Colin Powell to Japan: “Manga Is Turning You Into Herbivores”


Colin Powell has warned the youth of Japan they need more “muscle” and to stop reading manga lest they all turn into a nation of sissy little “herbivores” unable to pay off their national debt.

75-year-old former US Secretary of State and 4-star general Colin Powell gave an interview to Asahi in which he warned the Japanese youth of the dangers of being lead astray from the true path of jockdom by manga and video games, and the need to work hard and breed more so their elders can enjoy the pensions they voted themselves:


Some young people, called “herbivores,” choose games and manga over real love. What do you have to say to such young people?

“Young people must not only be aware of the problems facing the nation, they must also make progress as well. They can’t just sit around reading manga and texting.”

“The demographic crisis facing Japan is very grave. A small number of youngsters must support a large number of old people.”

“America is ageing too, but we are letting in plenty of immigrants, and thanks to them lots of kids are being born. Japan doesn’t have that. Japan’s ageing is severe, and the people who are going to have to pay for that are the youth of today.”

“The value of Japan’s youth is greater than that of the US – Japan doesn’t have the luxury of letting its youth turn into herbivores. It must have its young become strong and hone their muscles.

They need lots of protein, and to train themselves hard. It’s important that they face up to the future and work towards solving Japan’s ageing society and low birth rates. It’s the young who will determine the future of Japan.”

“The Japanese didn’t use to be herbivores. I’d like them to take a look at themselves in a mirror and reflect on that. They’ve overcome many difficulties – after the war they achieved massive economic growth. They came back from every difficulty.

I really respect that Japan, I’m proud of our alliance with them.”

Coming from a nation which is widely revered for leading the world in obesity, warmongering and lately budget crises, there is a certain sense of this being a case of the pot calling the kettle black amongst the Japanese (to say nothing of those who wonder why an entire generation must sacrifice itself to pay the unfinanced pensions of an older one in the first place):

“Tell it to your own nation’s fatties…”

“Powell looks as though he could take up sumo himself these days…”

“This guy talks like an archetypal meathead.”

“I bet he can lift 150kg…”

“Sure he isn’t just trying to increase US beef exports?”

“Having presided over the slaughter of his own country’s youth it’s not surprising he’d say this stuff.”

“You guys think anything a foreigner says must be right, don’t you?”

“I think he speaks truth!”

“He’s just the scion of some political dynasty looking out for his own, look how full of himself he is.”

“He was raised in the Bronx, the child of Jamaican immigrants, and joined the army…”

“He worked himself up from the bottom to the number 2 position in the US armed forces.”

“He’s a latter day Toyotomi Hideyoshi!”

“Playing FPSes is probably acceptable.”

“You Americans are too obsessed with this macho stuff. You’ve got a bad case of ‘roid rage.”

“He just wants to make sure Japan is fit to go to war for the US. He doesn’t want us getting too strong, of course.”

“Let’s beef ourselves up, and play games and read manga!”

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  • Wow, that interview was manipulated and altered. For one, Colin Powell knows that games and books are a million to billion dollar industry and encourages people to work hard.
    But this, wow, that is tabloid manipulation of a conversation he had about Japan’s policies with the US and how trade agreements should be fixed as they have become slacking in the last 2 years.

  • “The demographic crisis facing Japan is very grave. A small number of youngsters must support a large number of old people.”

    *This* is what really scares the Powers That Be. Their system rests on the backs of workers. They need you to slave away at your job for decades while they skim all the money you put into The System. It’s a Ponzi scheme, and it requires an ever-larger pool of suckers to buy into for it to keep working.

    Think about it. The same is true of America, and pretty much all 1st World nations. That’s why they keep encourging ever-larger populations even though we have limited resources and are already starting to fight (or at least posture) over them.

    It’s not like Japan is going to go away in a generation or two. No, it’s the current societal system that is in danger, not the nation of Japan.

  • “America is ageing too, but we are letting in plenty of immigrants, and thanks to them lots of kids are being born.”

    That is the exact fucking problem. Japan is NOT a fast ageing society! Germany for example is much faster ageing. But immigrants falsify those statistics. What should Japan do? Invite millions of Muslims and niggers from Africa? Why?!
    Most born children in Japan are 100% Japanese. They will carry on their unique culture and legacy.
    That’s why ageing isn’t much of a problem. It can be reversed in theory. Unlike Europe though. We cannot reverse our immigration problems. We have mosques all over the place, already. I do not wish the same on Japan.

  • I just love, in general, how people nowdays seem to be totally nuts about having more babies to be on the edge with other nations when:

    a) reproduction rates are massively slowing everywhere. Yes, even in emerging countries.

    b) before and during the current economic crisis, we were in a resource (energy, but also agricoltural) crisis.

    It’s not just a american thing, of course. Hell, I expect even the chinese have no qualms about seeing it as the only way.

  • “Tell it to your own nation’s fatties…”

    At least our “fatties” are having sex, getting married and having babies. Too many of those Japanese guys would rather date, and presumably hump, a pillow. I’d say those men he’s referring to have far bigger issues than out “fatties”.

    Start having healthy sex, Japan! It’s fun. And you have some insanely beautiful women. Ladies, find an otaku and change his life. After his first real blowjob I am certain he’ll change how he feels about some things. It can be done!

  • As an American, I don’t think any of us should be talking about the debts of other nations when we’re on the brink of economic collapse. Nor should we be worried about the birth rates of anywhere else when we’ve got such a teen pregnancy problem that we went and turned it into several reality TV shows.

  • i hope you guys have at least studied high school biology. im 18 have no experiences in anything in life nor do i continue to study biology outside of high school but i’ve come to a realization that the leading cause of the worlds great fuck up of a society is “the exponential growth model”. we are showing all the symptoms. the now PREDICTED LIMITED resources prove that we have reached out growth threshold. the only way to save our selves form it is to control our birthrates and limit our number of offspring. im not making this shit up… just look for your self, japan just maxed out their threshold and we can see this by there declining job/birthrate, its nature guys(also natural selection, the weak(otakus)cant find food, cant find a mate and reproduce so they die out)….we weren’t made to be where were are now. not meant to farm and grow our own food, to evolve so fast or into such complex beings, we have no natural predators thus we continued to reproduce more and more with no limits and now we face the penalty of our crimes, the crimes of cheating nature… but this is entirely a contradictory belief as if we were not to discover farming, fire, what ever…. we would have never evolved into humans in the first place and never face this problem. who am i to say all this, im just a ignorant little kid.

    p.s. assuming mass farming, fire and advance tool making is not natural

  • ShadowGryphon says:

    The thing is, I would safely bet that Powell never said any of that.
    It’s simply not how he talks and it smacks more of the typical Japanese media game of putting words in peoples mouths.
    Yeah I call bullshit on this one.

  • It’s the women’s fault. They should start to make moves on the guys they like, it’s not the other way around anymore. Men has been driven into a corner with women>men “feminism” and they have found something else to do than have sex, which seems to be a trap (rape charges, being labeled as creeper if you try to get to know a girl etc).

    It’s just a tragedy waiting to happen nowadays when you try to get to know some girls (if you are not perfect and brown nosing white knight to the max).

    • You forgot to ad that in the traditional dating system it is the man who pays for everithing (Heavens forbid if he tries to split the bill). This is their biggest problem with men. That they dont pamper them enymore like they did before “emancipation”.

  • don’t understand how gaming and manga are a the real culprits of the issue, but the fact that Japan has no young leadership is troublesome. At times I do wonder what the hell is happening to that country. Then again, America has it’s own problems with gang violence, drugs, and gun control -proclaiming that owning 20 guns is a right, and should not be stripped from them b/c of an amendment that was made in 1780s.

    but herbivore…. fyi, Japanese original diet was pretty vegetarian, until foreigners fucked it up. According to some doctors, the slight difference in anatomy from a westerner is the reason why intestinal cancer were on the rise in the 1990s (I don’t know about today)

  • Some fucked up comments so far, but it is sankaku, so it’s about the norm, for here anyways.

