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PS3 Outsells Xbox 360


The PlayStation 3 has now narrowly outsold the Xbox 360, with total global sales of 77 million to 76 million at the end of 2012, according to industry statistics.

According to a report released by the International Data Corporation,

“In December 2012, PS3 system shipments eclipsed the number of Xbox 360’s shipped worldwide, despite the PS3 launching a year later than the Xbox 360 (an estimated 77 million bundles versus approximately 76 million bundles shipped)”

The report also expressed scepticism about the prospects of a new generation of “smart” devices disrupting the console market any time soon:

“At the same time, it doesn’t appear that alternative platforms — set-top boxes from cable companies, Web-connected smart TVs, and so on — are positioned to materially disrupt the trajectory of the ‘big 3’ console OEMs in 2013 or 2014.

Discs will remain the console game revenue mainstay for years to come.”

Unsurprisingly, the imminent replacement of the essentially obsolete PS3 and Xbox 360 with new models is projected to lead to big increases in sales:

“2011 and 2012 were tough for many console game disc developers and publishers.

With the advent of eighth-generation consoles, starting with the Wii U, historical norms strongly imply that game disc revenue will stop bleeding in 2013 and rise substantively in 2014.”

With the Wii U already out, the future of the next generation of gaming hardware will apparently come down to a third showdown between Microsoft and Sony.

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  • Shipments do not equate to sales. Sony has always only released shipment information and withheld sales so that they can give the impression that more units have been sold than they have in reality.

  • THANK YOU!! Thank you PS3 for Selling more than the 360! Maybe now Microsoft will learn to nut up and start making/producing/supporting games that are innovative and not different interpretations of the same game/genre every single time.

    Thank you to Sony for having truly innovative/esoteric/risky games on your system.

  • Artefact,as usual,changes console news in a fanboistic way and again you immediately fall into the trap like chickens!The article talks about shipped consoles not selled!If you go around on web,maybe to more serious sites like vgchartz,you would discover that the actual sales data,so no statistical assumptions,indicate very different numbers:98,7 M Wii followed by 77 M Xbox 360 units sold worldwide and lastly 75,2 M PS3’s…So my dear Sony retards maybe it’s still too early to uncork the champagne bottles!!!

  • Made up statistics, gotta love them. Kind of contradicts all the other yearly statements, & shipped does not mean sold.

    also thinking how many times I bought an xbox to replace one that died or a different region xbox to play region specific games…..

  • In other news…PS3 and Xbox360 are pretty ooooold now as far as gaming platforms. I got a lot of good use out of my old PS3, but no longer buying games for a platform with limited days (playing on PC again now).

  • LOL I find it amusing that there are now THREE articles here about PS3 supposedly outselling 360, yet none of them have ever matched hardware sales figures with gaming site VGCHARTZ.


    Wii 98.7 million
    360 73.7 million
    PS3 72.1 million

    PS3 is still in 3rd place overall. Thou it does outsell 360 outside the US. And like usual, this site has reported another fictitious sales figures article from an unreliable source.

    Well done Artefact, you sure know how to drum in page views and please all of these japanophiles & fanboys visiting your site.

  • I owned an xbox 360, but it overheated and ruined my hdd, my refund got me a ps3. Before though, i had asked Microsoft why i had to pay to play online games that i already had to pay an online fee for and the only thing they would tell me is “stability”, but my ps3 is way more stable online than my xbox ever was, and it’s online was free.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    I prefer the Xbox 360 because it came out first, my favorite game series is exclusive to it and I like the controller a lot more.

    My only problem with with the 360 is needing xbox live gold for netflix and hulu plus. You should be able to stream with xbox silver.

    I do like the PS3 for the blu-ray player and PSN+ service.

    What I don’t like about the PS3 is how ugly the system is and the lagginess of the online play.

    I never owned a Wii or Wii-U, because I outgrew Nintendo’s franchises. The DS and 3DS offer a better variety of games that are more fun than that of Nintendo’s main console.

  • Honestly, all these comments…

    The point is we’re all just addicted consumers that spend too much damned time trying to one-up someone else even though it makes literally no difference in the long run.

  • Gee, just scrap those discs already. Stop paying publishers. Publishers are evil, they don’t fucking care about games, all they want is money. It doesn’t take much to promote a game this days and put it up for downloads

  • This would have happened years ago if Sony just let the option to play with PS2 games.

    But the developers were greedy,and lazy,they have to sell us the same game again,but in HD with achievements.

    And is happening again,with Vita.If Sony just let us use the PSP games on it,…

    Probably they let us do it in the future,when they realized that was a mistake.

  • Should this be called the magically growning boobs? One scene she is flat enough to be thought of as a trap.. and in another they are big enough to bounce. The breasts do not seem to stay the same size from the screenshots throughout the show.

  • pc > xbox360 >= ps3 > ds > 3ds
    wii is shit
    wiiU is shit
    vita is shit

    not a fanboy of any system in particular, but pc actually meets everything i need for gaming and more and i own each of the systems i posted

  • it’s funny. xbox had 75 million units sold, but it was probably to 25 million people. RRoD. it breaks, they run out and buy a new one, because they don’t want to wait on the 3 month shipping.

