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AKB48 Otaku “Still Getting Even Creepier”


The behaviour of ardent ***48 fans is again causing waves of revulsion online – this time provoked by a SKE48 fan who spent $12,000 on handshaking event tickets in order to secure several hours of “quality” time with his favourite maiden, and another maniac auction in which a single cookie made by AKB48’s Mariko Shinoda reached a similar sum at auction.

The fanatic in question reports buying enough copies of new SKE48 single “Eien Pressure” to obtain no less than 1019 handshaking event tickets, and shares proud pictures of his various stacks – which are estimated to have cost him ¥1,000,000 to accumulate:




This apparently grants him more than just the opportunity to feel a 16-year-old girl’s hand – he supposedly also has the opportunity to have his favourite have dinner with him, having procured the equivalent of several hours with the child of his choice – Mao Furuhata in this case it would seem:



Needless to say, the online response is as unkind as ever:

“She’s not even cute?”

“Using the money he got from his parents is he?”

“What happens when she gets involved in some scandal…”

“Think of the pressure on this girl if she has to spend 2 hours having dinner with this guy. What would they talk about? He’s a total stalker…”

“If that is so bad they ought to ban these handshaking events.”

“Don’t these guys ever think ‘what the hell am I doing?'”

“What happens if this kid doesn’t attend the event…”

“Maybe he can get his money back, if he still has all the CDs.”

“All he’d get is an apology I suspect.”

“What would you think if you were in the queue behind this guy for 2 hours whilst he had his turn?”

“Don’t sweat it, they do the ones with lots of tickets last.”

“Ah, so that’s how it works!”

“A million yen nets you only 2 hours… better just to give it to her?”

“Right, that’s what I’d do.”

In other news, a cookie (one cookie) made by the fair hand of no less than AKB48 Team A captain Mariko Shinoda has just fetched ¥1,001,000 at auction – although in fairness to those looking to salvage some vestige of sanity from the situation, the last serious bid appears to have been at a “reasonable” ¥49,000.


According to her fans at least, her cookies are well worth it (although detractors still maintain “she is only decent looking from one angle”):


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