Nintendo “Cheaps Out” on Wii U Controller Battery


Disappointed gamers have been complaining bitterly that Nintendo has even “cheaped out” on the Wii U’s controller battery, after learning of its “paltry” 1500mAh battery and the rather suspect large empty space around it.

This time around, Japanese gamers were moaning about the inadequate nature of the controller battery:

“What the hell! This is less than the 3DS LL!”

“This is worse than anyone imagined!”


“They totally cheaped out here.”

“What’s up with that huge unnatural space in there…”

“They are going to sell a high capacity battery pack separately I guess.”

“And you lot kept complaining about how heavy it was – and yet this is how it turns out.”

“Obviously that huge space is for a battery pack, sold separately of course. That’s why it only gets a 3 hour one!”

“God, this is a trashy spec!”

“That space!”

“Oh come on…”

“Worse than the Vita?”

“Perhaps they just originally intended to give us a huge battery but changed it?”

“There is obviously something supposed to go in that big space.”

“What a godly space. This is Nintendo hardware quality alright.”

“Expect a fat battery pack soon…”

After a post-release dissection, the console was also revealed to have a fairly miserly 2GB of RAM:


Doubts about the main console’s computing power continue to be raised, with most putting it at “similar to” the current PS3 or Xbox 360 despite the intervening half decade since their releases, though for some reason Nintendo has been less than forthcoming with details of its specs – not that most mainstream buyers will care.

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  • Nintendo, You have officially made Apple battery life look good. (seriously, 12 hour batteries are weak. It’s like I’m the only one who remembers batteries on electronic devises lasting DAYS of continued use)

  • I laugh at you stupid bastards who keep going about low specs of the console.

    “not that most mainstream buyers will care.”

    This^ Nintendo doesn’t give a fuck about non-mainstream whiners, they insignificant.

  • NINTENDO ACTUALLY CHEAPING OUT ITS HARDWARE?! TELL ME WHATS NEW! Nintendo ALWAYS go cheap on hardware….at least since teh Wii worked out oh so amazingly….This is not NEW at all. When Nintendo tried to make a worthy hokme console, it was busted by the competition, so now we get this, a barely there spec wise new gen console, ready to be stomped by the next iterations of the Xbox and PS ones…lets not say anything about PCs…and about the graphs and the 2GB mem…its about making it work. It will take time, but is Nintendo actually wanting to put the effort in achieveing what the console is capable of?As long as it sells boatloads, Ninty wont care shit about the graphics….Proof? only NINTENDO games SELL really WELL on NINTENDO consoles…otherwise…every once in a blue moon we see a great game selling good in there….

  • Is miserly even a word? I’ve seriously never heard or read that anywhere before today.

    Anyway…. 2gb? Small amount? Hey folks, the xbox1 had 64mb. Look at what it did. There were some fiiiiine games on that system. 2gb on a nintendo system is pretty damn big and when the AAA+ titles come out in the next two years we’ll see that it really doesn’t matter.

  • No Nintendoomed yet?
    Well, I’ll say it :


        • @ 18:03

          Thanks for confirming the double standards.

          The PSV has potential. You didn’t have to nitpick the consoles positives as negatives which showed bias.

          Play PS3/360 games on the go with the VITA? Thats awesome! But you see it as a negative, and detract from the console. Nintendrone inferiority complex confirmed.

          Then you proceed to proclaim the wonders of gimmicks on the WiiU as a massive money making potential that somehow benefits you. RIGHTTTTT….

        • The ps3 was overpriced and had an abysmally small library of games for much of its early life. The PSV is a halfway decent machine, but has received “meh” reception because non-gimmick/plug-and-play portable gaming is being relegated largely to the realm of smartphones.

          The WiiU is a console that has plenty of potential as a system (and fuck you if you don’t think a DnD game, with the pad-user as the DM, would kick all sorts of ass if applied correctly), doesn’t cost your firstborn to acquire, will have three metric fucktonnes of content by Christmas (shitty or not, Grandma doesn’t care as long as Little Timmy gets something for his new gamestation U 340), and has an idiot and/or child friendly structure (and thus, a learning curve reminiscent of falling down stairs).

