Microsoft @ Comiket 83 – “Now They Really Are Desperate!”


As if enough doubts had not already been raised in response to the profusion of moe mascots for Windows 8, now Microsoft is attending Comiket 83, begging attendees to drop by their booth with the enticing prospect of “being able to photograph a beautiful cosplayer,” along with the rather less enticing prospect of being able to paw a Windows 8 touch PC loaded with a moe theme.

Various other limited edition character goods (which for their sake hopefully includes more of the Claudia figures they promised) are expected besides, so Microsoft can at least expect to sell something at the booth.

As is so often the case with Microsoft, they actually appear to be copying Google – who were themselves at the summer Comiket desperately trying to push their also-ran social network onto otaku with the aid of pretty girls in nekomimi and spectacles, having apparently not grasped the fact they still lack an appealing 2D mascot:


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