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Kill Me Baby’s 686 Twitter Avatars: “One For Each Buyer”


The official Kill Me Baby site has published 686 Twitter avatars for fans of the anime – one for every person who bought a copy of the first volume of the anime, marking perhaps the first time an anime has been masochistic enough to make light of its own dismal sales figures.

Despite enjoying a modest following and being well regarded, sales of the show’s first volume were almost at levels low enough to shame distributors into not publishing any number at all – something which seems to have stung the producers into providing the avatars.

The official rationale is that it is a celebration of the show’s Twitter account reaching 10,000 followers, and a shrewd one at that, as it swiftly earned them several thousand more followers, not that this ratio of followers to buyers is particularly inspiring.


The gesture has also been hailed as an example of “godly” customer service – with a unique avatar now provided for every buyer.

The icons are available on their site (and are of course suitable for using on other sites as well).

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