    Let’s see what we have.
    1. Women hating gynophobes. Think that just because a woman doesn’t bow to their every whim and expectation that they are “sluts” and “greedy bitches.” It’s called having a personality and not being some stupid video game.

    2. Over reacting to what someone not-Japanese (or non-Otaku, really) says about a certain lifestyle. He’s not saying to abandon it, what he IS saying is that there is SO much more out there than fake characters in video games and lifeless toy dolls that will never return your affections.

    3. It’s an opnion article. He’s going to state his opinion. Don’t like it, fine. But no reason to get all pissy because he was just answering to some questions.

  • It is nice that there are some decent well thought out comments that address the issue Powell commented about. However, it is pretty obvious that others here took Sankaku’s title and brief summary at face value rather than actually reading the interview quote.

    Please, for once, don’t go into “teal deer” mode. If you love Japan and what comes out of it, then the least you can do is noticed that there is a problem with its population. It isn’t a new thing, it has been continuing like this.

    Making a request for “stronger youth” is a compliment. Use it.

  • Well how are they suppose to do what he suggests when every other story on this site is about the police hunting for a guy who dared to look at a girl while she walked past him on the sidewalk.

    The men over there must be scared of going to prison for smiling at the cute girl standing over by the bar.

    The only thing I can suggest is send me over there I’ll hit all those hot Asian chicks and fix the breeding problem! giddy giddy!!

  • The problem is simple, the otakus of japan every day turn more and more a absolutly freacks who prefer 2d girls to real girls. The industry of manga and anime have a part of the responsability of that, i remembed the days when mangas like 20 century boys or Jojo and FoNS, now are more mangas of harems echiis…wtf hapend to japan.

  • “work hard and breed more so their elders can enjoy the pensions they voted themselves”

    I say the Elders can lay down and die for all I care I was not born in this world to work and pay for the elders so they can have fun on some ones else expense. If your to old to work your to old to enjoy any thing just lay down and die already.

  • What’s funny is that he’s right, somewhat. Many younger Japanese people (specifically males) really need to get their priorities straight. Totally abstaining from even trying to be in a relationship? These herbivore guys are not helping the baby crisis Japan is facing right now either. But I wouldn’t place the sole blame on manga/games. It’s a culture thing in Japan really, kids never really get away from the family and grow up. Most JP kids live with mom and dad until their 30s. Then move out, and don’t feel as if they make enough money to have a family. Never even think of dating, and they never develop any type of social skills. Both romantically and normal social skills because they’ve had mom and dad to provide for them until they’re in their 30s. Top that off with making a minuscule wage and I could see how anyone would be scared to date let alone start a family.

    This is not true 100% of the time of course, just my opinion on the subject.

    • >> Top that off with making a minuscule wage

      This is not a consequence, dude, it’s a cause of people not leaving mom and dad’s house.
      A rational choice, mostly: living alone per se may be doable, the real problem is the house’ cost. You’ll think about it when being a stabile couple.

      At least, here in southern Europe it’s mostly like this.

      Notice also the cultural factor… but this didn’t stop at all people from reproducing at high levels 100 years ago. To me, it’s a housing economical consequence. Goddamit, the construction sector is fucked up.

      (hey, did you notice that in more serious anime it’s shown? What age is Mutta in Space Brothers, 32? He’s a motherfucking engineer, and still, when he lost his job…)

    • There’s something that most people don’t see about this and that is:

      1- Live in Japan is expensive, right now Tokyo is the world’s most expensive City

      2- The people in Japan work like there’s no tomorrow and the Enterprise system is pretty slow so when you get a lot of money you’re around 45-50s basically AND then you’ll get the little free time and money you have to raise a child after breaking your back to get money to live your life?

      3- There’re a lot more to talk about this but this is just a comment

      Yeah it’s cultural and it’s way more complex than just Mom/Dad and/or Manga/Anime.

      The problem here is that too much people just focus into the things that have little to do with the actual problems that need to be solved.

  • I see people get angry from those comments, but so what? The type of people who get angry about that, the best they can do is whine about it on the Internet but not doing anything to change their lfe & prove someone wrong…because the dude is a right all along, and the anger comes when someone really hits the nail on the head and calls people out for what they really are. And talk is cheap as they say, especially when typing for free on the Net. Either you are doing something with your life or just wasting people’s time who actully are. Step aside please if you ever get in my way, as you don’t count if you aren’t hustling out there like I am.

  • Please Japan do not follow us Americans as we only know how to fuck everything up.

    Also real love? Give me a break, America is the nation of single mother whores. We have lost all our respect, culture and drive to be a unified country. America was the best in the 40’s and 50’s. We are so far past what we were, there is no hope for us. Please do not follow us!

  • He has a point. It’s the same problem facing the entire developed world – the younger generation has to be even more productive than the previous one just to maintain the current standard of living. It’s a bigger problem in Japan because of the severely low birthrate. Hikikomori and other people who are non-productive in the economy add to the burden of a system now supporting two retired generations thanks to that high standard of living.

  • yeah kids need to get pumped up so they can get hooked on steroids, got to war and die or get married have children divorced and denied the right to see your children most of the time. heck after thinking that i suddenly find otaku life more worth it.

  • The criticism of the United States is not relevant to the issue. The issue is the Japanese birth rate. If the Japanese don’t reproduce, the state of Japan will vanish. They are already far below the population replacement level. The future belongs only to nations whose poeple have children.

    • Well bro, in my country we have a lot of children out there and I don’t think we’ll become a world power anytime soon, it’s way more deep than that more kids will get things harder if you’re trying to improve the country and you can’t cope with the demand ’cause you have a lot many children doing not enough.

  • Manga and Anime has nothing to do with guys turning into “sissies” or “loosing out in life”. Unlike America Japan doesn’t cry at the sight of a nipple.

    Normal guys see things like nipples. America wants to treat sexuality as indecent!

  • Colin Powell is a statist who supported and worked under the Bush administration before supporting a carbon-clone of Bush(Obama). Now he’s dissing Japan and one of their cultural treasures? Imagine the reverse, imagine if they dissed our American comic books and video games, you Americans/Americanophiles would probably up in arms for that wouldn’t you?

    Honestly, the herbivores “crisis”(if you even wanna call such) is there not because of Anime/Manga/Video Games but because their nation faces long-winding recession followed by the Tohaku Earthquake/tsunami incident, and corrupt politics. Living in Tokyo or in a large urban area is Japan is very expensive, so why would any of the Japanese youth(and especially males) want to have a wife/girlfriend, or even a family? Where talking about living in a nation with dept surmounting TWICE of their GDP. Why would anyone there want to raise kids and have a family right now? Ask yourselves.

  • What kind of response do you expect from a loaded, softball question like that? The guy’s smart, and everyone knows about the demographics affecting developed countries in the next few decades. It’s not like he called out games and manga out of the blue.

  • You heard it right folks, manga turns Japanese men into herbivores, even through a good number of them have zero interest in the anime subculture. Surely manga is to blame for all the herbivore men who don’t read manga!

  • “Coming from a nation which is widely revered for leading the world in obesity, warmongering and lately budget crises”

    Butthurt much, Artefact? New Zealand, UK and Australia are not that far behind, so welcome to the club… oh wait, you created the club. I guess us Yanks learned from the best when it comes to warmongering, being fat and budget problems.

  • Women want us men to be strong, brave, relyable, supportive, always agree to what she says and thinks, yet they want us to be sensitive talk about our feelings, respect their independence and freedom, yet still they want us to jump to their whenever they “fall”, pay for the dates etc. Herbivore men realized that achieving this is impossible, so they decided to opt out, and do not seek activley women, but this does not mean that they are not intrested in them. This stupid mangina knows that the big moneyspenders are women and the big moneyearners are men, who spend their cash on women, so herb.-men are a threat to people and industries, that make money from the “traditional” dateing procedure, and the depowered men, who are told by the media and society how to be a “real man”.
    Listening to such manginas is a waste of time…

  • Too bad he didn’t actually say the stuff in the headline! That would really be a story.