          It’s probably gonna sell like hotcakes, regardless of how much bitching the very, very vocal minority of the internet throws about.

  • Who cares. It’s still a huge jump up from the Wii. And will likely be a larger leap from Wii to Wii U than from PS3 to PS4 where the best you will get is a bunch of fancy lighting effects, 1080p(only a 2.2X boost in resolution) with 60FPS, crappy Anti aliasing(Because who cares about AA right? /Sarcasm), no ability to play used games. NO backwards compatibility at all with all BC being relegated to Gakai “Streaming classics service”

    Really all of this is just a bunch of half truth bullshit right now. Let the games speak for themselves, oh what? Crappy rushed UE3 ports don’t look or run as good in certain areas? Well let’s look at it like this>

    They are putting in-experienced teams to develop for a system with 0 ESTABLISHED INSTALL BASE OF USERS. In literally MONTHS, on a system they BARELY KNOW.

    Where as with the PS3/360 they’ve had 6 to 7 YEARS of time to build up a user base with knowledge and experience of how to work with the system. With development times of YEARS. Not MONTHS.

    Sure, the Wii U probably won’t get fancy super AA to help it look better.(Which REALLY makes more of a difference to how good a game looks than anything else IMO) but I doubt the 360/PS3 successors will either if UE4 tech demo and Luminous engine demos are anything to go by. The UE4 demo ran on a 680 at 30FPS and all they could manage was FXAA on it. And that’s the GPU they want them to “Target” for these systems.

  • It’s a cost-cutting measure. Yes. Since they’re already selling the system at a loss, and this would probably be one of the areas where cutting costs wouldn’t have any crippling effects.

    But it’s funny: you have the incredibly poorly built 360 and PS3 that were prone to RRoD and YLoD – things that completely destroyed your ability to even use your system – but something meager like not filling out the space for the battery due to not wanting to bleed money, and something that’s easily rectifiable, it’s drawing far more venom than any of the substantially more questionable practices that MS and Sony have ever done.

    Funny Sankaku.

    • >PS3
      >poorly built
      >prone to YLOD

      I lol’d

      Making shit up isn’t a good way to defend a company. YLOD occurence percentage always was within the acceptable norm. Reading blogs like Kotaku or whatever isn’t the right way to get statistics and information on any subject. Idiot.

      RROD on the other hand, that one was a problem and I’m surprised people didn’t care.

      I own both, a 60GB fat PS3 and a later 360 model, neither of which have malfunctioned.

    • FYI. Those systems break down due to little tiny solder points on the board. Since these systems are considered to be a toy, these companies can’t sell their product with lead-based solder (which is what actually fixes it and not break down) due to health hazard of the lead for kids. However, these companies know it so they exploit these problems for profit through warranty and protection plans. Filling out that space on the Wii U controller is for a later extended battery which people will want to buy. Point being, these are not poor design or saving money, but business tactics that the common consumers will end up falling for.

      • Yes. It’s a money-saving measure. I addressed that. My point was that, despite that, why is this receiving more vitriol than more problematic money-saving solutions?

        It’s not like Nintendo are being cheap in this endeavor overall, as they’re already absorbing losses (right after starting to make a bit of money on the 3DS, even) that could have easily ended up more costly on the consumer side.

  • A charger bigger than the console for a battery about the size of a Nintendo DS XL battery?

    Whooo…boy… Someone is REALLY cutting cost corners.

    Like how long do you have with that screen and the wifi, etc. before you have to plug it in? Can’t be more than 3 hours…

  • Really? Why would people care about the battery and that gap of open space? Regardless of the bitching, Nintendo has their reason for it which is making people buy a larger battery with a Nintendo logo. If people have forgotten or have not realized yet, businesses nowadays make their products “disappointing” or lacking so the customers will end up buying overpriced accessories. And in terms of hardware, it’s a Nintendo product. People shouldn’t expect it to be a gaming computer with 16GB of RAM, 4GB graphics card, and a quad-core processor.

