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Otaku Girls Expose Their Most Depraved Places



Otaku girls have been showing off their private places again – though thankfully only their rooms this time, in the form of “Depraved Rooms,” with the rooms on display ranging from immaculate otaku paradises to true seats of corruption…

The tome, a compilation of photographs by Shiori Kawamoto, is on sale in Akihabara and online:



Idol (Mirin Furukawa):






“Megane idol”:






“Aspiring idol”:






Idol & artist:


For those wondering about the title, Kawamoto says it originates “from a trip to an idol dormitory where the idols in residence described the state of their surroundings as ‘depraved rooms’ [daraku heya].”

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    • I know a few otaku and fujoshi couples here in Japan who are really adorable and happy together, one in particular is a good friend of mine. Some of them share eachothers specific interests some of them arent interested in the other’s specific interest, but either way they’re tolerant of eachother.
      In the doujinshi stores, my friend held my boyfriend’s bag/stuff for him while he looked through the adult IdolM@ster doujinshi (so that it wouldnt stick out and get in the way of other customers; the shelf corridors are quite narrow), and he did the same for her while she looked through Kuroko no Basket. She said she felt a bit awkward in the H section, and he probably felt awkward in the BL part, but they both understood it was important to the other and accepted it as part of their doujinshi teamwork routine. Still happy after 3 years.
      Amazing what can happen when people stop being judgemental pricks like the guys on here are about female otaku.

    • What about cosplayers who cosplay your cute anime girls? Don’t you think they have some kind of interest in the character? I’m a girl who’s a fan of anime. Am I an “otaku”? I don’t know, my life and bedroom aren’t dominated by anime or manga. In the area I live in that has a high population of Asian girls (I’m white) you’d be surprised by how many girls watch anime. “Normal” girls watch anime. Maybe they aren’t open about it all the time, but no, there are perfectly “cute” girls who are accepting of anime.

      • Also an otaku girl and a girl who is ‘accepting of anime’ is nott attt alll thee sameee. One of the greatest treasures in the otaku world is (non fujoshi) otaku girls. But it is blasphemy to speak of casual ‘accepting’ anime fan girls and the treasured rare item of potential cute otaku girls in the same sentence. We otaku know of the existence of female casual anime fans but we have little to no interest in them. Its cute otaku girl or we will be satisfied with our 2d girls. “Maybe they aren’t open about it all the time” & “accepting of anime” is not the treasured girl we are talking about.

        • @8:28 your comment is too immature for me to respond to. Insults are an ineffective strategy against me. Your evidently hurt feelings mean nothing to me.

          @8:04 When female otaku get called males this is usually not a personal insult against them. Its usually meant to be a funny gesture because of the rarity of your existence. So I wouldn’t take it personal if I were you. In a awkward way it could be flattering. I cannot see how female otaku could be bashed except by other females. As I said usually you should be treated as royalty (by men at least) because you are a rare item which usually can go to the female otakus head and turn her into a btch who thinks shes better than other people because shes getting positive attention which is usually deadly to women. Now if you’re an fujoshi type otaku or the overly extreme and annoying fangirl type, then yes I can see you getting bashed. But this is no different from their male equivalent counterparts who also get bashed just the same from men and women alike. Women tend to call the male version of that gross and creepy. So that kind of bashing is not dependent on your gender and happens to both male and female.
          -end reply to anon-

          I hate to address such a ridiculous argument which is why I ignored it till now, but it seems to be continuously popping up so Ill say this. No where did I say otaku guys are all cute and gorgeous and have to settle for ugly otaku girls. One of the main ways humans judge you is on how physically attractive you are. Men do it, women do it. I shouldn’t have to explain further. However men are not as fickle as women when it comes down to dating someone who looks good, or has money, or is cool ect.. Women by far take the cake on being more superficial and vain. The sheer number of tens of millions of women willing to take their clothes off for cameras and participate in the sex industry, and objectify their own bodies for profit speaks for itself.

