Police Hunt Man For Asking Schoolgirl Way To Station


The latest of Japan’s notorious public safety advisories is a disturbing report of a man asking a schoolgirl for directions to the nearest station.

The incident occurred in the Aichi prefecture city of Komaki, when a man approached a schoolgirl on her way home at 7PM and asked her “which way is the station?”


The man responsible is described as about 30, 165cm tall, of light build and sporting short black hair, narrowing the field considerably. He was riding a bicycle and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt at the time of the incident.

Online there is outrage at the scope of this latest outrage against the nation’s schoolgirls:

“You’d expect someone trying this to get reported now, wouldn’t you?”

“Unusual to see them hunting someone who was thin, usually they are ‘plump’.”

“Just greeting them is a crime, so how brazen is it to ask them directions?”

“What outfit do you have to wear to avoid being reported?”

“Just change afterwards and never wear it again.”

“Only ask men or old women for directions. After all, sometimes people use it to stop a victim for kidnapping.”

“Men are treated as potential criminals even if they are upstanding citizens, women are treated as upstanding citizens even if they are paranoid maniacs.”

“Soon catching someone’s eye in the street will trigger suspicious activity reports.”

“Why would you ask anyone directions? Just look at your mobile’s map.”

“He may not have had his mobile on him, and it may not have had GPS so he’d not know where he was.”

“Could we just ban women from walking the streets at night? It’s crazy that any man walking behind them is now at risk of being reported as a suspicious person.”

“Well if you really wanted to know the way you wouldn’t ask a woman! Look at a map or ask someone else, there are sure to be people around.”

“Expect a father to get reported for walking with his daughter now.”

“It’s suicide to approach a schoolgirl these days.”

“So in this day and age we are no longer allowed to even ask for directions…”

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