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Police Drop Charges Against Schoolgirl Rapist Cop


Police have declined to press charges against an officer who used his police badge to pluck a girl off the street and make her accompany him back to a love hotel in order to “help me with my inquiries into schoolgirl prostitution,” astounding those who still expect the Japanese police to obey the law rather than just enforce it.


According to police, the 26-year-old police sergeant approached a 17-year-old girl walking home in Chiba prefecture’s Matsudo city, flashed his police ID at her and told her “I’m investigating a case of enjo kousai [prostitution], would you come with me as I have some questions for you?”

He then made her accompany him to a nearby love hotel, with the intention of having sex with her there, although she managed to break off the encounter in the lobby.

He was off-duty and out of uniform when the incident occurred, but did apparently use his real ID.

The incident came to light as soon as his victim returned home and told her parents, who contacted police. The officer responsible was identified from surveillance cameras in the hotel lobby, and he was later arrested and charged with kidnapping.

Police say that as he only kidnapped the girl and did not get to have sex with her, charges of attempted rape or indecent assault do not apply.

The officer admitted the charges, saying “I took her there so I could commit indecent acts on her.”

Police also report at least 3 similar incidents involving an assailant using a police ID in the area in the weeks leading up to his arrest.

Despite all this, prosecutors dropped all the charges against him, claiming his victim has declined to press charges.

Disgust at the unwillingness of police to submit to the same laws they claim to enforce has been boiling over yet again:

“So they bullied the girl into dropping the charges?”

“Either that or they bribed them.”

“Rape is legal for police officers?”

“What an amazing profession – you can try to rape girls and they just drop the charges against you.”

“How does anyone expect an excuse like that to lead to sex?”

“Useless cops never punish their own.”

“The cops have turned into a criminal organisation.”

“They are Japan’s largest crime syndicate!”

“I am amazed you can even decline to press charges for something this serious.”

“This reminds me of the recent case where the police arrested a man for stalking after he gave a love letter to a woman working at a convenience store.”

“I’m no legal expert but I’m sure a case like this should be able to go ahead whether the victim wants to press charges or not.”

“She’s even a minor for God’s sake. Try kidnapping a girl off the street and what do you expect would happen to you?”

“They arrest underage couples who are actually dating and let something like this go…”

“You can just get away with using your police ID to commit crimes now? Japan has become lower than Mexico. This isn’t even funny…”

“There must be scores of people who’d do whatever you want if you flash a police badge at them. You can’t expect to let him get off on this!”

“This is the same as if he flashed his gun at her. It’s criminal coercion either way.”

“How many different crimes could you wring out of this? Just falsely using his badge is surely a crime, and I doubt you need a criminal complaint to prosecute.”

“This is outrageous. How can an adult make a child drop charges against him?”

“Cops and teachers just get to do whatever they want, don’t they?”

“If a civilian did something like this their life would be over already…”

“Even if you discount the attempted rape, this is still kidnapping. How can they not prosecute?”

“Corrupt police are supposed to be severely punished – just how rotten are these cops now!”

“He hasn’t even had to quit being a cop…”

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