    • It would be one thing if the battery had an 8 to 10 hour life span and they made room so they could sell a 15+ hour battery. But the apparent battery life of a Wii U controller is 3 hours, thats just flat out consumer rape, its Nintendo bending you over the table and fucking you up the ass without lube while saying, “You’re going to buy our extended life battery at jacked up prices and LIKE IT.”

        • If they sell the console at a loss that was their choice, not mine.

          Also, popping for a battery with an actual reasonable life span would result in crippling losses? You must subscribe to the MS school of cost cutting, you know, the people who decided it was too expensive to add a set of 5 cent bumpers to the Xbox’s disc tray so the slightest vibration wouldn’t destroy the game discs.

      • Dude, if you need 15+ hours worth of battery life for a single sitting… maybe you should spend some of that time running or something.

        And if they did stick a huge battery in there, you’d be whining about how the WiiU controller is too heavy.

        • Also, Nintendo is one of the lead proponents of the “take a break once in a while” style of gaming. For all we know, a roughly three hour battery life might be a hardcoded reminder that there’s life outside of the happy fun lightbox.

        • If your ass is up off the couch while using that particular controller for more than three consecutive hours of play, you got way too much free time.

          The controller runs while plugged in. And if you’re that much of a whiner that you can’t stand to play with a power cord attached for extended periods, there will be eight fucking thousand different generic extended batteries for a third of the official battery price come Christmas. Nyko will probably make three of them. Gamestop will have their own generic that will cost two thirds of the Nintendo price and provide roughly two hours less battery life than the stock battery and have a shitty faux-rubber “no-slip” cover.

        • Actually, if it was heavier, it would make a good workout. Why run when you can do workout with weights.

          FYI. Batteries can be almost the same size with different mAh. But 15+ may be a bit much.

      • Exactly. a 1500mAh battery won’t last all that long so Nintendo would exploit the shortcomings for more profit. It’s the unfortunate truth of common money making in this era. But the battery issue can be overlooked if anybody can find a better battery about the same size and just connect the three wires.

        • Here it is: In their penultimate issue, Xbox World tells all they know about the upcoming console- and how close it may be.

          When the 360 launched back in 2005, rumors started circulating about the 720. For 7 years, countless amounts of fake out announcement dates, capability speculation and all-around off the wall statements have been made; wishing and not so much speculating.

          Regardless, here we are, 7 years later and far past the usual system life span without so much as a twinkle in Microsoft’s eye. More than likely, this is the precise reason we grasp onto any and all “new information” found online; however, Xbox World gives us reason to believe they may have the real deal.

          Within their 8-page feature, of their second to last issue, Xbox World seems to figure, “Why not?” In their interview with the UK website CVG, Computer and Video, Editor in chief of Xbox World Dan Dawkins states:

          Xbox World has been at the cutting edge of Durango coverage for over 12 months. Unless something really dramatic changes, everything we reveal in our penultimate issue will be revealed long before E3 in June.

          Durango, auspicious code name of the next Xbox console, dev kits are currently shipping and have, “a CPU with four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores and an impressive 8GB of RAM.”

          Xbox World speculates the system won’t go by Durango or even 720, but will simply be called Xbox and will support blu-ray, include built in Kinect 2.0, new “innovative’ controller that could end up supporting AR-glasses at a later date.

          After the “leaked” documents over the summer, and the likes of gaming heavy-weights like Cliffy B. tweeting his impressions of the new VR/AR Kinect- it’s kind of hard to deny it’s coming soon.


  • Lol @ the Nintendo haters.

    It is what Nintendo described it to be from the start:

    A Hi Def version of the Wii to complete with the current market all be it a little late.

    While the battery is a bit lame those whining about the 2 gigs of memory are totally clueless.