          Cute otaku girls are treasured items. This is not necessarily my own opinion just stating a fact. However women are opportunist so a cute otaku girl will easily fall once she realizes she can take advantage of the fact shes viewed as rare and special. This is just the same as any girl who’s told she is cute all her life. Or a girl who uses her looks to advance her in life. No different for cute otaku girls. Yet most every girl will SWEAR she is not like this of course, but even if she is that rare female who isn’t, without doubt she knows more than a few women who are. So why would a girl even argue my point? I’m not an absolutist so no where did I say every single woman on the planet is like this which is what people usually hear when I say things like this even though I never use words like “all” or “every”. I don’t think every girl is like this but I do think most are and the chances of guys finding the very few good ones are slim to none. The best you can hope is to find some who are ‘not that bad’ and conform them. Lead them away from their genetically inherited female flaws. What I am doing is called generalizing and stereotyping. And the thing about stereotypes is that they are usually true.

          Just because you don’t like to hear something doesn’t make it untrue. My logic is undeniable. Responding with insults and trying to hurt my feelings instead of replying with thought out intelligent rebuttals for me only reinforces my ideals leading me to believe you have to resort to verbal attacks from a lack of anything smart and substantive to add to the argument.

          That is all. đŸ™‚

        • That’s all fine and true. I won’t argue. There just seem to be stereotypes like “There are no girls on the internet” or “No girls watch anime”. Then if someone tries to say they are a female otaku, they’ll get bashed or called a male.

        • Taylor I’m a woman who visits this site because a few of the things are relevant to my interests and morons like you amuse me. Its disheartening that you think you know everything about my gender and thinking all women conform to some program expected of them instead of being individual human beings; I dont pretend I know everything about men even if half the idiots on this site seem like carbon copies of each other and are predictable as shit.
          But if your self-important know-it all shittitude keep you out of the gene pool I guess that’s for the best.

      • I shall enlighten thee with this scroll of knowledge. I agree with 1525. Most of those really cute or beautiful cosplayers like the ones you see on sancom know little to nothing about the character. They are just models. Their management tells them what to wear. If they do it independently its just to gain celebrity. Just look at the quality of the photos, hair and makeup is perfectly done, shot with expensive cameras, theres even a lighting person. You think this is organized by an otaku for no reason other than their love for anime? HAHAHA no.

        Now there are some (not alot) cute amateur girls who cosplay. But these are not otaku, they are cute girls who cosplay. 2 things are wrong with them. 1 its nice they they cosplay but they are not otaku they are casual anime fans. Which is fine but it does nothing to my point of cute otaku girls do not exist. And 2 these cute girls who cosplay are typically bitches because they realize they are cute and realize cosplaying put them in a male dominated world where there are few cute girls and thus they become ‘stars’. In the normal world they are nobodys since there are tons of cuter and more beautiful girls. But even slight cuteness in the otaku anime cosplaying world can make then goddesses. So they get on their high horse and feel they are better than others. Typical female behavior. Proof of this can be seen in this comment:

        “I know plenty of cute otaku girls, we just don’t care about trash like you… so perhaps you’re aiming a little high there, chum.”

        This is what is known as the casual anime bitch. Girls who again realize being slightly cute and cosplaying makes them more popular in the nerd world than they otherwise would be in the regular world and they let it go to their heads. Anyway these people don’t matter because they are not important and end up dating losers who cheat on them anyway. And they are not otaku.

        In conclusion, if you don’t know whether or not you are an otaku then you are not one. A person who watches anime is not an otaku, its just a person who watches anime. A lot of girls watch anime casually, but this is not the same. Cute cosplayers consist of two types of women, 1 models/aspiring models who as my anon friend said target “easy to get” guys for attention who may slightly be interested in anime but are really just capitalizing financially or for attention. Or 2 the casual anime bitch type. The more you know.

        • @8:06 your comment is to childish and immature for me to respond to. You’re trying to say how stupid I am yet bother to address my comments. Write something more grown up and intelligent and I’ll address a concern you may have. Your petty insults mean nothing to me.