    Well, they say that the Japanese media works like this: an editor thinks of a quote that he’d really like an important person to say for an article, then gets the reporters to go and “make” it happen.

  • Oh, Colin, Colin. We’ve missed you so much from your Iraq’s days… but your trolling hasn’t gotten any better, or any more believable.

    Actually I was tempteded to do a joke on USA youth, like how their GTAs make them better, or about bronies, but you know what? Insulting unoccupied people like it was their choice – “sitting there reading mangas all day”, imagine if he said that in the USA people are watching reality show all days doing nothing in this context- is pretty much one of the thing from which you know there is no useful brain beyond those words – even joking is pretty much useless.
    (Oh, and disclaimer, I do like GTAs and ponies. Possibly not in the same medium. Probably.)

  • all I can say is “lol” if those reactions are all posted by Japanese youth.

    But, sooner or later their national depth and their current birthrate will come and haunt them. Sure some of what he says is just air, but there are some truths aswell and you should face them and not stick your head in the sand.

  • “who wonder why an entire generation must sacrifice itself to pay the unfinanced pensions of an older one in the first place”

    Because they worked their asses off to raise us in an apparantly way too comfortable environment?

    • Fantasy =/= reality.

      You might find out that reality ain’t so easy if you manage to get off of your manga fantasy land.

      Life ain’t a fucking shonen manga either. If you get angry enough, you might just get fucked harder instead.

      • You know, things always change,which it has always been.It is proven when you compare to the old history until now.In the future, there could be no more country and the old economic system would end and a better one takes over.

        Sure, Japanese population would die down a bit but humanity will still be here, People of mix races would have sex and make kids with many racial backgrounds. Right now, to even have a kid in Japan is very expensive. So many Japanese people rather be single because it will ease their financial burden a bit.

        Also the social pressures,dog eat dog mentality just to support this outdated economic system,people have to work their ass off just to keep their roof over the head and food on the table.

        They probably have their own interest and passion they would like to pursue but they can’t do it because they need to have a job which probably makes you feel like shit just to get a bigger paycheck to live on this planet we’re born in.

        Its no wonder many people decided to turn away from society. Its simply just a sign that the old way of doing things may not be the best for everyone.. People are changing, so are their beliefs.

        Who knows what the future will be? Once things have cool down a bit, then many Japanese may consider having kids.

  • He didn’t talk about legislation, he didn’t force anyone, he didn’t point fingers, he didn’t insult or bash anyone, even though so many japanese do. People asked him a question about a problem, and he said that, unless it’s solved, they won’t get better, which was rather tame.

    How does that make him an idiot?

  • I think he’s telling Japan in a nice way to start preparing in case there’s a fight with the PRC or NK in the near future.

    Japan won’t be able to take a passive role if it happens.

    I bet if anyone asked him privately if Japan should begin to rearm or possess nukes he would probably

    Considering just two generations ago Japan was a formidable military presence like Germany it’s not much of a stretch if incentive was given.

  • One thing Mr. Powell didn’t know enough to comment on is how cheap and puerile much of the entertainment of popular manga and anime, filled entirely to the brim with childish sexuality and fan-service.

    It’s not these forms of entertainment that created this problem, though; these problems are a symptom rather than a cause. The “work until you die” culture of Japan, especially reinforced against young men, is absolutely toxic in its own right, and young men must certainly not want to live out the miserable lives of their fathers. Add to that there’s not a whole lot of opportunity for upward social movement–as in many other modernized nations, including the US–and it becomes clear why this cheap, and frequently obscene, entertainment has so much appeal.

    People that have led remarkably successful lives, suffering few miseries, tend to have these sorts of callous and intolerant attitudes–attitudes that tend to lead them from a genuine reckoning of what’s going on.

  • Typical american. Muscles solve everything. That’s why they only can publish stupid comics with macho heroes in underpants xD
    But that aside. Of course he is also right on the view of this. Solving this problem isn’t easy. It’s mostly because of the stupid society. You can’t even ask a woman for direction because you will be arrested. The woman view of a japanese man is just outrageous. No wonder that the youth isn’t interested in sex and such things because it’s a too big of a hassle. The media is the better way then.
    But letting foreigners in and having kids also doesn’t solve the problem. That will only lead to a nation of mostly foreigners. Some also come just because of the money they get when they get kids. I see it in my country.
    Firstly other problems need to be solved till the society can be changed in the correct way.

  • The world is changing and the youth are beginning to see the world differently than their previous generations.Personally, i think genuine freedom is being lost in this current society and many people are rediscovering it right now.

    People who are withdrawn from this society(NEET, or whatever you want to call them) sees the world differently.They’re being misunderstood and ridicule by many people,i think people should learn from their perspective, there’s a reason why this phenomenon happens.

    We could have a very different future, possibly a better one.

    When you compare to the previous history to now, it has changed a lot, nothing freezes forever.

    • Rofl this politician is spurting nonsense and typical stereotype of judging one nation while his own is in ‘moral’ crisis

      Just balance entertainment between real-life. That is all. Not everyone is on same level of course but those NEET guys still gotta work for a place to stay.

      Their not disconnected from reality their just taking a break from the harshness of it. And I don’t fucking blame em.

      Let me guess next thing we know Japan will start banshing manga and anime (like they’ve already done all the GOOD parts of it, loli, shota, etc) and blame the entertainment for birth-decreases. Anime and Manga is not the problem. What the problem is Japan is not encouraging young people to get married in their early lives and to have babies. Duh.

      Atleast I know the Japanese Men will be straight and actually into females. By 2020 they’ll be Queer Ass American men everywhere the way things are going now. And it won’t be welfare U.S.A. were preggie 14 year olds walk around with 5 kids.

    • The UN is a fucking joke and a playground for warlords. And the ‘whole’ world can fuck itself. Why should an American 4 star general give two shits about being truthful to any country but his own?

  • Funny how that works. Weren’t the american “meatheads” the ones being praised for bringing in help and material goods after the country got slammed by that storm?

    Good vibes go both ways, japs.

  • We have the same problem, is just too many old people. Our taxes are out of control and few babies. We are thinking two options:

    1 – Kill the old people.
    2 – A law that forces the women to walk naked on the streets triggering a lot of sex and plenty babies for save the future.

    I think that the first option is the best one.

  • i will not work my ass offand sacrifice myself and become fuel for a rotten nation governed by corrupted politicians,i will not sacrifice for wife and family,especially not when she can divorce me and deprive me of my wealth and kids,i will not be a worker drone,i will not work myself to the bone only to die early
    fuck you colin powell

  • If he only he knew that the problem behind hikikomori’s and NEET’s is alot deeper than simply manga and videogames, i bet he doesn’t even understand why ppl even choose that…why is he talking anyway ?

    • It’s funny how people seem to forget we DID find chemical storage and research facility in sargat.

      There’s also quite a bit of evidence to suggest they moved majority of their arsenal (too small to make a difference but political capital loss would be too great with their usage) out of the borders to other places with help from foreign intelligence organs.

      This is just as plausible as those saying Saddam was innocent in gassing kurds because he had no WMD. What, did you think he had the republican guard collectively pass gas in their direction to choke them to death?

        • It’s just the truth. Kurds lived on the same spot of land for thousasds of years, still England & co. di not give them a land of their own, instead they split them up int three naighbouring countries, in wich (seperatley) they are considered minorities, because they are in smaller number than the countries ruling people. The Kurds still live on their ancestral homelands, but this land is now divided by the other nations borders.