    • RRoD was fixed back in 2009, with the release of the Jasper system and the 360S released the following year has a failure rate on par with the PS3. And insistently the 360 AND PS3 both fail TWICE as often as the Wii does. So go suck a dick, faggot.

    • >but it’s still much more versatile than the 360

      Not really, 360 was at one point the cheapest MCE-Extender you could buy and supports most of the formats PS3 does. In fact the 360 serves so well as an Extender that one of my friends has four of them in his home and only one is primarily used for gaming.

  • At this point, it doesn’t really matter. Worldwide, the systems have been virtually neck and neck for years. Arguments can be made on both sides of the fence about the systems, too:

    “The only reason Xbox 360 sold so many is because of Red Ring unit failures! The same users keep having to buy systems!”

    “The only reason PS3 sold so many is because it was the cheapest BluRay player for a long time! I bet half the people who bought it don’t even know it can play games!”

    The true winner was the Wii. Nobody can deny that.

    • >The true winner was the Wii. Nobody can deny that.

      Yup, the system with the WORST overall system performance is ALWAYS the hardware sales winner.


        • 08:40
          16bit era was more of a tossup actually. snes had better graphics & sound, but the much slower processor was a major limitation for software developers. so in one major area the genesis was actually better.

          also the turbografix displayed 256 colors just like the snes did & the cdrom provided cd quality soundtracks that kicked the shit out of anything the snes soundchip could muster up. not bad for a system that actually used two 8-bit processors.

          but I do agree on the saturn vs everyone else. the saturn’s 2d capabilities made it possible for perfect ports of 2d arcade titles & superior versions of titles like grandia & fire prowrestling.

        • The N64 and Saturn are two completely incomparable beasts in terms of abilities and controls. The Saturn was a 2D arcade powerhouse with controls made for Street Fighter clones, while the N64 was a 3D polygon pusher with an analog stick. (The Playstation was a jack-of-all-master-of-none, in comparison.)

          Also, the 16-bit comparison is screwed up, since the TG16 was the weakest one spec-wise (And the Japanese PC-Engine was designed to compete against the Famicom). The SNES also had a few obvious pros against the Genesis in regards to sound quality, color palette options and hardware-based scaling, rotation and transparency.

          The pre-PS2 era wasn’t nearly as “clean-cut” spec wise in terms of which console had the most power. Each system had technical advantages and disadvantages, and their games were designed around them. Even ports could be drastically different simply due to the specs, rather than the current era where it’s basically a difference between the shader quality or the FPS.

  • Oh look, ANOTHER article claiming PS3 has finally outsold 360, yet the one site that has always provided accurate sales figures contradicts it too.

    Wii 98.7 million
    360 73.7 million
    PS3 72.1 million

  • Can you really call the WiiU a “Next generation” console?
    It performs under the current PS# and over the Xbox360 in terms of power and graphical output.

    The true next generation of consoles is still a bit away.

  • sony has many years of console producing behind them, and things never really changed since PS1(they’re only making it more power and basically, they’re only copying their competitors for everything else), ms has not the same experience(only xbox and xbox 360) and they’re still develloping it, trying to find new way to improve gaming experience, sells doesn’t mean anything, i had ps1, ps2, xbox and xbox360, didn’t bought ps3 and never will. Will i continue to trust ms and its xbox? Yes, will i buy the new xbox? Yes! But will i buy the new ps? No, i won’t.

    • Entertainment media in Japan is often overprice. Anime BD for $ 100 and it and it usually hold 2 episode per BD. 12 episode anime equal to 6 BD, total price is $600. DVD is more cheaper, but cost around $50

      Music CD is so expensive in Japan that some Japanese even choose to import CD rather than buying it in nearest local store.

      • >What makes you think they always buy the games domestically or at all?

        Actually they HAVE TO because game rentals are illegal there. Because of this there are ‘rental type’ stores that skirt the law by selling the game at full price, after which you return the game within a limited time frame for a partial reimbursement. Or you have the option of simply keeping it, like you can do with Redbox. Only you’ve already paid the cost upfront.

        This is why you see the market value of a-list titles plummet within a couple months. A good example would be FFXIII, where one retailer was depleting old stock at a mere 500¥ months after it released.

  • I don’t consider this news anymore at this point in time. Doesn’t matter anymore which one of them outsells the other by a small margin. My recation to this post was like this: “So? ┐( ̄_ ̄)┌ “. Also, I have all 3 7th gen. consoles, as well as a powerful PC, so I couldn’t care less about all the fanboys out there arguing. It’s stupid.

  • Ah. The War of the Fanboys.

    I personally gave up on the 360 after spending more money replacing controllers and replacing the damn system twice.

    I mean, in comparison.
    Every console I’ve owned, aside from my 360 never broke unless I did something stupid.

    Only my 360 stopped working for no reason at all, was a bitch to clean (then again, all newer consoles are a bitch to fucking clean) and I got tired of paying for Xbox Live when I could use the same money to pay for PSN+ and at least get real discounts and free games out of it.