        • hard for me to take your comment seriously since it is surrounded by dozens on slutty women and if your the type to hang out on sankaku, a porn site, I seriously doubt your comments credibility. If you really believed women beautiful magical jewels then why would you be on a porn website? One that mainly features porn of computer drawn girls. Nono no one makes it here because they see beauty in women. You would shun websites like this that just objectify them if you believed your story haha. You’re lying to yourself just for the purpose of winning an internet debate. You know what I say about women is true. Maybe you’re just hoping a girl will see your random anon comment and fall in love wit you. Good luck with that captain save a ho.

        • I probably shouldnt be surprised about your shitty attitude towards women considering what a shitty personality in general you have; it really is no mystery how you only attract shallow people that you ‘tire of’, but here’s a tip; dont base the entire 55% of the earth’s population off the few moronic enough to go near you.

        • If the only line of defense you two have is derp taylors a loser who gets no girls. then I guess this conversation is over since you are void of anything intelligent to contribute. I have two beautiful girls whom I have shooed away because they were not up to my standards who still to this day stalk my sankaku profile because its the only way they know what I’m up to, who will read this comment, and I could still get with them if I chose to. your pety insults carry no weight with me believe me ha.

          But im sure it make you feel better to believe what you’re saying so go for it. You know girls like jerks, you must be able to also tell that I’m smarter than you by now. If you were smart you’d realize how easy the conquest of girls would be for me. But you’re a virgin so I understand you not understanding.

        • I love how Taylor thinks I’m a bitch because I threw his own sad attitude right back at him. So basically, if you’re an otaku guy, you can be entitled to a ‘cute girl’ no matter what you look like. But if you’re an otaku girl, you HAVE TO BE CUTE otherwise no one gives a shit about you and boooo hoooo its such a shame when an otaku boy has to ‘settle’ for you. If you think its so sad that you have to ‘settle’ for an otaku girl who isnt cute, why should the cute ones have to ‘settle’ for guys like you?
          My point about ‘aiming too high’ was to point out your ridiculous hypocrisy, but it might be a concept a little too difficult for you to get your head around since you seem to like blabbering off long, incoherent gibberish like you’re saying something profound and amazing about things you know nothing about.

        • actually the opposite. In my younger days I was much of a playboy. The conquest of women became boring to me. So I’ve moved on to more challenging things. You should be able to tell this by my careful and detailed explanation of women. Anyone who can who can so meticulously deduce them is also able to conquer or manipulate. This is basic psychology.

        • Chicks just happened to land more sex appeal than the male sex. If society deemed men more visually enchanting they’d inherit the role of a promiscuous mistress. However popular belief states and has convinced fragile minds that girls are somehow segregated from the idea of even being human and just by doing the human thing and playing by life’s rules. My closing statements are all people are catty whores that sell out for attention, nor is anyone up for persecution. We don’t make statements to be heard by ourselves, or to be ignored. By some means we all have enforced our presence in a way to be known, we have sold out by getting jobs and being bossed around to do things we do not want to do. And please trust if by some meager ability any person possesses lands them what they desire that ability will be executed on command because the definition if an accomplished desire is one carried out with pure determination. I’m not putting girls in a box and agreeing they are whores, but I am stating the frequency grows based on how far people choose for society to lead them. Women could be the joke of today when men can be the joke of tomorrow because that’s just how impressionable people are. Also I don’t dismiss the existence of pure passion for females pertaining to anime because I know a couple girls. Even though it really doesn’t. argument is with stereotypes, they’re a plague to the world genderwise, racially, whatever. Often everyone is beefing because for some reason physical features imply everyone is in competition with one another, people need to crack open a book, forget the caveman days, and say “Hey, it’s. 2013.” Time to get real Sankaku.

