Madoka & QB “Abused for Political Ends”


The prominent use of Madoka cosplayers at a political rally, and even on top of the campaign truck, has been attracting distaste from anime fans.

Kenji Utsunomiya, a 66-year-old lawyer campaigning as an independent candidate for election as mayor of Tokyo on a largely anti-nuclear ticket, held an Akiba rally graced not only by Madocchi cosplay but also QB as well:

Online there has been a certain amount of dismay at seeing a beloved mahou shoujo (and one not so beloved magical sidekick) roped in to attract attention to the campaign of yet another geriatric trying to woo subculture voters – although Akihabara denizens can perhaps at least take solace in the reminder that Ishihara has finally left office in order to plague national politics instead.

Whether he might have encountered more enthusiasm had he hired the likes of Lenfried for the job will sadly never be known…

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