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  • It’s a shame, I find this anime legitimately funny, but it (and especially the anime adaptation specifically) focuses so much on the damned lolis I can’t even recommend it to my otaku friends, since we all work at schools with kids that age. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the teenagers because, let’s face it, everyone has an eye on teenaged girls at some point or another, but the lolis are too much.

  • This was fun.

    This post could use a couple more caps…

    Kobato’s game character’s post-killing posturing (before the first ‘you win’)

    Kate leaning against the gate-post while Maria rocked back and forth while holding Kate’s hands — in a show often filled with outlandish behaviour, this was a nice touch of understated normalcy. Kate may be an old hag but she’s pretty cool and they have a good relationship.

    And while apparently, Kate-chan is a siscon, she also seems to have bi-polar down pat.

    Yozora dancing with Maria during the game.

      • I never read so much bullshit!!!Seriously people like you would really need some medical treatment…We’re speaking of fictional characters!Do you understand that they’re only a series of animated drawings?A human being who does not distinguish reality from fantasy is really sick and make this world much more sad…

        • @ the anon replying to 3rdEye…

          I don’t think you’re a pedophile, well who knows.. I’ll never know for sure, but I still wouldn’t call people who love lolis to be “pedophiles”, I call them lolion… you like animated little girls, not real little girls. Don’t worry, my respect for your taste (and understandably, the respect most people might have for your tastes) is not exactly as low as my respect for pedos.. =P (don’t know if that helps, at all).

          And I’m totally against censorship of all kinds. Free speech should allow even the people behind anime to create whatever they want, even if I personally don’t like it. I lot of people don’t like what I like, either.

          I guess I’d like my posts to be taken as nothing more than a social commentary, really. I’m not trying to condemn anyone. I came here with thoughts that bothered me, and I hoped to get different opinions and maybe find some kind of understanding. I can’t help it, when sometimes I get tired of being overwhelmed by loli characters being venerated and worshiped wherever I am online… especially Sankaku, of course! XD

        • Forget these retarded 3rdEye,people like this who thinks:you like loli characters so you’re a pedophile,are those that allow Ishihara,Agnes & Co to make censorship and promulgate ignoble and retrograde laws,so the real enemies of nowadays anime…And yes i really miss too 3-4 years ago when fanservice is real and not this fucking convenient censoring everywhere!A friend of mine speaks the truth:why put it on if you hide or doesn’t show anything at all?!

        • The fact that are fictional characters make every moralistic attack laughable!I don’t care what anime,manga,comics,tv series or film are showing because they’re not real but fantastic,so harmless and i think that people who sees something wrong in this it’s really disturbing and the reason because Ishihara,Agnes and other retarted moralist have the power to make censorship and bullshit laws!Finally the fact i like Kobato or Maria doesn’t make me a pedophile in the same way that my passion for horror and splatter movies doesn’t make me a sadistic person!!!

        • Getting a little too defensive, aren’t you? I happen to just think that it’s ludicrous to think that what a person likes in fantasy doesn’t even somewhat reflect what one could appreciate in reality. I like Straight Shota (women who like younger boys), and even with that comes reasoning and limitations. I think with Lolicons, I can see the limitations (such as, I know some who don’t even like to see Lolis presented sexually, yet they still have some kind of obsession and attraction with them), but I still can’t see the reasoning.

          Anime isn’t’ real, I know that. Sure, go ahead and rape anime girls with your eyes for all I care XD (not saying you want to do that, I mean it as “you can even go that far if you want, it doesn’t matter to me”). It’s not like I believe that fictional characters are equal to living beings. But your tastes still reflect you in some way, even if it doesn’t mean what you like in fiction will translate directly into real life.

          I’m only sharing my thoughts as to why people even like lolis. It’s something I’m still trying to figure out if it’s even possible to understand.

      • Doesn’t matter anyway, normals follow the “under 20 = child” reasoning of that formerly-useful tropes site. In their eyes, attraction to a 17-year-old (real or fictional) is just as paedophiliac as attraction to a 7-year-old.

        • All the main characters (except Kobato and Maria) are ALL in high school.

          High school age is USUALLY ages 14 to 7 or even 18.

          I believe they are all juniors, so the would probably be 16 or 17 years old.

        • Yeah, the order is really messed up.
          However we reached a crossroad where I don’t even want to argue, as I actually see your concern, but our view on the topic is really, really far away.
          For one, you say K-On are lolis; I say they are old hags. I’m sure you think VividRed is full of lolis; I say otherwise.

          I guess when people really hate something, they will see it in everything; while if they really love something, like me, they will always think there aren’t enough of them.