        • All muslim minorities gotten their own land after WW1 exept the Kurds. Ever heard of Kurdistan? No? Thats because the winners of the war needed someone to start a later war with.
          Caus war is big buisness.

        • Maybe we should take you up on your logic and declare minorities ‘not our people at all’. Funny how you anti-racists are bitching like racists of yesterday.

          Keep mouthing off, people are beginning to see your bullshit and your days are numbered 🙂

    • Funny how rest of the world bought that, and then now discovered America lied to their faces. Not that I am complaining for the world being that gullible.

      On the other hand, most of them were simply smuggled out anyway.

        • I’m with you to certain degree, but you need to understand something, US got a lot of benefices from the war in the long run (those are way more important than the money the spend during the war since they allowed the country to run with more stability).

          Yeah US needs to stop being the police, but in the WW there’s something you’re ignoring, they’re called World Wars ’cause the results will affect the World, if the US government just sits and watch the war eventually the winner (more or less we’ll end with a Russia/UK duet in Europe and a Imperial militaristic Japan in the pacific front) will be pretty powerful and have a big influence in the world, enough to put the economy and balance in Jake for the US.

          Be sure that US is US today thanks to “winning”(US did relatively few things in the WWII, but it has more to be with the fact that the other countries had the enemies in their backyard, but in most countries people just believe that they did everything) those Wars.

          It’s a long term investment and in the end if you see the benefits that Japan brought to US it was worth the problems.

          You need to evaluate the economy over the time not just wait that out of a war you will get a big lotto like price for the country (Well with the Nazis it was actually like that, technology-wise).

        • 04:20

          Also, that agreement was made between civillian government of japan, not the militarist one. When the coup happened and militarists took over, it was more or less rendered null and void since another actor was one stage.

        • More like the rich kikes who control us manipulated the entire country into doing it’s bidding and their was nothing any of you could do to stop it. You all believe what the kike controlled media tells you. Good goyim, die for Israel!

        • Let me educate you anon 2:22.

          Propaganda and attempts to retroactively edit out history, cannot not change actual history. Let us observe the chain of events.

          1. May 1939, USA, under Roosevelt, informs Japan that it is withdrawing from the 1911 Treaty of Commerce(Japan was highly dependent on USA for oil etc). Japan goes ahead with its conquest plans anyways.

          2. July 1940, United States/Roosevelt imposed an embargo on aviation gasoline and high-grade scrap iron to Japan. Japan looks for alternative sources.

          3. United States responds with a complete embargo on scrap iron. Japan announces the Axis Pact next day.

          4. The United States extends the embargo to tools, iron, steel, copper, bronze, and many other critical metals.

          5. Roosevelt orders freezing all Japanese assets in the United States.

          6. Cut from critical resources, Japan tries negotiating with United States. After those failed, Japan declared war.

          Your definition of sitting it out(while waging full blown economic warfare) is pretty different from rest of the world. I am not commenting on whether Japan needed to be stopped and how evil they were, and how they were killing babies and barbequing them and eating them raw even etc. etc. But Roosevelt was NOT sitting this one out.

          World War 2 was not the glorious battle between “good and evil”. It was two equally evil, bloodthirsty colonial powers duking it out. For the Nazi Holocaust, we have an quietly ignored Indian Holocaust ( that saw British killing millions of Indians in direct reprisals. Add another 10 million or so, if you count the ones who died due to the famines caused by apathetic exploitative British rule. I think Jew holocaust casualties, high as they were, pale in contrast. But since history books are written by the victors, even though the figures were pretty much recorded, they are usually always ignored, else things like Jalianwala bagh massacre and 1857 massacres would make british much much more evil in terms of body count.

          In the end, USA took sides, and was already participating in economic warfare against one of the sides. Truly staying neutral would have meant embargoing both sides(Britain for steel and Japan/Germany for oil) while the war was on, which would have crippled both sides and resulted in perhaps lesser carnage.

        • >>(hell they already killed our ambassador)

          Lybia, Syria, what’s the difference now!

          I wanted to say many things about your misperception of 1900’s USA wars as “we need to discipline the world”, but this part made me pretty sure that it’s better to do more productive things.
          Relatively speaking, fapping to the moectators’s gallery would be it.

        • American citizens knew from the very start that they were spouting lies but we simply don’t care enough about the cesspool known as the middle east. I eagerly await the day we take everyones advice and but out of world affairs a la pre WWII and WWI but we tried it three times and each time someone decided that fucking with us was a good idea.

          WWI we wanted to stay out but nooo can’t have that.

          WWII we wanted to stay out of it but again nooo Japan has to attack like assholes.

          If it wasn’t for us protecting Japan the Korean war (which is still in effect to this fucking day) wouldn’t have happened.

          Vietnam was a FRENCH problem that they ask our help in and again we didn’t want to but they called in the favors and we answered.

          After this we decided that the World obviously can’t handle its own goddamn business so we will put troops everywhere to clean up your messes. Hence Iraq both times and Afghanistan.

          So forgive us if you can’t handle your own shit and we decide to do it for you.

        • 04:20

          Let me educate you on basics of ownership.

          1. It’s our oil and steel and products. No one is obligated to sell thing to anyone, especially since japs were using all that in an aggressive war of conquest that even made other colonialist power turn heads.

          2. Their money and assets circulating through the system in US was funding that atrocity. Fair game for punishment.

          3. Other colonialist powers were more like pushy salesman with guns, rather than outright murderers and supremacists like japs incomparison. Indian Rebellion was largely indian-driven affair that killed as many indians themselves, since the main control britain had over india was largely political, not military. Only when english were getting attacked did britain intervene harshly, and did the right thing in putting down rebels and their collaborators, just like any other big nation would against criminals and brigands. They were less of ‘independence fighters’ than religious fanatics whose main motivation was religious friction, with ‘independence’ as mere excuse. Even indians today are divided as to how much benefit and cost was involved, and how ‘just’ these rebels were. Check your facts other than wikipedia.

          Simple fact, jap loving cunt. Japanese took the conquest and murder to another level that was no longer obeying any other laws and looked upon other people as ‘subhumans’ far more than other colonial powers did. Their actions prove this true, done in less time and far more casualties. Facts speak for themselves, and your little revisionist masturbatory fantasy to make yourself feel better about being the righteous victim is pretty pathetic.

          Said ‘economic warfare’ by US was nothing more than US doing fully what it is entitled to do as a seller – deny purchase from those it did not agree with. Since when is anyone ‘obligated’ to sell anything to anyone, especially one who uses all those resources for unparalleled degree of ignorance and bratty misadventures?

          US did only what any straight thinking nation would do. It had no obligation to sell anything that was theirs, but japs and mouthy fucks like you think anything that inconveniences any acts you take are ‘offenses’. That attitude alone deserves a bitch slap. Get it through your little head.

        • And to add to that you know what is going to happen to Syria? Well now America is going to TRY to stay they fuck out but then something bad is going to happen (hell they already killed our ambassador) and we are not gonna sit and take it anymore and we will deploy troops to Syria to put down BOTH sides, and once again the United States will bear the Lion’s Share and then be criticized for stopping Syria from using Chemical warfare on its own citizens. So fuck you world. fuck you all and your ‘world police’ bull.

  • Some solutions for Japan.
    1. get rid of the old people (its very evil but efficient darwin way the weak and old die and the strong survive ; chaos!!!)
    2. invent some robots that do the work for you and hopethat they dont rise against their human masters.
    3. Lure some immigrants with manga’s and anime. (and send them home after you got no more use of them: tag them with exploding cat ears for regular checks if they dont obey you)

  • The world needs LESS people. Japan is doing the right thing with population control by having otaku being infatuated with manga characters. Yeah, America has those that are breeding but if you look at who is doing it, it’s idiots and the poor, not middle class educated people.

  • Youth turning to 2d and manga is a symptom, not the disease. Unless Japan starts overhauling some things, the problem won’t go away. Not reading manga won’t solve anything; instead of manga people will just do something else.

