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Emiri Kato “So Cute She Was Mistaken for a JS”


So cute is seiyuu and orthodontics poster girl Emiri Kato that she reports being mistaken for a precocious little girl on a recent shopping expedition to obtain cosmetics.

Emiryun reports the incident in a recent Tweet:

I went to buy some cosmetics, and the 50-something shop assistant told me this:

“What! You’re 29!? I thought you were an elementary schooler!!

I was thinking even elementary schoolers are interested in makeup now… sorry about that!”

This is the first time anyone has mistaken me for an elementary schooler… this is overdoing it!

The consensus from her photographs seems to be that this is a believable episode rather than a Hiranoesque flight of fancy:


Though on the other hand, given the looks of Japan’s JS population of late this may not be as flattering a mistake as first thought…

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