    • Well, if you take those 150% rate failure people buying it again anda again and again you can see why it ook that long….while there are around 70-75kk PS3 still working, I doubt there are 60-65kk X360 still alive…specially those shipped in the first 3 years….

      • Noodlestein says:

        Other than they fix it for fucking free on redrings. Mine did it once and it was 3 years past the warranty, that one issue they will fix whether or not its still covers under the warranty.

        • >mass produced chinese made pos broke
          >replaced it with another chinese made pos
          >must be ‘peer pressure’

          Right, because I should sell off my entire library of games because you faggots worship the yellow man’s cock.

          btw I own them all. u jelly?

        • Peer pressure.

          “All my friends have xbox 360s! Even though they’re on the 3rd Console! and I’m on my 2nd.. I have to have an xbox 360 because all my friends have it. Exclusives ? Who cares about exclusives anymore?”

        • Once you get suckered into buying a bunch of games for one console, it becomes less expensive to keep replacing it than having to buy all your games again.

          This is probably the best argument for open platforms. You don’t get vendor-locked.

    • It’s not about the FPS games, it’s about the online support. Microsoft does it better, simply as that. I prefer the PS3 hardware to the Xbox360s. But if it’s a game that I will be playing online a lot, I will get it for the xbox. Playing games online with the PS3 is garbage. The only thing they have going for them in that department is some of the old PS1 games you can buy from their store. But the last thing I want to do is give Sony my credit card info lol.

      So fanboys can bash the 360 all they want, it’s still the superior console when it comes to playing games online.

      • This is the problem…people have forgotten that console should be superior both online AND offline. Online gaming had become a crutch for devs to pull their shit games out of the toilet, because our obsession with online gaming can save some the most horrid games from complete failure. I personally hate BOTH live and psn, and yes, i have both systems. I have had 4 360s fail in about 5 years ( i bought the first, the second i was dumb enough to buy again, my brothers died, and my roommates died. and the current one was a gift) for no good reason. My 60gb ps3 got the yellow light of death when my lil cousin smacked it (i was not home, or I would have strangled him). You know what? I had it fixed. My LAUNCH DAY ps3, broke because someone jarred it. And it STILL works after the ONE repair. So the point is, regardless of how “good” ANY online network is, it makes no difference if the hardware is shit. So they need to stop worrying about online, get back to simple mechanics, and THEN build up online!

  • Shipment=/=Sales

    Also, isn’t the console department of Sony in a rough patch at the moment? Heard they were in the red due to not being able to recouver from hardware sales due to its low sales during their overly souped up console power and the price tag with it.

    Microsoft prevails once again with nickel and diming its customers down to their very bone. How people accept this is a mystery to me.

  • Honestly, I’m less interested in having the increased power of an up-to-date platform for Graphics Quality, and more interested in using that power to decrease loading time, put more things on screen at once, and more quantity related things over its looks.

    Mainly because producing such high quality visuals takes A LOT of time.

      • Noodlestein says:

        Your comment seems off.
        Im a huge PC gamer as I just prefer not having sub 60fps, can plug a controller in if I need to, along with modding and much more
        However I also own a 360/ps3/wii (Not sure about the wii U yet) and basically the same goes for the people I know and game with.
        I think you have it twisted as the people who I play my console games with (IE: Halo/other exclusives) have pcs that cant run shit, maybe tops 15fps in a newer game that is on the lowest settings.

    • As a PC-only gamer I hope this current generation of consoles will be put to rest very soon and both new Xbox and PS rolled out. Simply because many games are made for both PC and consoles, and the fact the consoles are so bloody outdated has been showing in the PC versions of the games as well.

    • I’m first and foremost JRPG fan, so my console of choice is Ps3, but i gotta admit, having a gaming PC is an awesome thing too.
      Still as a gaming PC user also i have to say… it needs more RPGs and less FPS and multiconsole games.

      • >jrpg
        lol you’re doing it wrong. portables are now the kings of jrpg titles and the number of releases will only continue to grow as japanese console sales continue to diminish with each successive generation.

      • Considering that the next-gen of consoles seems to be releasing later this year or next..yes, you will need to spend $$$ to play next year games.

        But if the point you were trying to make is that PC users have to upgrade yearly: No. Decent hardware will easily last as long as a console generation.

      • I own a 6 year old PC. It runs every single game on the market today, and most of them, at max settings.

        Hardware doesn’t improve as fast as the 90s anymore. Your comment is just as outdated as your reasoning skills.

      • PC gamers are also usually PC enthusiasts who love to show off their builds, it’s just part of the scene. They pay extra, but keep in mind that they don’t use their powerful rigs just for gaming.

        In the end you get what you pay for. Console gaming is very limited and not just visually, even more so as we are nearing the end of the current generation; The consoles are limiting gaming as a whole.

        Of course if the majority of console gamers were on the PC, that would not happen.

        • PC gaming never really cared for me, since I’m only using Linux.