          I’m just stating, being in a position of a lolicon, all they can have is limited and 2D, I really don’t understand why a person with normal tastes, who got their needs covered in but all media and is clearly supported by society feels the need to complain about a niche character type in a niche media.

          Thank you for being relatively reasonable, despite your evident disgust in lolis, and possibly lolicons.

        • firstly, what’s up with the messed up ordering of the comments section around here?

          Now, 3rdEye, all I can say is, you totally misread much of what I said, or just weren’t reading it well enough, and other than that it seems either you or I have a extremely skewed/warped view about lolis and their popularity, and of course I don’t think it’s me >.> The first point I can argue, but it’s going to be pointless arguing the second with you, I’m sure…

          I didn’t say that lolicon is worse than guro. Read what I said again, carefully. Let me give you an example of what I was saying. I mentioned Blind Beast, which is about two people who drive eachother to such insane lengths in their love for one another that they end up doing crazy things to express that love, even somehow making death seem like an expression of their love. Even if I find it to be horrible, I can accept that easier than the idea of presenting a child-looking anime character in a sexual light. The majority of guro is definitely harder to accept than lolicon, though.

          Just because I stated my tastes doesn’t mean I’m trying to impose them on anyone else. People can look for whatever they want in a woman, I’m just presenting my view about why I find certain aspects of lolis unhealthy to want in a woman. But hey, if people want to smoke, go ahead and smoke, I’m not stopping you.

          I said that Yaoi has less chance of ruining an anime I am watching than lolicon would. I don’t have to enjoy it, it just doesn’t bother me as much. You’re absolutely twisting what I’m saying.

          You say that oppai fanservice is taking over anime, I say that lolicon anime is. Whither sexualized or not (you can often leave the sexualizing to the fans), the majority of top ranked and/or most popular anime in the past decade has been drenched in moe/loli. There are also a lot of anime like Manyuu Hikenchou, Queen’s Blade, and Maken-Ki, but when have you ever seen those in any charts of any kind? How can you compare their popularity with the likes of K-On? They’re just noted for their tiny bits of loli fanservice then quickly forgotten by the masses.

          I’m willing to understand lolicons, but it hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I think they’re just in another world.

        • 100% agree.

          Not even Yaoi creeps me out either. If women want to see two naked guys making out, no problem. Even when I see it, it doesn’t gross me out. But little children being sexualised? It’s off putting. Charas like Kobato and Maria are non-sexual. They’re endearing in a sense that you want to keep them innocent forever and protect them from everything. Not take advantage of them. They’re physically weak, fragile and naive. Such qualities make a person want to protect them from any sort of harm, especially sexual abuse.

          Thanks for your sane post.

        • I think 14 to 18 can be in a grey area in anime females, but some characters are clearly made to look under 13…. I mean even I think it’s stupid to say that there’s a line between 17 and 18, but surly there is one that resided somewhere between 14 and 18…

          Ikki Tousen, Sailor Moon, and (possibly) Senran Kagura have characters that look around 16, actual high schoolers… borderline women. Shows like this have characters that look like borderline children. Sena, who seems the oldest, at the most doesn’t seem a day over 14 to me. You could maybe stretch it to 16, but honestly.. if you have to stretch it UP to a number that should be on the lower end, it’s pointless.

          I don’t care about what other people like, I mean they can even like scat and guro for all I care, but when I see a character in an anime that clearly looks like a cute little prepubescent girl (which I associate with the same as funny little cute critters, nothing remotely sexual) and is being shown in a sexual (and not even comical) light, simply to demand arousal, I’m seriously.. um.. creeped out. Even more so by how popular such characters are. Seriously, for me, even a yaoi scene wouldn’t ruin an anime for me as much as a sexual loli scene does… I have to try to laugh them off and hope that it’s just done for totally non-sexual humor… but then I come online and the scenes are being venerated on fanservice sites.

          People can say it’s just fiction, but honestly when I’m attracted by anime women (or fictional women in general), it’s because they have qualities I hope for in a woman real life, even if they are fantasy features. But even then, I look for things like maturity, intelligence, and sexuality. I don’t like them reminding me of children or something I would rather pet on the head. I just don’t think those are qualities that it’s healthy to get accustomed to in someone you would want to get intimate with, of fantasize to get intimate with. Even if “lolis” represent wanting “innocence” and “virginal purity” in a woman, I think those are unmodern, totally unrealistic, harmful, and archaic ideas that are good to have been left in the past.