    This problem isn’t even exclusive to Japan. There were (and are) multiple countries where the birth rate had drastically fallen, and blaming the problem on dumb shit like manga didn’t solve anything.

      • Like USA, that’s what immigration is for.

        If your own sons-of-the-country enjoy life being little sissies, let other the big strong cocks of other nations raise the banner.

        Singapore will live on, a society full of mixed-chingchongs but Japan’s xenophobia and coddling of its soft squishy manbabies shall be its undoing.

        • I know what needs to happen. I have the ultimate solution.

          Import Mexicans to Japan. Millions of them. They’ll do the work Japanese are unwilling to do, for low wages and modest treatment. They often have large families reproduce quickly.

          Sure they might be a different ethnicity and have a different culture, but:

          A) They’re not from a culture that dislikes you
          B) They never fought a war against you
          C) They’re going to be running the US soon so you may as well learn Spanish now.

        • I wonder if he was told by someone that Japanese youth were ‘herbivores’ and he took them literally. Not as waste of skin losers but actual vegetarians.

          Though it is true that cultures that don’t eat much protein tend to be smaller, weaker and generally inferior in most ways to cultures that do.

        • Why would we give a rat’s ass about our country though? 99% of the government is corrupt and only seems to care about themselves, not the people. Right now, we need to tear down the country and government, and rebuild it from the bottom up.

    • Look at Japan in the past.
      Hardcore kamikaze fighters and rapist murderers. Look at Nanking. That’s how real men does it.

      Look at Japan in the present.
      Herbivorous otaku/stalker faggots who faps to 2D/little children. Can’t even murder or rape anyone at all. Such pussies they have become.

      If there’s one thing one can blame, it’s their “cartoon”. Back in those days, when they didn’t have this “cartoon”…they were manly killers and rapist.

      Do you see it?

  • Yeah..the major flaw of those sacks of lard…yes, I repeat, SACKS of LARD (downvote by US boys incoming), sitting at the higher chairs. Is that they easily forget that no one is really obligated to listen to them.
    Nor that high social status doesn’t mean that whatever they are saying must be correct.

  • About the stereotype that Americans are fat:

    Been in US for over 10 years, I honestly don’t find Americans to be any more fat than some of the more obese populations anywhere else. The only difference was that not too many of them were socially inept or ashamed as they are elsewhere.

    What I HAVE seen, however, was some of the most fit and healthy people I have seen in any country I have been to. Not to mention most health conscious and full of energy.

    I honestly do think this is a case of accentuate the negative more so than any real case of overwhelming obesity compared to other nations. They are just really trying to find any excuse to bitch about US and ‘fat’ is pretty childish way of going about it. I’d say better fat and strong than thin, effeminate, and weak.

    Not to mention, BMI statistics count both VERY muscular and fat in the same ‘obese’ category since it only measures weight-height ratio.

    • Thinking all muscular Americans need roids to become that way is a pathetically self-comforting way of thinking that helps to forget the fact that Americans on average is far more muscular, bigger, and taller than japs.

      Let them delude themselves in fantasy worlds, manga or otherwise. Pathetic people are just too fun to watch.

      • Well technically an American guy is far less muscular than the avg African Guy, so don’t try to make a justification out of that. The amount of mass in a muscle isn’t necessarily an indicator to measure the brute output. Yeah it helps but in most cases you’ll get a tie between anyone out there ’cause the actual amount of brute force that you can use varies based on your needs and unless you’re going to a gim or work with heavy things there’s little difference.

        To be clear I can easily beat a guy around 110 kg and I’m nearly 70kg. The Asians may look weak but after all most martial arts were born there.

  • Leave it to dumb japs to think ‘build muscles’ was the main point of his dialogue.

    Simple minded, many of these japs are. Can’t see out of their little well and keeps asking why the world is fucking them over and over again.

  • “He just wants to make sure Japan is fit to go to war for the US. He doesn’t want us getting too strong, of course.”

    World War 2 proved that you got as strong as you could possibly get and still got raped by US when all of our troops and marines were just fresh off of boot camp with no actual combat experience and green as grass. Guadacanal proved that even though we fought with less advanced planes and ships, our people still prevailed through and through. None of the battles fought in Pacific was harder than the hardest battles in europe. All this, while US was following Plan Dog and shifting 60% of its efforts in men and material towards europe first policy.

    This jap sure is cheeky thinking US is even worried about japan ‘getting strong’. Delusional attitude like this one is ripe for fucking, practically asking to be raped to pieces.

    Marines, please rape more jap bitches.

    • Funny how they think we are going to rely on them for anything war-related when their soldiers run from the exclusion zone out of fear, and their police are too scared to go after real criminals.

      Even their own mafia is being pushed around by foreign gangs in tokyo.

      • Even in 1980s, we could easily overpower them in violence, power, and ultimate political will. And that was when US was obsessed (Reagan) with USSR and turned a blind eye to japanese.

        And just as US turned to asia in 1990s, what happens? Japanese bubbles burst, we win the currency war, and now they are completely our bitches. They should hope to stay that way unless they like the idea of vengeful koreans and chinese raping all of their women instead of few every year.

  • Without being sarcastic, I think he is right. We have a lot of incredibly shy (or incredibly persuasive) girls in manga and we all know that 3D girls are not like that at all. The real experience might shock a young manga-reader.
    Of course, manga is not the root of all evil here… “Overwork yourself” tradition is more so. Japan should do something about that first and then manga and games won’t be a problem.

    • Just stop telling people how much monopoly money they print out, all the hoarders won’t know the difference, the debt will eventually go away & the rate of inflation dissipate as well.

      Then you don’t need to wrestle with hoarders over low labor rates, rising housing costs & an unbalanced exchange rate.

    • @23:20

      same anon here, just wanna add, i think all debt should be forgiven, i don’t care what you guys have in your homes, if you’re rich, ok then good for u, i don’t care, if you have things, ok fine keep it.

      We should just cancel all debt and create a honest monetary system. Just my slight rant here, i just don’t like when some clown like this says we should think like the status quo and throw away something we find passionate of.

        • as i said the whole thing is fictional, if someone owes them money, that person who owes them don’t have to payback, and the lender can have his money back by other way, something like create money just to pay the lender back .

          I know its something hard to comprehend to someone who is used to this concept of debt but if we want to get rid most of the world’s problems( debt is one of them) we should think differently.

          Unfortunately, governments, which is our servants(for the people) are not willing to truly change things and still stuck to the old ways. The problem will just go on if we don’t do something about it.

    • yea.. i think people should decide for themselves on what type of future they want to create, we don’t need these clowns ruling us anymore. If people truly value freedom, we should think differently.

  • “America is ageing too, but we are letting in plenty of immigrants, and thanks to them lots of kids are being born.”

    Remember kids, this IS the real reason rich whites want to make abortion illegal, ban contraceptives and saddle rape victims with unwanted children. Religion has nothing to do with, it’s all about maintaining the ethnic status quo, through exploiting the ignorant (racists & religious nuts).

    • We are slowly banning mexicans. Now we need to get immigration back to pre-1965 levels and put quota on all kinds of immigrants from non-european nations (excepting some South American nations such as Argentina), since America has its roots along with Russia and Europe ultimately from the western civilization.

      We were doing fine before all the immigrants came in after 1965. Remember we did emerge from nothing to top of the world without any indian IT workers, chinese GPA obsessed idiots, or somali refugees.

      Go back to where you came from, and leave USA to its founders. We can always use that as casus belli to destroy the minority population here since they are outsiders and we are founders.

        • Indians also stole that land from previous inhabitants that acrossed the ice shelf from the west, not to mention they practiced slavery that makes US version look tame. They also practiced genocide and servitude to each other.

          Whites do have claim to this land as much as ‘native amerindians’. Not that biased and narrow-minded people would try anything other than try to shout it down with endless bitching.