    • I dont blame you, its getting annoying. I got the Black Wii U, and this thing is awesome. Its not the greatest invention to mankind but its sure as hell, fun, this is coming from a gamer that dislikes motion controls(Kniect, PS Move, Wii sticks, etc) and loves standard game pads, mouse and keyboards. Plus i disliked the original Wii for its motion controls, which comparably the Wii U’s motion controls are nicer and less constrictive thanks to the dual analog sticks. But I digress, I’ve been playing with my Wii U for about a couple hours and I had no problem with the game pad battery power. I did noticed the charging cord is long enough to let you charge the pad while playing the games. Was this intentional for the battery being small? I cannot be certain, but the hours i’ve played my Wii U, my controller has not died or ran out of power fast. One thing I did notice however, the charging stand that comes with the Black Wii U’s reminds me of the 3DS cradle, you know when your done place it on the cradle to charge? All in all I love my Wii U, its great and I haven’t had this much fun since I got a xbox360 few years back now. Also, the battery in my case(playing a couple of hours of gameplay), is perfect.

      • Exactly. You can plug the controller in and play while it is charging. Not only that but I can take the controller to my desk or drawing table and watch Netflix on the screen. So it is basically doubling as an extra t.v. The Wii U is so far really impressing me.

  • Wow artefact, you really have something against the Wii U don’t you?

    “fairly miserly 2GB of RAM” In comparison to what? The 512MB in the Xbox 360? It has 4x the RAM of the current gen consoles, and in addition its DDR3 (albiet clocked quite low).

    In terms of the GPU performance, it’s far and away the most powerful console out there right now, and anyone who knows anything about graphics hardware would realize this. It’s also the only console that runs games natively at 1080p. The CPU on the other hand is questionable.

    It’s amazing that you’re able to publish so much about ‘graphics performance’ and ‘graphics quality’ when you obviously know so little about it. Here’s to the next article comparing the performance of the Wii U to other consoles by comparing low res screen shots of launch titles… lol.

    • Give him a break.

      He just try to do his job, to publish a controversial article that offended certain fans, and ignite a flame war, which will increase page count and number of comment or whatever..

  • I really wish Nintendo would just get out of the console market, ever since after the snes their consoles have all been shit, Snes was the last good one. IMO they should stick to handhelds and maybe make some of their games for other systems, Sega did this and is making more profit than they were when they had their own hardware.

    Nintendo consoles just do not get the 3rd party support it needs to be good, plus the fact so far every single one of its hardware systems have neen inferior to what else is on the market, I heard the Wii-u is barely as strong as the x360. Which if this is true is rather sad for how old the x360 is.

    Anyway yeah, I think Nintendo should quit the console market entirely and just stick to handhelds because honestly? they are the only decent systems they make anymore that actually gets the devoloper support to do well.

    I think the wii floped because devs couldn’t be assed porting their games to vastly inferior hardware compared to the x360, and didn’t feel like coding the game to work with the backwards-ass controller nintendo went with.

    Wii-u will probally end up being a flop too, in a year or so we’ll be hearing some high up nintendo person say the wii-u failed, just like one did with the Wii.

  • Who cares about the CPU(computing power)?

    The GPU is what does graphics and their GPU has 3 times the capability of the PS3 and 360.

    Even devs themselves have said that they can’t port Wii U games to the PS3 and 360 without downgrading the graphics and the features. The guy who wrote this article knows nothing about tech.

    The RAM was rumored to have been 768 on the low end and 1.5 on the highest end. Nintendo actually went beyond high end next expectations for the RAM and that is miserly?

    • “they can’t port Wii U games to the PS3 and 360 without downgrading the graphics and the features”

      Ahh, memories of the Wii fiasco…
      “We can’t port PS3/360 games to Wii without downgrading everything”

      I wonder if history’s gonna repeat itself after Sony and Microsoft announce their next consoles for real.

