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AKB48’s Tomomi Kasai “Child Abuse” Gets Mag Pulled


A raunchy photo of AKB48 idol Tomomi Kasai posing “hand bra” with a child providing the hands has led to Young Magazine withdrawing its latest issue from sale for being “inappropriate,” prompting accusations of “child pornography” and “child abuse” against her, AKB48 and the magazine itself.

Needless to say, the offending image (used to illustrate an announcement of the release of her own album of sexy gravure) was rapidly leaked along with the rest of the rag:



Young Magazine apologises for including this “inappropriate depiction” of the idol – though it is not clear from their explanation who determined its inappropriateness and how it got to be included in the magazine in the first place:


As the magazine had already begun printing, they apparently had no option but to withdraw it from distribution and postpone the entire issue.

Kodansha also explained the decision in vague terms: “it was determined the image might cause discomfort amongst readers.”

The leaked image does indeed exceed the raunchiness of Kasai’s usual offerings significantly, although it might be thought that this was obvious to both her and her handlers if she had to pose for the picture:


Just why the image caused such a kerfuffle is the subject of much speculation online:

“Yes yes. More controversy marketing.”

“Creepy picture!”

“Why didn’t the editors realise this would be a problem?”

“What is inappropriate about this anyway? The kid is annoying but that is all.”

“The problem is not the content but the fact they used a minor to do it.”

“Getting a minor to do something sexual – that might be grey in Japan, but in the US they would be arrested?”

“It’s hardly child pornography if the woman is an old hag like her.”

“This woman is always causing problems.”

“They are sexually abusing this poor boy!”

“If they tried this with the genders reversed it would be a big deal.”

“This could become an international issue, it’s not surprising they are withdrawing it.”

“There is no way this is child pornography. The boy is incidental.”

“Police, do something about this!”

“We’ll have to leave this up to Agnes.”

“It’s probably just been made with Photoshop in any case… even more controversy when that comes out.”

“Obviously they wanted to get this banned so it would some media controversy and get her even more exposure.”

“As usual AKB48 is just inconveniencing everyone with their marketing stunts.”

“Hand bras should be done with the arms crossed… having someone reach through her armpits is just lame.”

“Where can I get a copy!”


“It is already being auctioned at ¥8,000 a copy…”

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