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Japan “NTR Nation”


Japanese are yet again aghast at the results of surveys demonstrating marriage in Japan is rather less monogamous than might be suspected.

A survey of 500 Japanese housewives found 14.8% freely admitted they they had sex with someone other than their husband whilst married.

Quizzed as to how many partners they had, most admitted to having had many – 60.8% had “2-5,” followed by 36.5% with “1” and 2.7% with “6-10.”

A marriage writer familiar with such matters comments that “2-5 is the most common number we see here, so it would seem once you’ve done it once the hurdle to taking further partners really lowers. Also, a lot of people refer to this as ‘extra-marital romance’ rather than ‘adultery,’ lessening the sense of guilt.”

Such extramarital trysts were generally long lasting – 48.6% reporting their longest affair lasted over 3 years, whilst 20.3% had ones lasting 1-6 months, 13.5% 1-3 years, 6.8% 6-12 months and only 10.8% under a month.

The writer remarks that “such affairs tend to last a long time as a way of preventing the family from collapsing. And with cell phones, adultery is easier than ever.”

The survey also found no correlation between adulterous liaisons and the absence of sex in the marriage itself – so called “sexless” marriages being extremely common in Japan, a nation which generally comes in quite low in national comparisons of actual sexual activity.


Japan’s menfolk are in no position to criticise, however – according to a similar survey published by the Monthly Charger, only 44.8% of men reported they had “never” cheated on their wives – whilst 20.4% had ‘only’ had sex with prostitutes, another 20.4% only having cheated, and the remaining 14.4% having enjoyed both prostitution and infidelity.

2ch is apparently full of experts on the topic as well:

“Housewives with kids meet a lot of people so I suppose this helps.”

“First they get people to start calling casual prostitution ‘compensated dating,’ next adultery is ‘extramarital romance’ – when will these idiot women be satisfied?”

“Why are people so keen to dissuade single men from marrying with these kinds of findings?”

“They want to destroy Japan!”

“This is just some Korean survey designed to make Japan’s women look loose!”

“The figures seem a bit low really, I’d expect another 20% holding out on the survey.”

“1 in 7 is excessively low, what a bunch of liars!”

“I’d have thought 60-70% – if you limit it to wives who aren’t hideous.”

“When women do it, it’s extramarital romance. When men do it, it’s cheating and infidelity…”

“The surveyers are a bit simple for thinking women would answer this truthfully.”

“Today’s housewives are the enko generation so I doubt these figures will stay so low.”

“Wives in sexless marriages give some hot sex with all that pent up lust. Shame about the deterioration from childbirth though.”

“I don’t even have a boyfriend, how am I going to get in on this…”

“Get your kit off!”

“The way the original article is written is almost an endorsement of women’s right to cheat.”

“They really do seem intent on beautifying this…”

“When the mass media trot out random surveys like this, I fail to see how they are really any credible than the dross people spew onto 2ch.”

“And yet married men who use prostitutes are completely tolerated. Are you in any position to criticise women? This is just sexism.”

“The proportion of Japanese men who are unfaithful is probably triple this figure.”

“It must be 90% if you include prostitution.”

“In Arab nations they stone adulterous women to death, Japan could learn a lot from them!”

“Enjoy all those STDs.”

“So their husbands are just considered ATMs. Kind of like all those men who think sex with prostitutes doesn’t count as cheating on their wives and girlfriends?”

“I thought all you guys liked NTR?”

“Compensated dating and extramarital romance, aren’t euphemisms wonderful?”

“Honestly, I think the real issue here is how excessively hot women in their thirties and forties are these days.”

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