Behold “Tokyo’s 40 Cutest JKs”


The 40 semi-finalists for the “Miss JK Kanto” competition have been unveiled, and as usual with a gyaru-centric event their distinctive fashion choices and charmingly makeup encrusted features have been attracting a great deal of attention, not all of which is admiring.

Love Sunshine’s latest event sees 1600 semi-finalist JKs (“joshi kousei,” high school girls) whittled down to the 40 below, who are to be further narrowed down to 9 by the highly scientific means of tallying up all their votes, retweets, comments and hits (possibly as a cunning way of avoiding 2ch’s legion of knaves coming in and block voting up the ugliest of the lot, always a problem with online polls).


The semi-finalists in all their radiant glory:


They can be investigated further on the voting site (the “❤” icon votes) – bonus points for naming sense (and quite possibly looks and a wry smile as well) surely go to young “Paipan,” a JK dropout who reports she works part-time as a maid in Ikebukuro and has struck upon the genius self-promotion strategy of encouraging people to “get to know a young Paipan girl” and “start stalking me after we’ve become friends”:


Suumin probably also deserves mention for somehow managing to combine punk and nekomimi fashion in one ensemble:


The 15-year-old winner of the last contest (chosen over 1200 other entrants), still the cause of nightmares amongst many judging by the less than appreciative reaction she has received from anyone not actually directly involved with the event:



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