      • I don’t get it either. 2GB of RAM is still 4x as much as the xbox 360. It may not be up to par with most gaming PCs, but it’s not bad by any means.

        Besides, everyone knows (or should know) that it takes time to learn how to optimize a game for a platform. You can’t disagree that games made for the xbox 360 today look better than they did at launch. As a platform matures, developers learn all the tricks to eek out every bit of performance they can.

        So games at the launch of Wii U may not look any better than the previous gen. That’s partly due to what I just explained, but also because devs program for the lowest common denominator. They make a game look as good as possible on the weakest platform. When they port to other platforms, they often use the extra power of the other platforms to make up for less efficient code (which makes for quicker, cheaper porting).

        It’s all not quite as simple as that, but that’s the gist of it.

        tl;dr Wii U games may not look any better than ones for previous gen consoles, but they’ll only look better with time.

        • Yep, the Xbox 360 has just 512MB of RAM shared between the system and graphics hardware, and the PS3 has just 256MB of system memory and another 256MB of video memory. The Wii U has significantly more memory by comparison, and while the current ports of games designed for other consoles won’t take full advantage of this, eventually it should make for a pretty notable difference. I do suspect that the Wii U’s graphics chipset isn’t significantly faster than the other consoles, but that’s only one aspect of the system’s overall performance.

        • Comparing console ram to modern PC ram is ridiculous. They are not the same animal, don’t have the same overhead (I just popped open my task manager and windows overhead + some browser tabs and my normal background processes = 2.6GB). If you have to compare it to a computer, it would make more sense to compare it to an Amiga, which was based entirely on custom hardware and could do A LOT with just 1 – 4MB of RAM. Imagine if you could boot a game disc on your PC with nothing but the most basic drivers for the hardware the game needed– 2GB of RAM would go a long way.

      • Because it’s obviously important to be able to play the thing you bought longer than a few short hours this day and age for a hand-held of any sort (Travel to work, plane trips, etc). ‘Nitpicking’ is in the eye of the beholder of course, but if this is really such a small battery, then it’s not about haters going after Nintendo, it’s about them not necessarily considering needs of the players that are well-known.

        Although considering their market of casual gamers, most won’t end up minding I guess. Which is a shame that Nintendo would get away with things like this, but without taking any sides, if Sony or Microsoft did the same, let’s face it, it would be catastrophic for them.

        Oh well.

        • “Travel to work, plane trips, etc”

          Um… You do realize this isn’t a portable gaming device, right? You might be able play games using only the controller screen, but they’re still rendered on the console, so you can’t leave your house with it. That’s what the 3DS is for. While the battery life for the touchscreen controller may be somewhat limited, you’re in your house, so plugging it into an outlet shouldn’t be a problem during extended play sessions.

          And of course, there will undoubtedly be cheap extended-capacity batteries appearing online in the coming months. You’ll almost certainly be able to find third-party battery packs with double the capacity for under $10 shipped, if you have some aversion to plugging the thing in after several hours.

        • Nobody should be so quick to judge. We’re all humans and we do make mistakes ever so often. If HouseLife said something I didn’t agree with before, then I just don’t agree with it, but if HouseLife said something I agree with now, then I still end up agreeing with it. Why should it matter. It’s the content of the opinion I care about not the speaker themselves.

  • Come on Nintendo, you can do it if you just tried.
    My phone has more memory, battery life and processing power than that console…and 1/3 the price tag.
    I wonder if I can wire my phone into the console to boost it?

    • You do understand that the price of your phone is subsidized by your phone plan and the MSRP of the device is way higher than that, right? That’s why you pay an early termination fee, because you still owe your carrier for the remainder of the price of the phone. So if you want the WiiU to be $600-$700… well good for you.

      • I have no special phone plan. I’ve just used my old sim in a new phone without any carrier support. And it still costed me 700$ for more powerful thing than this, and it fits in my pocket. Yes, games on Android are crap. It is the only problem.