          It’s funny, though, how you talk about limiting and stuff, because personally I only buy game systems that are at least 5 years old. At that time the console is cheaper and the games are cheaper. Maybe I should get that PS3 in a few month… or perhaps the pricing will further drop next year. Last year I got myself a PSP for about 80bucks. 🙂

          Don’t mind me though, there is always a need for retards that pay the full price at release date. There wouldn’t even be a gaming scene without your cash.

        • Console gamers will be able to play the game even if they don´t have a internet connection, they will be able to play games on a machine that is 6 years older than the game itself without having to buy an new machine or upgrade the current one every 2-3 years 🙂

    • ofcourse i mean they need a rest a bit

      every console news theres always be a pc elitist who always comments about how awesome pc gaming is.

      I have console and I made more friends coz PC cant do split screen.

        • No doubt. I am an old gamer, I admit it. I am LOL at most comments on this site. I don;t get the one thikng or another concept. It was never that way when I was growing up. We had the consoles for when people came over & gathered around the TV. I also played other games on my PC. We had no conspets of accusatory/labelling words like “fanboy”, “hardcore/casual”, etc. Ah, the good old days when we appreciated this stuff with wide eyed innocences & the only negativity was directed to the right place – when we got burned on a really poorly made game.

        • “2) PIRACY! Because everything is free if you want it to be. Wii and PS3 are almost impossible to crack, and Xbox is, to say, bullshit that lives only because of some exclusives. And rumor says it is going to have an emulator on PC soon.”

          lol what? All one needs to install CFW on the Wii is an SD card and a hacked save file. Installing CFW couldn’t be any easier. And once installed, installing additional apps & playing ISOs is unbelievably easy. You’re an idiot.

          PS3 & 360 both use PowerPC based processors, not x86. If you think current gen desktop processors could fully emulate either processor, you’re unbelievably stupid.

        • Superior games? Well, I haven’t seen good PC exclusives for a while, EXCEPT indies. But I have to admit, some multiplatform games work best on PCs. And you always can set graphics to “Low” and enjoy the same image quality current consoles have.

          Superior controls? Of course. Clever men connected Kinect and Wiimote to PC, and now it can make anything. Yes, they aren’t that useful, but much more useful than mouse on PS3 or Xbox, because you CAN configure controls.

          1) If you have good internet provider and pay bills in time, you will have internet cuts very rarely. Very. Last time I had it 3 or 4 years ago due to storm. But then electricity went down, too, so I couldn’t play consoles, too.
          2) PIRACY! Because everything is free if you want it to be. Wii and PS3 are almost impossible to crack, and Xbox is, to say, bullshit that lives only because of some exclusives. And rumor says it is going to have an emulator on PC soon.
          3) PC can make much more than playing games, buying games, sharing game results and watching “Signed official high quality checked superexpensive blu-rays”. Can you draw with your Xbox? Have your PS3 got any proper music or video mixing software? God, can you surf internet flawlessly with your Wii? No!
          4)Consoles are restricted! PS3 was able to run Linux, but then Sony banned it because “Freedom is not what you’re looking for. Buy some more games, they’re good”! They make us want only to consume, not create! Yes, 95% agree, but we, the PC elite, not. We want to create. When the game is not optimised, consolefags just throw it out and buy new. PCcians, on the other hand, are trying to get more from their computers, optimize settings, search for patches, patch the game themselves, ask internets (using the same computer)!

          So, it is like pop and classical music: everybody likes first, while second is a lot better. It is hard to understand, sometimes even hard to listen, but it is good. And pop is bad. End of story.

        • Noodlestein says:

          Other than something like Phantasy star online or other MMO’s out there, console games dont and wont be able to use a mouse and keyboard… dont kid yourself
          Even PSO or whatever its called now only uses a keyboard for typing and not actual gameplay.

        • Superior games?

          Have yet to see that.

          Not to mention that the newer the game the stronger the PC have to be. Meaning that if you have one a couple of years old be ready to use a lot of money to upgrade it.

          Superior controls?

          How? Even consoles can easily use a keyboard and mouse now. And the other way around.


          What freedom? For almost every single game you have some sort of protection that needs to be activated through internet.

          Internet is down? Then screw you, you won´t be able to play the game before it´s up again.

        • [quote]Superior games?

          Have yet to see that.[/quote]
          It’s hard to see quality games when the only thing you care for is the next CoD clone shovelware.

          [quote]Superior controls?

          How? Even consoles can easily use a keyboard and mouse now. And the other way around.[/quote]
          Emphasis on can. Even the majority of console shooters don’t support controllers for whatever retarded reasons.


          What freedom? For almost every single game you have some sort of protection that needs to be activated through internet.[/quote]
          GoG and Desura are packed with tons of DRM-free games.

          [quote]Internet is down? Then screw you, you won´t be able to play the game before it´s up again.[/quote]
          Uh, no, that’s just Ubisoft. Everyone else uses the saner first run activation method.

  • That will shut them gaming media up.
    Remember every year the PS3 released, it was compared to the Xbox 360 in every way possible to be deemed inferior.

