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China Menaced By Exploding Shark Tank


Shoppers in a Chinese department store have been injured by an exploding shark tank, which spewed water, glass and sharks onto hapless shoppers, injuring over a dozen onlookers and staff.

The huge 7m by 3m aquarium was the first floor showpiece of a classy Shanghai department store, and housed 3 sharks.

The aquarium’s sides were some 10cm thick, but this did not stop an entire side of the tank from suddenly rupturing and spilling glass, water and sharks over the store and even the street outside the premises.

15 people were injured in the incident, with at least one person suffering broken bones, and 3 sharks in the tank at the time died.

The sharks were popular and some locals have been lamenting their loss, though with the amount of water and glass involved there has been relief at the lack of fatalities amongst humans as well.

Just what caused the failure of the aquarium is not known, although with the unforgiving weight of water involved problems with the quality of the tank structure or materials are suspected.

Despite the size of the aquarium, the sharks were tiddlers – thankfully preventing another unfortunate China quality legend from being born:


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