          Lolicons can relish in their loli animes as much as they want, but it’d bother me to see any lolicons act all innocent about it. A lot of forbidden things are considered “taboo” and could argued to be acceptable, but liking anime girls who look like they’re entering toddler territory to be shown in a sexual light is something I think should be kept in the “forbidden”, dark side of fetishes, along with guro and the like (in some cases, I’d even accept guro scenarios over loli ones, definitely Blind Beast but not something like urotsukidoji). But it’s not just the popularity of lolis that creep me out, cuz even guro was considered a popular phenomenon, at least in Japan (since the early 20th century even), but I think lolicon has far exceed it.

          It actually hurts me to tell this to fellow anime fetish fans, honestly… I’ve tried to think of ways for me to accept and understand many kinds of fetishes, but loliconism is just a very difficult one… and like I said, that combined with it’s popularity seriously bothers me. I know how it is to read stuff like this about the “taboo” things you enjoy, since I’ve grown up being called a perv for viewing hentai or even anime in general, but I just have to be honest about this.

          If lolis were kept in their own corner rather than topping the anime top 10 lists of today, I’d never comment on it.

        • Nice loliphobic messed up view on things there.
          1. Sena not looking more than 14? Please, she looks 100% grown-up no problem.
          2. Loli popularity? Once again, you must see lolis even where there aren’t any; lolis are very niche especially nowadays; in fact aside from Haganai you can hardly come upon any in running series; and even here they are freaking minor characters.
          3. You really should get your eyes checked if you think any girls involved are “entering toddler territory”.
          4. Liking loli works both sexually or not sexually for most lolicons; that ONE episode of ONE show caters to the former shouldn’t even be a problem in the first place.
          5. If you think lolicon is on the same level, no, it’s even WORSE than guro, you have serious problems with your values. Lolicon rape? Yes, that’s nasty, but consensual lolicon stuff doesn’t even come close, not to mention anime series where there isn’t any explicit material.
          6. You are even more of a hypocrite if you think the values YOU want in a woman should be everyone’s idea about it. Saying it’s the same as reality also completely contradicts your point, since most anime loli shares exactly the traits you listed as your ideal values, on the contrary to real children.
          7. Seriously, preferring yaoi? One could mention how that’s a sin going by the bible, unlike loving children, or how that’s (actually, and proven) just a preference unlike being a lolicon, etc. But a common, and not completely unjustified remark would be “are you gay or something?”
          8. This shouldn’t even matter, since one of the least child abuse happens in Japan, so as long as they keep it 2D, why does it even bother anyone?

          And alas, the main point would be my first. Lolis are represented in only a fraction of currently airing series, probably less than ever; while almost hentai-level big breast ecchi are more explicit, or numerous than ever. Take even this away from lolicons, and the real crime rate might actually increase.

  • Monogatari is the only other series where I pretty much liked Every girl and wanted to do them all.
    Sena is still my fav with Kobato 2nd but every1 else is making a strong case. Yozora needs to be nicer to Sena eventually though.

    • I hope they will redo some scenes like previous season(the one with Maria running nude on the courtyard or Kobato exiting from bathroom)on the BD releases!
      IMHO fanservice is futile only when it’s partialy or totally censored by expedients like hair,steam,ray of light,black holes etc…

  • Pretty underwhelming fanservice detail-wise.
    Not that I expected we’ll see the same quality of service as in Sena’s case, but still.
    The outfit on Kobato is good, but with the simplified details it just doesn’t do anything.
    Really shows that the animation staff doesn’t like to work with lolis. Especially that family friendly approach of Maria’s bath scene.

  • I hope they will redo,like the previous season,some scenes on bd release(the one with Kobato exiting from bathroom or Maria running nude on the courtyard fe)!!!IMHO fanservice is futile only when partial or totally censored by hair,ray of light,steam,black holes etc…

  • I hope they will redo,like the previous season,scenes of this kind(the one with Kobato exiting from bathroom or Maria running nude in the courtyard fe)!!!IMHO fanservice is futile only when it’s partial and censored with hair,ray of light,black holes,steam etc…

    • Right, because you can penetrate an anime character vagina…

      By the way, the term pedo means attracted at a human child, which I don’t think the above picture is. Unless you are high every day and able to enter the “anime realm” and see Kobato and Mario turn into a human girl, after chocking some questionable mushroom and crack.

      • If I was 13, and I was looking for a girl my age to be boyfriend/girlfriend with, and I met a real girl who looked like Kobato and she said she was 13, I wouldn’t believe her and I wouldn’t look twice at her.

        Pigtails even mean she’s trying twice as hard to look like she’s more immature and childish than whatever her already-under-13 age is.