    The list:
    Games – PS3 still has incoming exclusives and the Xbox has only 1 this year. Both are strong on the Multiplat side. Japanese companies continue to favor the Xbox because it taught them DLC (Capcom, Square Enix) and has western celebrity coverage and support. See the demise of Ace Combat, Resident Evil, etc. These Playstation grown series were re-moulded with Xbox fans taste in mind, alienating the existing fans. Western companies remain unbiased on both consoles, despite having trouble with PS3 version of games at times. Exception to this is Activision, as CoD games are advertised as Xbox exclusive still.

    Graphics – PS3 exclusives continue to lead the console graphics department, and the 360 side comes up with a new Gears (very nice) and Halo 4 (looked a little bland honestly, gray in fact).

    Core gamers – PS3 caters to both core (with exclusives) and casuals (Move). 360 forgone the core with Kinect.

    Online – PSN has PSN+, a value for money system. XBox Live has Gold, which has become a subscription for playing online and looking at Ads (NuAds in fact).

    Sales – Both have been successful, but the PS3 has caught up to the Xbox and surpassed it despite having a 1 year head start.

    It’s going to be hard to defend the Xbox unless more games come up. They might abandon ship once the NextBox comes up, from which the PS4 will be ridiculed again, as if they were never proved wrong with the 360.

    • No one cares, faggot. Both systems are outdated and at their end of life cycle. And if not for the huge sales advantage in Asia, PS3 wouldn’t have FINALLY taken the sales crown. Which only an idiot would think that PS3 would not eventually catch up to.

    • If I knew Xbox Live was going to be a monthly fee I would of bought a PS3. Now the new consoles will come out either late this year, or summer next year I’ll just have to wait. But if XBOX doesn’t change their crappy layout and pay to play motto they are going to lose a lot of people on the next CONSOLE war. Also Halo4 did seem a little BLAH didn’t it, sadly that’s one I was really looking forward towards.

        • I don’t think we need to stress too hard about spelling or grammer when we have Internet minions to do it for us. And they do it for free, putting their own time into it. You gotta love people volunteering to do the tedious tasks for you!

        • i know it sucks some people cant seem to type right even when its their native language

          if you worry too much about that in the internet, well it sure isnt the place for you, and will end up bald if you arent already

          also i dont really give a fuck about which console has sold the most, both have their pros and cons, i own both and i dont like either. i mostly game on my pc, since it has the best of what any console can offer its pros outmatches its cons

          other than exclusives pc > consoles

    • Both are shit compared to an average PCs.

      Most games on ps3 or xbox are not rendered in fullhd but upscaled and look really bad compared to the same games on a PC, especially considering that anti-aliasing is practically nonexistant on consoles.

      • Buying an expensive PC for just playing games is a waste of money (to me & my wallet anyway). But…great idea to get a gaming capable rig if you need a better PC anyway. Right now there is a gap between current & next gen consoles, and very noticible quality difference in multplatform games on the now old consoles compared to their PC versions. I was so used to my PS3 so it wasn’t bothering me, but after recently going back to PC gaming most games now look kinda blurry on PS3 in comparison.

        • What do you consider ‘average’? You can max out 1080P almost any game for about $500. If you settle for 720P and lower settings (comparable to 360/PS3 versions?) you could probably nearly price-match them.

          You’re also talking about bare-minimum consoles. Get a 360 with an HDD (essential given most of the 360’s exclusives are digital) and the price jumps to nearly $300 for a 250GB bundle.

          You may want to invest a couple hundred more than a console to build a fully-featured PC, but it’s well worth it. Not to mention the fact you’ll easily recoup your investment via PC sales, netting you games far cheaper than you’d get them for on consoles. (For reference, I got a used copy of Saints Row 3 for 360 for $20. To play online I’d need to buy an online pass for an additional $10. A few weeks afterwards there was a Steam sale in which SR3 with online pass was only $5, a $25 savings on that one game alone had I waited).

    • Kinect is just a peripheral, one that apparently wasnt very successful as the games being released for it are just dismal. (And I own it, and am a 360 fan). Xbox hasn’t really foregone the core cause I think they realized that core is where their money is… Most people who don’t play games still wont despite Kinect and they’ll use it for netflix browsing or web chat maybe but why would they do that when those uses require XBL Gold and we already pay for Netflix?

      Its a stupid thing, it should never have been released at the price point it was, with the hype it had. It is just a prototype for the next one, which will most likely be packaged with the new xbox as a mandatory thing…

      • My friend always tells me xbox live is better than psn, but I tell him look at all the stuff the xbox 360 offers, you can play netflix, youtube, and all this stuff, but you still have to pay for xbox gold to use stuff which should be free to use!

        On the PSN everything is free, then I have the option to buy for PSN+ (using cards cause I get discount on cards at my work)..with PSN+ you get free games for ps3 and vita now, also good discounts on games.

        But after all his arguments on how gold is the best, he uses his ps3 for all the stuff that should have been free for the xbox, and dropped his gold membership for now. lol..

