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JK “Reflexology” Chain Busted: “It Was Creepy Work!”


Police have raided 17 “JK reflexology” centres found to be offering patrons the chance to sleep with actual JKs rather than merely offering old women in school uniforms as elsewhere, alleging violations of child labour laws.


The “JK Refle” chain ran 80 establishments in such Tokyo locations as Akihabara and Kabuki-chou, in which patrons could pay for massages and the opportunity to sleep (and only sleep) with its girls, of which 17 were raided.

Services offered included receiving massages from the girls, who dressed in their uniforms, or going to sleep with them in individual booths as they stroked their client’s head or cuddled.

Of their girls, 76 were found to be actual JKs aged 15-17. Only a minority were in fact not minors – 39 were aged 18-22. One employee was in fact a JC, being only 14.

The chain – which had evidently gone unmolested for some time to have expanded to such a scope – was structured on the premise that its services were legal offerings which fell outside the strict definition of “sexual services.”

Police as usual did not take kindly to such an innovation, but had to be somewhat innovative in their choice of charges in response as well; rather than child prostitution, they chose to prosecute using child labour laws, to wit “inducing minors to engage in hazardous labour.”

Police interviewed one of the JKs they rescued from gainful employment, who remarked that “A friend invited me to try an ‘easy and fun’ part time job… it was creepy at first, but it was easy money so I put up with it.”

13 of the arrested managers concede the illegality of what they were doing, but 4 offer such excuses as “we weren’t doing anything wrong” and “the children were doing it themselves.”

The establishment may have been closed, but there appear to be many similar establishments offering “moe reflexology” type services, typically including sleeping, hiza-makura, ear-cleaning, slapping and other paraphiliac pleasures provided by girls dressed as maids and JKs:


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