          ‘amerindians’ didn’t magically spring up from this continent, they are also migrants.

          In the end, the only people who can legitimately claim birth from their present land are europeans and africans. Everyone else is just a genetic derivatives.

          Learn anthropology, and you might understand how most of the people posessing ‘deep legacy’ like china are nothing but migrants.

          Besides, amerindians had 10,000 years to get their shit together. They were still living in shit age when capapble people who are descendants of ancestors they wiped out long ago came back and established a nation that shot to the top in mere 200 years.

  • I’m a manga reader and such, etc, but I don’t really see anything wrong with what he’s saying. I’m not reading “manga are evil” but rather that people need to face up to reality and conquer their problems rather than run away to a fantasy world all the time. This whole herbivore anti-3d hiki NEET thing is exactly what he’s talking about, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop reading manga or anything. Just do what you need to first.

    And yeah, America has its problems too, but that doesn’t make his advice any less valid. It’s not like he caused the issues in America, and it’s not like America has to solve every issue it has before any other country can act.

    • I agree with you. Powell is not condemning games and manga, merely pointing out that they are not a substitute for real life. If an entire generation decides to live a fantasy, there will be no one to make sure that the country survives.

    • Dude, i’ve been in the us armed forces for 6 years, I’m as macho as they come. However, I do not read manga and watch anime by choice. I watch it because it is the only option for me. You see, the problem is that I am asian, and therefore automatically presumed to have a tiny penis. You have no clue just how racist america is, and it’s hard as fuck to thrive socially in america as an asian guy. Everywhere I go, there will always be people reminding me that I am asian, there will always be people trying to put me down. When I dont let myself get put down, they will want to fight me. After my 6th something assault charge, its just not worth it to go out into the world and be myself. I’m getting old and I need to stay out of trouble or else I’ll really be out of a job. I don’t want to get pushed around either, so the best option is just to stay inside and say EFF the world!

      • You want a kleenex to wipe away all that whine?

        Why don’t you get your self-pitying little ass over to MacArthur Park. Maybe you can say good bye to the world when lying as a carcass in a gutter by the 3th street.

        Bitchy little asian kid like you is a great example of why pampered little fucks can’t deal with world that is full of prejudices towards anyone.

        I am an asian, and I’ve seen plenty of little retards like you in my lifetime who tries to talk shit and swing their fists around like a bitch made punk. Put up some shit or shut the fuck up and crawl back to your hole.

      • I don’t want to get pushed around either, so the best option is just to stay inside and say EFF the world!

        Sounds like they did a fine job of pounding your ass into the ground. Be a bitch and keep your mouth shut.

        What, you think other people will give you respect just because you bitch too much? With that kind of half-assed, inferiority complex ridden attitude, it’s probably your behavior that pisses other people off.

        It’s really amusing to see how pampered shits like you think ‘racism’ in America is worse than what is faced by minorities all over the world. You really sound like someone who needs a good wake up call. Funny how you think being in the army for 6 years is supposed to lend you automatic cred. Real racism is far more insidious and direct than what your spoiled little ass bitches about day in and day out.

        • chengsta

          haha look at this little asian bitch blowing its mouth. Get your yellow chink ass in public. I’ve seen more than enough of you little fucks crying like a bitch when properly fucked in fights and assaults. Either put up or be a good bitch and slink elsewhere.

        • 14:14

          Mouthy fucker ain’t it?

          I am the same asian guy on the first post. You got a big mouth with a gun and talking shit with fuckin nigga wannabe name like ‘chengsta’. You want to see getting your ass capped, either bring yourself down to town and mouth off in public, or shut the fuck up if you haven’t got what it takes.

          Little fucker like you acting out with attitude gets a lot of laughs from real asians who don’t have this bitch disease called ‘identity crisis’ you see.

          Fucking 2nd-gen trash talking shit about everybody with bitch attitude gets no respect from no body. You want to talk shit, learn to walk or quit advertising your bitch status online on a porn site.

        • blind little white bitch. I don’t do anything but try to have fun. But whiteys always approach me and try to start something just because they don’t like asian dudes having fun or picking up white chicks at the bar. It’s not an inferiority complex, little bitch, it’s the truth: white people like to fuck with minorities, and then people like you bitch that I’m just too sensitive. Not all of them are racist, but enough of them are to get me in trouble. They fuk with me, I shoot them in the kneecaps, they cry like a little bitch and act all innocent. well, FUCK YOU.

        • 14:14

          You really do sound like typical immigrant trash with a chip on the shoulder and a lot of mouth. Where you at fucker? Got the balls to back up your mouth, or should some actual people show you what happens when you talk shit about other people behind the monitor?

          Talking like some washed up punk bitch you sound like a typical american-bred pussy with identity issues. Either you want to end your little life right now today, or quit bitching about having slanty eyes and keep your lips tucked in.

    • For one thing, he was responding to a question in an interview, not going out of his way to give opinions about Japanese. Anyone who gets butthurt about generic comments like these obviously owns them. People don’t get offended by comments when they assume someone is talking about someone else because they can’t even relate.

    • Well, I see plenty of faults in what he is saying from a scientific standpoint.

      For one, he doesn’t even consider the possibility that Japanese society naturally predisposes it’s men to such behavior and that certain kinds of manga just happen to attract such men in general.

      Correlation does not equal causation.

    • I’ve gotta agree.

      I play video games, ,read a select few manga, and watch a ton of anime. But I work out to maintain my physical health.

      I’m still fat, need to shrink that belly, but that’s the part which takes the most effort and time so it’s the most difficult.

      The simple statement here is “everything in moderation.”

      As far as “Working” is concerned, it took me 12 months to get a new job (which I only got through a friend) here in Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA. And to top it off, after 2 month of working there I was in a group of people that got laid off! I haven’t had work for a month!

      Colin Powell has no idea what the job market is really like. There are more jobs for Women than there are for Men, and Young Men like myself have it even harder! College is too expensive and the debt just crushes you for years. And while they say the unemployment rate has gone down, that’s only because these people have been unemployed for so long they don’t qualify for unemployment benefits anymore! The TRUE National unemployment rate is closer to 30% than the 9% they keep telling us!

      • As someone who has access to population statistics on a daily basis due to my job in commercial real estate this is pure nonsense.

        It is actually pretty complicated as incomes have fallen in general among middle class. Stayed relatively the same among the lower class. Have gone up among the upper class. At least in the areas that I monitor. There should have been much more inflation than is currently shown which is due to several external factors outside of the nation keeping inflation down.

    • >>This whole herbivore anti-3d hiki NEET thing is exactly what he’s talking about,

      Did you really play the hikikimori card? I guess you’re the type that say to all depressive people “oh, just get up you lazy fuck!”.

      (also, I lol at the herbivorous “scare”. Why not blaming that on the women as well? To reproduce, you need two persons, last time I checked.)

    • I imagine it’s even harder though when you get arrested for looking at a girl practically. Heaven forbid you talk to one even to ask directions. With them kind of scares anyone would become someone afraid to talk to a girl.

      If they stopped arresting people for asking for directions or looking at a girl than maybe just maybe they would have some change in the situation.

    • There’d be nothing wrong in him not saying it, then. Nothing useful or informative, no real insight into the problems he describes, not serious enough with the approach he takes. Just a plea of allegiance to a tactic that would not win him much cooperation from who he supposedly targets because of its offensive naivete. After all, it’s not like they are not making their decisions based on a different set of factors than himself, just the ranges of control are different.

      I wouldn’t worry about debt. The more global the scale, the more certainty that inflation will take care of it even if there’s not enough material input. Social issues are a horse of a different color, but they’re irreducible to anything that coarsely crafted.