      • Nah bro first generation there is nothing you can do with the Kinect with the limited hardware of the Xbox if it was intergrated then that would be no excuse. This is due to the Kinect being an external Peripheral which means it would not be powerful as if it was intergrated same thing as the PS3, external is always hard to program than internal as you have 2 systems to program for. For example XBOX 360 and the Kinect and PS3 and the PS3 camera and they both have to operate in transit. Imagine 2 cars travelling down a highway at the same speed and trying to match each other that’s the example I am giving you.

        Now the other thing you want Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all in the market, I can’t be a fanboy of either since I have all 3 as this would keep the systems and the games price lower. Sony has learnt this the hard way. Now let me shoot you down.

        “Graphics – PS3 exclusives continue to lead the console graphics department, and the 360 side comes up with a new Gears (very nice) and Halo 4 (looked a little bland honestly, gray in fact”

        No, they are both have the same Graphics REGARDLESS of what you say, as they were released at the same time the Graphics card is probably 0.1-0.5 better in the PS3 which is absoulte shit in the Computer world. So don’t go saying that PS3 has better graphics when PS3 is extremely marginally better. The only difference is SPACE on the console which could be SOLVE BY INSTALLING THE GAMES thus making it faster.

        “Core gamers – PS3 caters to both core (with exclusives) and casuals (Move). 360 forgone the core with Kinect.”

        Bullshit, Sony gave up with the Move since no one has brought it like the PS2 Camera in a bygone era. I’ve bought move but there was no support for it since NO ONE HAS FUCKING BOUGHT IT. Why Sunshine? Cause the WII does the same thing and IT DONE NOTHING DIFFERENT GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL ITS LIKE SWTOR COMPARED TO WOW THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GAMES.

        IF they did then there would be…. However Kinect PEOPLE DID BUY IT and there is support for it as the Kinect does something different. FOR EXAMPLE YOU MORON IT WORKS WITH THE PC AND PEOPLE WERE EMULATING STREET FIGHTER MOVES ON THE COMPUTER FROM THE KINECT.

        Also it paved wave to other projects which the kinect will be implemented in the XBOX 360, It has voice recognition which does work you can swap channels without using the controller. It has movement recognition though not developed fully does read in mainly dancing games and rail shooters (child of eden and upcoming Crimson Dragon) as well as experimental type games to see how it goes (steel battlion, Dragonball Z kinect, fruit Ninja though the first 2 should not ever been released until thoroughly tested) Like the sports games currently released indiviually in Xbox arcade and also can work well with the controller injunction LIKE ME3 and upcoming Madden. As you can see from this example these are things THAT ARE DONE DIFFERENTLY FROM THE WII not like the PS3 MOVE. Think before you type.

        “Online – PSN has PSN+, a value for money system. XBox Live has Gold, which has become a subscription for playing online and looking at Ads (NuAds in fact).”

        DUDE YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT FOR MENTIONING THIS REMEMBER THE CREDIT CARD DEBACLE WHICH YOU IGNORED AND YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS WERE ON THE WEB TO SEE? That’s how come they have PSN+ now and offering free games, so they can paid the programmers to make the PSN secure it doesn’t take an idiot to work that out.

        PSN has come just as bad as Xbox live they both have ads which are paid by the company but you don’t have to go looking for them unless you want to jeez. Why do you think PSN+ has free games, cause they can’t cancel online gaming from the get go till the new system. Wait for PS4 bro it WILL be the same.

        “Sales – Both have been successful, but the PS3 has caught up to the Xbox and surpassed it despite having a 1 year head start.”

        WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE BUYING A PS3 INCLUDING XBOX FANBOYS OH WAIT PS3 IS CHEAPER SINCE THE TECHNOLOGY HAS GONE CHEAPER even I bought one, everyone single intelligent person besides you early morons were waiting for the PS3 to go down since it done the same process as PS2 and the same process as PS1. IF you don’t have all 3 game consoles or a least have access to them call yourself a non-gamer and a moron which you already are.

        Now with all this logical thinking I can conclude your not a gamer and just a Sony Fanboy who likes sucking dick. Please go to hell MR POSTER.

        • @1:17

          I should chill but countering fanboyism has got to be harsh. No I do not forgive Kinect especially the price and with the Trashy Games but besides that you can see the Benefits outweighs the Negatives especially in the future as it’s nothing which companies have utilized before even though the whole thing went downhill fast.It should of been bundled with the Xbox 360s Slims rather than purchased separately.

          The Games should of gone under extensive Q&A before it should of been released there is no excuse.

        • @1:35

          Extract from Wiki:

          Release Dates (Wiki cannot get this wrong)

          PS3 Released 2006 Nov 11.
          Xbox 360 2005 Nov 26.

          Graphics Cards the difference in power between 2005-2006

          From wiki they are X Series, not the HD 2500-2600 or the 7000 Series. So there is proof that Graphics card did not rapidly improve to godly levels between 1 year. As trying to debunk my theory.

          So lets see the Nvidia side?

          The Nvidia 5 Series or Nvidia 6 Series again not a rapid jump in power.

          So you disagree that Sony produced a ATI Radeon 7 Series in the year 2006 and Microsoft Produced a Radeon X Series in a year before.