        • *funny thing is most of these anime girls otakus love aren’t even otakus but in fact are an imitation of women with non-otaku personalities. The only difference with anime girls is they have super powers…so why is this debate even taking place? I doubt anyone would interrogate Kuroi Mato or Hatsune Miku to find out if she’s a legitimate otaku. Otakus like anime because the artists have captured the positive traits in real people, and have effectively expressed an admiration of these personalities visually. Statements that even support ideas like ohhh otakus girls are a prize is a Tad hypocritical because near none of these girls in anime are frigging otakus. Also stereotypes continue through the people who continue the stereotype. It is by flaw of human existence we’re consistently told that we belong in certain roles, cliques, etc and as a large unit of this planet humans nod and agree with monkey-see-monkeydo. I doubt, however, that girls wake-up in the morning, “genetically”predisposed and plotting to whore. I think human beings are conditioned to be into what they believe in by the law of life given to us at birth and not petty opinions contributed by emotions. Maybe the conformists, yes. They let people make laws for them..but it is not at all genetic its human. Why do people even conform to roles stemming from prejudices or wavering facts? To survive. That’s why. Survival is money, and evasion of or gravitation towards a specific attention. Which everyone is guilty of because everyone plays by the universal law called money and wants attention in any way that society accepts it.

        • Stereotypes…stereotypes. Humanity is humanity. Just like guys girls conform to the media and the roles they think they fit in. It is like stating tiny infants are born with an intention to be some evil genius when humanity fails to understand that everything is learned.There are man whores but no one really pays attention to them. It’s all about the boobs and soft features, and if it wasn’t, guys would be in the hot seat. A human being alone by itself is genetically flawed. No, not a flaw…more like survival. Or playing by society’s rules. People will near do anything for a pretty penny or goal they desire in life. Plenty of men have said they’ll take it up the butt for the world’s riches. Why can’t a girl do it, because it’s more popular than male pornography? Why obsess over these real women, they are detestable whores? However you support this obscene immorality with your eyes. So you flee to detestable whores on a piece of paper? Funny thing is some of these women otakus imitations of women in the world.

        • Taylor I never once said you ‘can’t get girls’ and I have contributed more to he conversation than you, who has a superiority complex the size of the sun and whose ego alone could probably provide power for some third world villages for a good year or so ago. My argument with you is that you are judging all women in existence by the handful you have dated, despite only dating a very specific kind of woman. It would be like me judging all men from my experience with male republicans, or surfer guys, or otaku on this site. Web you speak about ‘conquering women’ you are talking about picking them up, perhaps in a club or somesuch, and usually for a short term ‘bit of fun’, and there are a specific kind of woman who is into that. And a specific kind of woman who is into you. To say you know everything about woman from experiences with one kind of them is ridiculous, insulting, and the reason I am not holding your intelligence in any high regard. Anyone with half a brain would know there is no ‘secret woman code’ or ‘secret way’ that women act to know or ‘understand’. Humans in general act however the fuck they want to. There are lots of shitty woman who are all the same, just like there are lots of shitty men who are all the same (oh the stories I could tell). Because there are just lots of shitty people in general, but it’s people like you who act like only women are like this and have ‘typical behaviour’.
          If you have no interest in 3D women anymore, that’s fine. I have no interest in 3D men anymore either, and, like you, not because I ‘cant get one’. The difference is that I don’t write dumb comments about how all 3D men are the same based on my experience. I wouldn’t be qualified to make a statement like that unless I personally met every single 3D man on earth, which I have not, so in the interest of not being a shitlord, I keep such dumb blanket statements out of even the vaguest attempt at intelligent conversation.

        • No, coplayers are people who like characters enough to cosplay them. Some might do it for attention but most of them are doing it for themselves. Some of them are cute. Some of them might not be. But why the fuck does it matter?

          I know plenty of cute otaku girls, we just don’t care about trash like you who think only a cute girl is ‘good enough’ for you and wont settle for ‘less’. I highly doubt you look like a Paris runway model so perhaps you’re aiming a little high there, chum.