    • because i like japanese and their culture, i have to say that what powell said makes sense, especially – “They’ve overcome many difficulties – after the war they achieved massive economic growth. They came back from every difficulty.”

      but ppl in japan only realise and acknowledge the problems, the group of ppl who can change the country isn’t acting and only moaning about it on 2ch.

      u can enjoy manga, video games and whatever, but its the attitude of the youth that have changed. not only in japan but in all developed countries.

      • “The Japanese didn’t use to be herbivores. I’d like them to take a look at themselves in a mirror and reflect on that.”

        Yeah, but I seem to remember them invading other countries and trying to take over East Asia around that time. Is that really what they should be aiming for? 😛

      • Their recovery was only enabled AFTER US invested vast amount of capital into japan for supplying US troops during korean war.

        From 1945 to 1950, they were simply starving and living off the land like poor peasants with ‘shiga ta ga nai’ mentality.

        Did America require such free help from any nation to raise its economy from absolutely nothing?

        Japanese tend to commit suicide (as in, bitch out) when any serious problems present themselves.

        • America was like Apple, they didn’t invent so much as find ways of making it easier to make and use.

          Like Ford, he didn’t invent the automobile but he invented the assembly line to churn them out quickly.

          Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, he just found a way to make them practical.

          As far as NASA goes, well they didn’t invent rockets, but they did make it to the moon first.

          So props to the US for being innovative with things some else dreamed up.

        • To anon 05:01.
          Parts of the well known Ford Model T was made by a hungarian. The electric transformer, the ball point pen, color television, carbonated water, Microsoft Word and Excel, binoculars, the helicopter, the carburetor, the particle accelerator, the world’s first working turboprop engine, holography, the Floppy Disk, the B.A.S.I.C. language, one of the mars robots that landed on Mars, movie with sound, the camera, the water turbine, Rubik’s Cube, and I could go on, were all hungarian inventions and humanity would be nowhere without them especially not the U.S.

        • Oh really anon 05:01 Here are some things you did Not inwent, but we hungarians did: The Floppy Disk, the ball point pen, the B.A.S.I.C. language, sound movie, the helicopter, the camera, Holography, Microsoft Word and Excel, Rubik’s Cube, color television, carbonated water, the ramjet,Jendrassik Cs-1 the world’s first working turboprop engine, synthetic blood, binoculars, the carburetor, the electrical transformer, telephone exchange, the particle accelerator, the nuclear bomb and the hydrogen bomb, etc. And we discovered the nuclear chain reaction, vitamin C, and hafnium. We also contributer to the Ford Model T. And this is just Hungary. We did’t evet mention the other nations…

        • Anon 05:01
          Oh really Here is a list they did NOT invent, but we hungarians did, or at least contributed to it (Hungary is an almost 3000 years old nation): Many parts of the fameous Ford Model T, the worlds first automatic pilotless aircraft, plasma display, the infrared camera, radar astronomy, the Heller-Forgó cooling system for power stations, sinthetic blood, analog computer, binoculars, the photo projector, automatic coffeemaker, the Floppy Disck, the B.A.S.I.C. language, the ballpoint pen, the sound film, the helicopter, color television, holography, Microsoft Word and Excel, the Carburetor, the Particle Accelerator, the Water turbine, carbonated water, the ramjet, the transformer, telephone exchange, the Rubik’s Cube, the nuclear chain reaction, and I am a bit shamed but admit it: the nuclear bomb, and the hydrogen bomb.

        • @Artefact : Lmao way to fail on your usual anti-American rhetoric, he was asked the question “Some young people, called “herbivores,” choose games and manga over real love. What do you have to say to such young people?” and what he answered was true. The U.S. doesn’t use the term “herbivores” to call a youth, he only used it because that’s what the guy asked him.

          Go back to the way Sankaku used to be and stop trying to cause a rift between the U.S. and Japan you commie loyalist bastard. Most of your readers are U.S. citizens, prick.

        • 12:56

          I didn’t know I had access to government finances. You think average american’s purchasing power is dictated by how much money governmen has?

          Typical fuck with no idea about how economics work trying to bitch about ‘lending money for your people to buy shit’. When was it that last time US government had to purchase weapons and hardware from the chinese?

        • @ Anonymous 05:01

          Have you wondered where exactly America got the capital to begin it’s Industrial machine?

          The Industrial Revolution as we all know starting in England with the widespread proliferation of the Cotton Mill. Where did this Cotton come from? America. Cotton was the cash crop America relied on for it’s very existence.

          The traditional method of cotton planting was of course slaves. Not to say slavery was all that bad, African slaves in America had it far better then their brethren in Africa, especially considering where they ended up. But of course slavery was considered barbaric in the civilised world ie Europe and in the Northen States. However the South had the conceited belief that Europe relied of their Cotton and would come to their aid, rather the English simply planted their own Cotton in India with might-as-well-be-slaves indentured servants.

          With the South ruined after the Civil war and protectionism established in America, along with the great flow of immigrants America did prosper economically, but was still nowhere close to European powers. Until not one, but two massive wars that destroyed Europe. And even then the Soviet Union arose to give America a run for her money for 70 years before finally collapsing.

        • As if the U.S. isnt different! Theyr country is only 200 years old. My home country is small, but ower 2000 years old! The U.S. achieved greatness only because they bought the inventions and inventors of other nations, yet they boast as if they created them…

        • The land now called America had natural resources in abundance. And yes, it did require help from other nations, except back then they called them slaves. You can be certain the settlers were not helping the natives.

          It is not about raising the economy – it is about raising the standard of living. Do you realize how much debt the people of America are burdened with at this time?

        • 01:23

          If I recall correctly, the race to the top for America began AFTER slavery was abolished. Also, the resources here are not as plentiful nor is it easy to get as commonly believed by ignorant people. This land is cold, hot, coldly unforgiving to new comers such as those who arrived in the dinky little ship called Mayflower with nothing else but clothes on their backs.

          Also, try not to side with amerindians that you never really cared for whenever it’s convenient. They were migrants and settlers just like Europeans, and new branch of research (buried by bitching people, but with strand of possibility) suggests ancestors from the old world also partially inhabited the Americas before much more numerous siberian tribes came through.

          Anyone who stupidly thinks America only brought inventions should remember Ford, NASA, DARPA, and every GPS-like system as well as countless scientific endeavors you so ignorantly enjoy today that originated from US research labs. Oh, also the packet switch tech and arpanet says you are sadly mistaken. Americans are adaptive, innovative, and you europeans today really need to stop bitching about US thinking you have nothing else to shore up your broken pride. Europe of old was not this weak. Time to get yourself back up.

          I would also like to point out US holds 1st place in both aggregate total of private AND public charity and aid given to other nations on the planet.

          Quit bitching and learn to give credit where credit is due. Statue of Liberty was a repayment made to US by the French who was influenced, encouraged, and emulated our revolution in their own revolution against monarchy.

          BTW, your OS says hi.

        • American debt = devaluable with time.

          Chin ks and japs = suckers for giving us 2 trillions and getting back less than what the principle is worth overtime.

          BTW, you can’t dump bonds so unilaterally since international bond agreement is not like personal finances, and feds can just print more money to buy them back, with exporting nations taking the super inflation hit.

          Funny how trying to be clever bites you back in the ass eh?

    • He doesn’t have the right to tell anyone how to live their lives. Nothing wrong with people avoiding reality through their hobbies, if they are happy that way then leave them to it.

      I wouldn’t change the way I live just because I’m told that I have to support my elders or look out for the future of my country. I’ll live the way I’m happiest living.

      • There’s TONS wrong with avoiding reality through hobbies. If you want to live in a modern society, contribute to it. If you want your hobbies to continue to exist without costing too much to pursue, get a job. If you want a world to live in that’s generally worth living in, get out there and do something.

        You don’t have to “support your country” because you’re told to join a military outfit, but you DO have a responsibility as a human being (loosely said, given the way otaku live) to actually live life.

        Not to mention 3d girls and guys generally frown upon cowards to talk the talk but won’t even look down the path where they’d have to walk the walk. You coward.