          Fucking Get Real, there is no way they have future technology in the fast even by today standards a year ago is only Marginally an improvement. IF Xbox 360 was released 4 years ago yes If PS3 released in 2010 yes but no they were both released in the same time.

          And FYI, CPU does not equal Graphics Card potential.

          Logical conclusions yea a bit harsh but there’s no reason to have fanboyism when you can get all 3 consoles < 500 US dollars these days unless you like it cheap !!

        • Please read the wording more carefully in the article. It is PS3 “shipped”, not “sold”. If you go by sales the Xbox 360 is in the lead with 74.25 million. PS3 has 72.47 million.

          Also the Kinect hasn’t been even remotely a flop compared to Sony’s PS Move. I convinced 6 Japanese to go out and buy a 360 with Kinect just by having them play mine. They were that impressed and had a ton of fun with it.

          I use my Kinect daily.

        • I have to disagree on your graphics comment. The only reason there is hardly any difference in graphics between the two, is that developers will build the game around the weaker of the consoles and use that template for the others. The fact that they have the same graphics (And in a lot of cases, where the 360 has much better due to it’s natural resolution) is purely lazy work by developers. The exclusives for both systems have much better graphics then any cross console games. Although they aren’t really that different. Devs weren’t really ready for the power the ps3 could potentially have, so they never tried to push the limits (not to mention doing so would take longer to make games, and as we all know, the game market doesn’t wait for people).

          Also, I’d like to ask how you used ‘logical thinking’ to conclude what you did for your last statement as I fail to see how anything in any previous post has any relevance to male reproductive organs.

        • Credit card debacle? No info was stolen or decrypted. Keep drinking the cool aid.

          Actually, after reading through your wall of text, I can conclude that you need to chill.

          I also own both an Xbox 360 and a PS3. In my opinion, the best the PS3 had in Graphics Killzone 2/3 and God of War 3 (inconsistent though) beats Gears (a little muddy in graphics) and Halo 4 (looked so bland).

          Are you really going to forgive Kinect because of the 360 and say it’s because they didn’t integrate it? Shouldn’t it be the other way around and just altogether get off the console?

    • Nintendo’s continual insistence that graphics don’t matter, reminds me of guys saying size doesn’t matter.
      In both cases, there is a minimum level of what’s acceptable and what isn’t. They are getting dangerously close to that line with Wii U. It can barely handle more than one screen-controller and the new gimmick will ensure that, like the Wii, fewer third party games get released and the low power will also ensure that, once again like the Wii, what does get released will have to be worked on more to reduce the load on the hardware.

      Nintendo’s strength has always come from first party games, but unless they pull something major out of their hat I’m not seeing it… WiiU isn’t even being advertised here.

    • Wii U IS 8th gen. Hardware isn’t the thing who defines the next gen, but the time that the console was launched.

      N64 was in the same gen of ps1 and saturn, despite being more powerfull than these two.

      • My, I love the Saturn.

        It’s too bad it died so fast, I think it had the biggest potential out of the three – it’s in a way similar to the PS3 – its unusual hardware turned many devs away.

        Have you seen the Saturn version of Shenmue? Truly breathtaking.
        Granted, it’d look better on the N64, but still, that much data would never fit on a cartridge.

        I love the PS1, too. And the N64. These were the shit.

      • Console generations are a meaningless marketing classification designed for simpletons who cannot understand the differences in hardware. They make no sense to anyone with passing technical literacy.

      • This is correct.
        Also, while the WiiU is 8th gen, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are no where inferior to it.

        Generations are time frames. And they can overlap.

        Right now, the 7th gen (PS3, 360) is still ongoing as…

        WiiU has started the 8th gen while…

        The PS2, which was discontinued just this month worldwide has officially ended the 6th gen. You may think this is a stretch, but Sega re-manufactured Dreamcasts last year for a short period, which means the gen was never over for them.

    • Fanboyism is basically jealousy. They have to badmouth the other platforms so they feel better about being left out.

      And before you downvote me try to think about this seriously, it’s true.
      I used to be like that too. But there was always that slight bad aftertaste of defeat no matter how much I ranted about the others. Solution is easy, just join all (or some of the best factions) and enjoy laughing at all the jealous fanboys.

      • The fanboy thing is interesting, because it is not logical to be knowledgable about a subject & yet act they way they do. Before I give any credibility to anyone’s opinion on these matters, they have to own all the different devices & have played enouigh games on all of them to give an educated opinion of their different pros & cons. Without that, people are just being posers & frauds when they come on the Internet with big talk & strong opinions about things they don’t have much experience with.

      • This is BS. I have both a ps3 and 360 and got them both at launch. Sony mailed it in this generation and has been playing follow the leader since the start with stupid decisions all along the way. Its exclusives are okay but most lack the replay value the 360 exclusives have. Also multiplatform games are better on the 360 and xbox live kills the psn.

        I was considered a Sony fanboy when they dominated but i owe my allegiance to whomever gives me the best gaming experience and this generation it sure as hell wasn’t Sony. My big fat ps3 is collecting dust.

