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Comiket Promises “Priority” for Kuroko Victims


The organisers of Comiket have promised preferential treatment for terrorism victimised Kuroko’s Basketball circles at C84 – although they have yet to explain what is to prevent another round of threats persuading them to ban those same circles a second time.

Comiket’s organisers say that C84 and C85 will see preferential treatment given to Kuroko circles excluded from C83, and apologise for having to kick them out in the first place:

It was extremely unfortunate that the Comiket organising committee was unavoidably forced to request circles involved with Kuroko’s Basketball doujinshi and goods refrain from participating in C83, and we must again apologise to the circles affected.


And for those circles whose participation we were forced to overlook for C83, we will prioritise their participation in C84.

No mention was made of any investigations into the initial incident or what will happen in the event of further threats.

The very obvious conclusion that they may be jumping the gun when the culprit remains uncaught and both police and the venue can presumably force them into cancelling should further threats be made has occurred to many:

“Did they catch the culprit?”

“If they get another threat they’ll just cancel them again.”

“At least the fujoshi will be happy.”

“What is the point if they don’t have the culprit?”

“At least wait until after an arrest to announce this kind of stuff!”

“The cops are so scummy they probably gave up any hope of them actually doing anything.”

“Since Big Sight has the deciding vote it is meaningless for them to be trying to decide anything by themselves, and it is irresponsible for them to announce this without mentioning the possibility of the same thing happening again.”

“These guys are awful, they agreed to go along with this and yet they keep insisting they are not responsible. Even a child can see it is as much their fault for caving in as anyone else’s.”

“Considering the number of people who already had their doujinshi printed only to have the event cancel their participation just before, they have a lot to answer for.”

“They are just going to cancel Kuroko’s circles in the summer as well anyway.”

“I don’t think the police will actually do anything until somebody is gassed.”

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