Lightning Returns: “But She Looks Like A Joke Now!”


The newly revealed ensemble Lightning will be sporting for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (or what might otherwise be Final Fantasy XIII-3) has quickly become the subject of ridicule amongst Final Fantasy fans, and despair amongst Lightning lovers.

The new trailer accompanying it:

Online there has been a less than appreciative response to Lightning’s new look:

“Why can you see her pantsu?”

“This is awful… They should have kept the look from the first one.”

“What is she wearing…”

“How can she even move dressed like that?”

“I like Lightning but this is awful!”

“Even in fiction and fantasy a certain sense of reality is required…”

“Either make it easy to move or hard to move, just make up your mind.”

“And she looked so cool in her regular get up.”

“Is that part of an aircraft stuck to her arm there?”

“What about those sunglasses!”


“I want to see her trying to ride in an aircraft – it’ll be funny seeing what kind of seating arrangement they come up because of that ridiculous outfit.”

“Nomura’s design sense basically froze 10 years ago and hasn’t changed since, so this is to be expected.”

“Looks more like she crawled out of an Assassin’s Creed game really.”

“Chuunibyou level design right there.”

“They are still set on continuing this series?”

“Why are they stuck on FF13? Did they run out of money to finance any new titles perhaps?”

“It’s bad enough that 13 was such charmless rubbish, hurry up and come out with 15 already!”

“They need to change the numbering for this series now.”

“Why continue 13 again, it’s not as if the series is even that popular. How about 10-3 instead?”

“I’m surprised she made it off that train without getting caught on the straps.”

“Not sexy and not cool, just who benefits from a stupid design like this”?

“Why is the only unprotected area her crotch?”

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