  • Can anyone honestly be surprised? The Xbox is a piece of crap with one real franchise to back it. It was crap from the beginning and it’ll be crap till the end. Most people got it just to support an American made console – but just like American made TVs and DVD players, they’re sh!t.

    I got a Wii(who doesn’t have one, they’re dirt cheap) and a ps3 first (and of course I’ve always had a PC). Later I wanted to give 360 a shot but the damn thing red-ringed on me in the first damn month. Didn’t bother to buy another one. Meanwhile, the Wii and the ps3 are running just as well as the day I unboxed them.

    • Consoles hold us back because they “live” for too long – it’s been 8 years since the release of the Xbox 360 yet there’s still no successor in sight. Compare that to the PS2, which was released only 6 years after PS1.

      Also, back in the day, PC developed independently of consoles because porting wasn’t such a common practice. Every system had mostly games of its own.

      Consoles aren’t really at fault here, it’s the devs. They want to make the most money by releasing mutliplatform titles, and the easiest way to do this is to make a 360 game and then port it over to the PC and PS3.

      • What’s funny about that is every faggot sucking Sony’s cock spouted off how “M$ only supports consoles for 5 years and Sony has a 10 year life cycle”, yet here we are 8 years into this generation and 360 has become the longest lasting system between generational releases.

        Also PC gamers have no one to blame but their own pirating selves. If the PC game piracy numbers were more in line with consoles, they’d be developing for the royalty free PC market as their primary market and not as a mere secondary revenue stream. So don’t go blaming console life cycle on why your latest Crysis title looks like a console game and not the graphics-circle-jerk-fiesta you wanted.

      • That’s a nice strawman you have there. In his comment, Anon 21:23 claims that poor artists can outsell good artists. He didn’t claim that good artists never sell well.

        [quote]But quantity sometimes prove a quality.[/quote]
        False. Sales are proof of popularity alone. That’s the first thing you are taught in marketing classes.

    • The apparent reason 360 was better was the fact that it sold more.Leaving aside the RRoD,PS3 use to boast a 600$ price tag because of it’s superior capabilities,which is all true.
      What can 360 say now?We have better internet because you pay for it?In no way is our gameplay online almost identical to the PS3,they’re version of Black OPs is an unplayable laggy mess.

        • “PS3 has more far more JRPG and RPGs but Xbox360 has more FPSs, and Sports games and is a little better at online gaming.”

          GAMEFAQS RPG CATEGORY – XBOX360 – 293
          Action RPG (98) Console-style RPG (39) First-Person (31) General (81) Massively Multiplayer Online (19) PC-style RPG (16) Third-Person (9)

          GAMEFAQS RPG CATEGORY – PS3 – 258
          Action RPG (81) Console-style RPG (41) First-Person (24) General (64) Massively Multiplayer Online (25) PC-style RPG (17) Third-Person (6)

    • PS3 has been known since its birth, a true nightmare for the game developers. The Cell they use was and still a pain in the ass to code at. The idea of the Cell itself was great, a much more parallel processing. Unfortunately, for that purpose were one of the reason why we have GPU in the first place. Parallel processing on more diminutive scale had always been “enough” to work, but at this scale(the entire Cell architectures), not very efficient to work for. In fact, they had to cut loose so much cores just to make it work. Plus, they had no support for x86 code. That add another headache.

      The improvements over graphical looks part on PS3 by over the year were not because the developer tapping out more resource. It happens because the development kit that most developers had to made for themselves(what Sony gave them was pretty much awful) gets better and find more new tricks along the way.

      X360 on the other hand, was far easier to program to. Despite what the spec said, X360 will always be the first console to design for rather than PS3. Developers choose to do the easy part first, and take another time to convert it to PS3. It was never because which is got better spec, it’s more like; which is more convenient to work for.

      That is way, I also agree that X360 actually a better console than PS3 ever was, albeit RROD occasionally…but hey!

      This may be the reason why PS3 surpass X360 in sales eventually. I already knew this would happen. PS3 has all the factor to prevail. Higher storage density, compatibility with many gadgets from Sony, free PSN, and many other things I can’t mention and too lazy to count them. But the technology on PS3 never be part of it. It’s just the features that matters, and keeping it work. That’s what normal people and everyday joe would buy. Also, to have no fear of your consoles dies on you. Sorry M$, your box is not a failure, but your QC people does.

      • The PS3 was actually meant to use a GPU designed by Sony, that worked in parallel with their CELL processor, but it was scrapped when Sony discovered just how powerful MS designed the 360 to be.

        Because of this CELL was really nothing more than a glorified calculator, rarely ever living up to it’s own potential. [Really, if not for Naughty Dog it never would have.]

        When they scrapped their own GPU, they should have redesigned CELL to use a more traditional multicore processor design and not a dated singlecore, surrounded by 7 significantly slower coprocessors.

        Also they shouldn’t have skimped on the cache size, another factor that really crippled what PS3 was capable of doing. A move Sony has done in the past and learned nothing from, despite how much crippling the PS2 with a mere 4MB VRAM did to reduce resolution & polygon count on a vast number of titles. Assholes.