Man Hunted For Overtaking Schoolgirl


The latest wicked deviant to be the subject of a public safety advisory was found to have had the audacity to brazenly overtake a schoolgirl on her way home and then ride off.


The bicycle-riding suspect rode up behind, and then overtook, a middle schooler cycling home one night on the streets of Kyoto prefecture. He then rode off.

He is described as likely being in his thirties, 170cm tall and plump, and was riding a black bicycle.

The authorities advise that anyone on their way home at night ought to stick to bright and busy streets, lest they too fall victim to random overtaking by a complete stranger. Anyone seeing a suspicious person should report them to police.

That Japan’s public safety advisories seem to be making life significantly less safe for half the nation is increasingly the subject of consternation online – not that anyone takes any notice of such an obvious nest of predators:

“What the hell? He just overtook her?”

“They are banning overtaking schoolgirls now then…”

“The wind of your passage is akin to rape, so this is a serious offence.”

“I had to read the headline 3 times…”

“So now we are treated as criminals just for overtaking a schoolgirl? It’s safer to stay indoors these days.”

“The real reason he was reported was because he was fat and ugly, so you guys have absolutely nothing to worry about!”

“For a JC to be overtaken by a fattie was the problem here.”

“Let’s hope the cops get this evil criminal.”

“How did Japan ever come to this…”

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