Butch Gen & Hanaharu’s Gargantia The Next Big Thing?


Newly unveiled anime project Gargantia: On The Verdurous Planet has been attracting plenty of attention, boasting as it does the writing talents of Nitroplus writer and Madoka creator Butch Gen, the sexy designs of celebrated ero-mangaka Naruko Hanaharu, and the obscure directorial talents of Kazuya Murata (whose admittedly rather less impressive portfolio includes directing an FMA movie).

Its official site just opened, helpfully showcasing its sexy character designs, and comments from Gen himself indicate it “was planned even before Psycho-Pass” and that it should see the light of day in the spring:


The action takes place on “Gargantia” – city ships:


Opinions online are divided as to whether it looks capable of turning into a latter day Gurren Lagann, or merely another generic mecha anime – or worse yet, another Fractale…

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