Woman Hunted For Mentioning Schoolgirl


The latest suspicious person police are warning the public about is a woman who was spotted looking at a schoolgirl, and then mentioning that she looked to be in elementary school.

Aichi police issued a public safety advisory warning that on a recent afternoon a woman looking at an elementary school girl was seen uttering the word “elementary schooler.”

She is described as wearing a hat and a surgical mask, and police as usual warn that anyone encountering a suspicious person should promptly report them.


Curiously, the report itself is proving rather more disquieting than the miscreant being reported:

“So now even women aren’t safe?”

“You should basically just run off as soon as you see a schoolgirl.”

“You lot can’t even walk near schoolgirls now, can you?”

“Wearing a hat and mask and talking about schoolgirls is a bit scary.”

“Basically any brat who finds you a bit scary can get police looking for you now. Despite the fact most of them are clueless and sometimes make stuff up.”

“Just segregate the elementary schoolers somewhere if you are so worried about them.”

“How did it come to this, now you can’t even murmur something to yourself without people reporting you to police.”

“Who reports this stuff anyway?”

“This woman’s main offence was probably just wearing a mask and a hat.”

“But if someone wearing a mask and hat glowered at you on the street whilst muttering this you might consider it suspect.”

“It depends how she said it really – if she was panting at the time it might be rather dire.”

“Just think – this could have been a poor mother grieving the loss of her own daughter, who remarked that she would have been the same age. Who knows.”

“If she was talking to herself it can’t be helped! Although now it seems you can get reported just for passing by a schoolgirl…”

“What happened to this country? People are only going to get even more alienated from society it seems.”

“Now you are a suspicious person just for recognising the things around you.”

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