Louis Vuitton’s Hatsune Miku Outrages Miku Fans


Miku fans have been outraged by fashion designer Marc Jacobs’ unflattering portrayal of Hatsune Miku in his new Louis Vuitton label costume for her, although they have so far refrained from threatening to bomb Louis Vuitton outlets.

Hatsune Miku’s new outfit, designed by Louis Vuitton for her appearance in a new opera, fittingly entitled “The End”:


The ensemble was designed by top American fashion designer Marc Jacobs, and “combines the 2013 spring and summer collection with her characteristic qualities in an original work.”


Amongst Miku’s dedicated and, it has to be said, exceedingly sensitive admirers, there is outrage that a mere fashion designer would dare to sully a virtual diva of Miku’s stature with his sordid craft:

“He doesn’t understand anything!”

“Even Louis Vuitton is trying to get in on the action now.”

“They must be desperate!”

“I’ll tear down these posters!”

“My eyes hurt.”

“The only thing to survive this travesty was her twintails.”

“If they are going to wreck her so badly what is the point of pretending it is still Miku?”

“There is no way the designer of some fashion brand for morons is going to be able to appeal to otaku with moe illustrations.”

“All the Mikutards are seriously upset about this…”

“Foreigners don’t get it.”

“What do you expect from some crazed homosexual fashion designer:”


“He just copied one of her old outfits from Project Diva in any case:”


“Look, it isn’t supposed to be a moe illustration of Miku – it’s an outfit designed for her to wear!”

“Don’t you people get the difference between a drawing of Miku’s outfit and a drawing of Miku?”

“I’d rather see Miku portrayed by some top mangaka.”

“Are we being made fun of? Why should Miku wear this?”

“Maybe it suits her if she actually wears it…”


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