

Minegishi-related features are to be dropped from GREE’s AKB48-themed “AKB48 Stage Fighter” moneysink at the start of March, as the hapless starlet is no longer fit to rub shoulders with the dozens of idols who have yet to be found out.

There are also fears that porn star fraterniser Yuki Kashiwagi could face similar exile, though she has yet to formally punished.

The game, which supposedly boasts 3 million users, offers the usual quasi-gambling “social gaming” features coupled with the opportunity to buy AKB-related digital cards.

Minegishi’s demotion was to have been treated the same as an orderly “graduation” (which also results in removal), but the speed with which the scandal unfolded has meant fans lacked much in the way of warning, throwing their collections into chaos, and prompting much delighted mockery of fans who have seen their collections go the way of their idol’s hymen:

“This is awful, I spent ¥400,000 collecting her cards!”

“Is Yukirin going to face the same fate? It’ll be awful if I lose it all as well…”

“Serves you right!”

“You spent 400k on some worthless data…”

“They got bored being swindled for handshaking event tickets and worthless goods, and had to try one of these games?”

“Just exchange the cards for skinhead editions, problem solved.”

“Anyone dumb enough to have anything to do with either GREE or AKB48 deserves whatever they get.”

“The twin masters of parting rubes from their cash.”

“If they are playing pachinko as well it is a full set.”

“They must be, there is AKB48 pachinko as well after all.”

“Sell your collections while you can. Oh, you can’t…”

On the positive side, disgusted fans have at least been saved the trouble of burning their collections.

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