      • And you sir are an idiot. My phone has 2GB of Memory in it with a dual core 1.5Ghz processor that runs and plays PS2 games with an emulator quite easily!

        This is garbage that I bet would not even run an emulator well. Even the connectors are garbage not even decent quality gold contacts.

        Nintendo quality at it’s best which is not saying much. And no way in hell would I buy this junk.

        • I’m afraid you’re the intellectually challenged one here.

          PS2 games? Really? That’s your case for your phone being more powerful? And you’re talking about *GOLD CONTACTS* FFS? Are you getting your technical know-how from Monster Cable pamphlets?

          Plus, any recent high-end smartphone costs way more to assemble than the Wii U sells for. And no, it’s still not as powerful as the Wii U.

          Not that I’m interested in the Wii U. The whole tablet controller thing is just absurd.

      • Have you looked at the specs for the Wii U? It’s standard Nintendo garbage. Sick of that company coming out with rubbish than advertising as if its a revolutionary product. N64 was the last good system made by that company.

        • Honestly tech specs aren’t that important. Not past a certain point, and Nintendo usually doesn’t need it. They innovate more with software and hardware concepts.

          …or so most say. I think it’s true, except that Nintendo is starting to skimp on the specs to a ridiculous degree, their games haven’t been truly innovative for ages, and their hardware success with the Wii didn’t translate well to the 3D screen on the 3DS. This new controller doesn’t really excite either.

        • nds and wii arn’t that bad. However, after that, dsi, dsi XL, 3ds, 3ds XL, wiiu…all are the same old shit by adding functions one by one base on the old model. I own a wii and ds lite just for pokemon and zombies.

  • >implying 2gb of ram is small for a console.

    This is not a pc, you can’t quantify performances simply based on the same numbers. For example, the xbox 360 has 512 MB of ram. So we’re talking about 4 times the amount of ram…

    • Fact is specs are what you can expect of a console which core fanbase is kids with main buyers as parents, Nintendo has the monopoly of this segment so they can afford so many things, including no need to have really high specs for causal gamers looking merely for fun not the best performance or graphics.

      Do you think parents rae gonna bother with specs? NO, they look at mario, smash borther, zelda, etc, just frun for their kids.

      Now be intelligent before you come up and complain that you are not a kid and you enjoy it, thats fine, I enjoy some nintendo games too, they are fun with friends, otherwise for the serious gamers that’s what the pc/xbox/ps are for.

      So point is, nintendo core fanbase could care less about specs, they have no idea anyway.

      • “serious gamers”.

        One question, what is your age? You looks like a 12 years old child trying to prove: “I’m an adult”.

        Are you trying to say that PS3/360/PS3 are for adults only? Don’t make me laugh! All consoles are for children! There’s some game rated +18, but its only because the violence, blood, etc.

      • Instead of spouting your “Nintendo is for kids” nonsense, how about looking at the games actually being released on the new console. There’s nothing that scream “kiddy” about many of the launch title and more are coming, including Bayonetta 2. Now if you dare say that’s a game for kids, you deserve to die in the most horrible way.

        • Yea, seriously, so they have bayonetta and then suddenly Nintendo is a console for hardcore adult gamers?

          Grow up, what is wrong with not being a kid and liking a console for kids? Nothing, I enjoy nintendo games too and I accept its a console for little kids and casual gamers, and I dont feel ashamed or insulted by it or when someone says it.


          Are you a kid pretending to be an adult? You behave exactly like that

          CHeck the news about the miiverse debug menu “hack” on day one, even nintendo clearly and textually says “GAMES FOR KIDS”

        • LIke he said BE INTELLIGENT and stop being a moron that cannnot read.

          LIke it or not CORE (do you know what it means) base is KIDS! PERIOD.

          Did he said its ONLY for kids? or that 100% base is KIDS?

          GO back to school to learn reading comprehension?

          YOu are probably a kid that does not want to be called a kid!!

