US Sailor Busted Nude in Manga Cafe: “I Only Pissed There!”


A US sailor has been arrested for lurking naked in a Yokohama manga cafe in the middle of the night despite a military curfew, though he protests that he “only urinated in there.”

According to Kanagawa prefectural police, 23-year-old petty officer third class Oscar Weigle, serving aboard the American nuclear carrier USS George Washington, was reported for indecent exposure in a central Yokohama manga cafe.

According to the cafe’s account, he had arrived with another 21-year-old serviceman at midnight, and the pair had each retired to individual booths.

Wiegle however disrobed in the booth and around 3:15AM started wandering the corridors of the establishment naked, and to add injury to insult relieved himself there in the corridor between booths.

After police arrested him for public indecent, he protested his (partial) innocence, saying “I did urinate in there, but I wasn’t naked!”

He also faces possible military discipline as US forces are supposedly under curfew, and there are by now some understandable doubts in Japan as to how rigorously these restrictions have been enforced. The US military for its part says the incident “is under investigation.”

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