AKB48’s Mariko Shinoda “Sad” About Sale of Her Cookie



Top AKB48 idol Mariko Shinoda has expressed her dismay at one of her sweet cookies being sold for some $12,000 to one of her creepy fans.


The cookie itself was distributed along with various other idolatrous bric-a-brac at limited access reception party organised by a fashion label, and was apparently intended to be eaten rather than enshrined, or worse.

According to remarks on her official blog (published prior to the wayward cookie being sold), she “will be baking cookies until tomorrow morning” and “will bake 300 in a day!”

However, after learning of the million yen cookie auction she remarked on Twitter:

“I’m sad. And after I put my heart and soul into making it!”


In response to dismay amongst her followers at a hint of an emotion other than radiant happiness, she responded “it’s OK, I can always make more!”

Idol fan watchers yet again waste no time in leaping to bash the notoriously creepy AKB48 fans:

“Sad indeed.”

“She’s probably sad that she didn’t get to sell it herself.”

“Enjoy your cookie, buyer. It was probably made by another creepy old guy.”

“If she made 300 that would be 300 million yen… that’s how the cookie crumbles!”

“Expect them to start doing this.”

“Who cares!”

“Selling cookies rather than CDs sounds like a plan.”

“CD + cookie = profit”

“I’m suspicious – couldn’t the whole thing be a setup between the seller, the buyer, and her agency?”

“Probably all arranged to generate attention for this fashion brand.”

“A million yen would be worth to these guys just to get her to acknowledge them on Twitter.”

“This is great news surely. She has found her true calling and can now switch to being a baker and become fabulously wealthy.”

“Any otaku who’d drop a million yen on this ‘homemade’ cookie is an utter retard.”

“If you were a real fan you’d not want to eat this so your only recourse would be to sell it…”

“I could at least comprehend doing this with a K-ON! guitar – but not a cookie, no.”

“Maybe she is just sad it fetched a paltry Â¥1,000,000?”

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