        • The impulse to act can be influenced by a number of things – opportunity and environment being two of them. You honestly believe that human beings are born to seclude themselves and shy away from society? It is not a switch you turn on or off – the behavior and attitudes are molded over time. There are reasons why people choose to escape from what is perceived to be the reality – advertisements for material goods, fast food that’s cheaper than wholesome food, a blemish on one’s reputation that could ruin chances for a career, spend more time at work than with the family, to live in perpetual fear of health, environment, safety, beauty. Blind faith in religion must fall in the realm of reality as well.

          No living creature is born with responsibilities. There are choices and time. Do not be so haughty to believe that all who seclude themselves are there of their own choosing – this modern reality of yours has made it possible.

          Do not be so quick to call others cowardly.

        • 02:12

          It is also a great example of how they shift all of their responsibilities onto ‘leaders’ and ‘generals’ when they themselves eagerly participated in atrocities or pretended it didn’t happen.

          Being too spineless to stand up to people and letting your principles get trampled all over is not a ‘talents’ or ‘culture’. It’s just weakness.

          Typical jap mentality. Make excuses and bitch when things don’t revolve around them like they want them to be.

        • @ anon 23:49

          I think he was referring to the fact they had been manipulated by their leaders into doing things that were not necessarily in their best interest. They were also like that under the occupation but really did quite well in rebuilding their society from absolute devastation.

          Good book on the subject is “Embracing Defeat”.
          It’s a little dry but really digs into the Japanese mind set.

        • Absolutely correct. Funny how japs respond with ‘tell us something we want to hear’ when they are forced to confront facts and reality.

          MacArthur was absolutely right: Japan is a nation of 12 year olds.

        • Real love for him is to love their homeland, join the army and kill anyone who disagrees!
          The factor Otako applies not only to Japanese, he is misinformed.
          Just imagine his opinion about pacifists.
          By using too much muscles and less brain that several countries are sympathetic to the American way.
          Brilliant command in Iraq finding hundreds of chemical weapons.
          Probably will again use the same intelligence service in Syria :\

    • He hit the nail on the head using the most elementary language possible so that stupid japanese can understand, but look how they still cover their ears and mouth off against facts.

      I think their women deserve better.

      • A little known fact Clinton actually had the deficit problem solved and it would have all been paid off in 10 or 15 years.
        But George W Bush completely screwed that up with his little war in Iraq and spent the nation into debt.

        The deficient still could be easily eliminated by doing the following.
        First end the prohibition on drugs and switch to a treatment based system vs punishment.
        Tax things like pot the same way tobacco presently is.
        Next tax imports from China it needs to be done and don’t be chicken shits and give into any of the PRC’s threats because they are just that empty threats they only hold 9% of the deficiet most of it is owned by banking families within the US.
        Then create incentives for domestic investment and domestic energy programs.
        The importation of oil is just as big a problem as the China thing.

      • You see, we can just print more money, and unlike other nations that manufacture stuff for us, we won’t be hit by sky-high inflation that happened in china or asia.

        We devalue our debt away, while nations that try to make money off of selling cheap products get hit by super inflations instead.

        Global economics is a counter-intuitive subject. Especially since our currency controls the fate of many economies around the world by the virtue of being the most stable and powerful currency/

        Thanks for the money chinese!

      • Maybe if they actually got their shit together and made sure their ethnic/religious/whatthefuck reasons not turn into a shit fest that engulfs their neighbors, we might not have to put out fire around the world so much.

    • actually the US is ‘only’ about 100% of it’s gdp in debt while Japan actually is nearly 200% in debt. Difference is the american bonds are held by people of many different countries while japanese bonds are nearly completely held by the japanese themselves.

      • American bonds isn’t the only matter keeping GDP down. It’s our dollar being the world reserve currency trade for oil without that we’d be screwed. Most countries aren’t intimidated by the USA and are trading in gold and other precious metals which our fascist government doesn’t want. See Iraq and Libya (maybe Syria and Iran soon)for examples.

        • 01:58

          You see, it’s so easy to play the victim when you are on the receiving end of world affairs and have no idea of complexities that come with having much influence and energy. It’s pretty laughable to see people bitch about US when they can’t even get along with their next door neighbors. You are practically asking for violence to be applied, yet your narrow mind can’t grasp the extent of your actions.

          You might be confusing ‘concerned’ for ‘fear’. Maybe that’s what passes for fear in your shallow country?

        • Your position is also subjective, believe it or not. Of course it helps to carry our foreign objectives when you spend more money on defense than the next ten countries int he world – combined. Fearless? The recent elections did not think so, given the fear mongering.

          No need to remind us; we are quite aware that America has a penchant for the generous application of violence. Surely not the result of petty, infantile logic.

        • Hm. Intimidation is a tool that isn’t really employed by US, contrary to what the world believes from their subjective positions. We just carry out our objective, regardless of whether you are feeling fearful or fearless.

          Saddam or Gaddafi wasn’t fearless. Osama wasn’t fearless. Go look for them now.

          Only stupid kids or people who don’t know the true meaning of violence and fear talk about ‘intimidation’ like a bunch of bitch punks having a brawl. The fact that japs try to apply such infantile logic shows their pitifully pathetic thinking.

      • “Difference is the american bonds are held by people of many different countries while japanese bonds are nearly completely held by the japanese themselves.”

        I’d expect no less from those xenophobic Japanese.

  • Enjoying a hobby is alright. Not wanting to marry is acceptable, as long as you decide to live your life to your fullest in other way. But replacing real girls/men with fictional characters is WRONG!

    • tbh i don’t give a shit with a person falling in love with fictional characters.. are you saying that falling in love with fictional character is the same crime as murdering someone? lmao. Leave them alone.

  • To anyone who thinks America tries to ‘scare’ other nations:

    We do not threaten, we only make promises.

    And when your misery is concerned, we always keep our promises.

    Go see saddam or osama, or tojo or Mussolini and see where being ‘brave’ gets you.

    Remember, losers talk about ‘spiritual victories’. Winner are fucking your wives and girlfriends.

  • “T he Japanese didn’t use to be herbivores. I’d like them to take a look at themselves in a mirror and reflect on that. They’ve overcome many difficulties – after the war they achieved massive economic growth. They came back from every difficulty.
    I really respect that Japan, I’m proud of our alliance with them.”

    “That” Japan. The Japan that so many people wished to live in. Not this current Japan.

    He’s right though.
    Even with America, stuff like Social Security is going to run out eventually due to the MASSIVE number of leechers and people who never put in but are readily taking out. (AUTISM MONEY)

    We’ll end up in the same situation as Japan.. Weird.

    • A typical narrow minded conservative who does not want to dig deeper then the surface to explain debt.
      Clinton had SS fully funded until 2030 but then Bush spent it all.

      The two biggest wastes of money in the US are it’s propensity to get into wars every few years and it’s war on drugs and lockup mentality on crime.

      The war on drugs not counting court cost and incarceration directly costs the federal and state governments twice the annual budget of NASA.

      It actually cost more to keep someone in the state pen then it does to send them to Princeton once all the side costs are tallied.
      Up to $44,000 a year per prisoner.
      Total cost cost for 2.26 million prisoners 99.7 billion USD a year for for those incarcerated and maybe an extra 20 to 30 billion to cover the 4.9 million people on parole and probation.
      This is 130 billion a year and I still have not addressed court costs and lost income from taxes that will no longer be paid in.

      Then there’s other issues the high cost of medical care in the US which causes Social security and medicare to become expensive.
      It should be noted most people on social security are retired people who paid in that money when they were working so technically it is their money.
      You could say this is partly the US’s aging problem and why illegals are an issue as they don’t pay in SS.

    • And when they weren’t herbivores, they still got bitchfucked by US.

      US was surprised by japan the same way one would be surprised by a chimp screaming. At first surprised, but then fucking it moment after.