          Of course Nintendo has a small percentage of more serious gamers, whith some games now and then to them,

          DO you know why the drama for the really hardcore gamers that wanted bayonetta and turned out the sequel is only in wii U?

          SO if you dont want to be called a kid dont act like one then and accept the obvious,

          NIntendo is NOT about bayonetta o0r the like, ITS ABOUT MARIO, POKEMON, ZELDA, etc


    • RAM is cheap, 2GB is nothing. To say, “but this isn’t a PC!”, is a ridiculous argument.

      Do you realize how much of a pain in the ass it is to optimize a game for that paltry amount of RAM? How many corners have to be cut? How many aspects of a game have to be lessened to meet this requirement?

      The Xbox 360 does only have 512MB of RAM, but 360 games also have horrendous graphics as compared to their PC counter-parts.

      • One thing everyone seems to forget is that the reason consoles can be better optimised than PC’s is because the hardware remains the same on every system. The same is not true for PC games where owners might have different graphics cards, motherboards and CPU’s, meaning they’re forced to make a ‘cover-all’ program to deal with that. Cutting out the crap is why consoles, despite their minimalist RAM, can function perfectly fine and perform graphics on par with average spec PCs.

        Optimization is something which simply can’t be done to the same degree on a PC.

      • This reminds me not to take things people say on the internet at face value. So many words, so little accuracy.

        Anyway, 2 GB of RAM on a console is a fuckton. You think your nice little lap top with 8 gigs is “just barely pulling it off” until you check what is using all that RAM and realize your god damn mp3 player uses more RAM than you could fit in 500 computers 20 years ago. The browser sits contently on top of a pile of 3-4 gigs of RAM after running for a few days because developers these days think “sall good if they run out of RAM there’s always swapping other shit to disk”. Blerf.

      • ram is cheap yes, but 4gb is more expensive than 2gb and 2 are actually more than enough for a gaming console. the only thing more ram would do is to lure devs into sloppy coding, and that’s it.

        same goes for pc. if the majority of applications and games wouldn’t have crappy coding, any system would run fine with 2 to 4gb – there’s absolutely no reason for 8gb, 16gb or even 32gb specs.

      • “Do you realize how much of a pain in the ass it is to optimize a game for that paltry amount of RAM?” : since the N64, nintendo has been overly cheapass with hardware, and developers always had to cope with that. don’t worry, we used to it. and play on other consoles.

        when you know your way with gbc or gba, 1+1Gb is fairly enough, even if it is slow

        • Nintendo hasn’t really been cheap with hardware since the N64, at least not compared to the competition. The N64 was a very capable system, in many ways better than the other consoles available at the time. The Gamecube’s hardware was likewise on par with, and in some ways better than its competitors, though much like the PS3 early this generation, the hardware was “different” from the market leader, and it received a lot of ports that weren’t well-optimized for it. It’s only been since the Wii that Nintendo really skimped on hardware compared to the competition, and that seemed to work out fine enough for them, since they offered something different from the competition.

          Even so, optimizing for any amount of RAM on a console can be a challenge, since developers will use all of it when trying to push for graphics that meet or exceed what’s being done by others. With fixed hardware specifications, they’ll always be going through great lengths to hunt for new ways to get more out of the system. With the PC, there’s no fixed limit to hardware specifications, so they can simply design for whatever arbitrary limit they decide upon, and list that as the requirements. They may push for some amount of optimization to enable their game to run on low-end hardware, but it’s not as important.

          While you could argue that Nintendo could have included more RAM at minimal cost, or a slightly faster graphics chipset, or whatever, at the end of the day, someone has to pay for this. Even with the current specifications, Nintendo is losing money on each console sold, even if they make it back after selling one game. Add in another $10 worth of RAM though, and they might need the licensing fees of two games to break even. Add some more internal storage, and it might be three games, and so on. They could raise the price of the console to make up for this, but that might slow sales, and in the past doing so hasn’t worked all that well for them.

        • RAM on consoles not the same as PC huh? You’re trying to spread some farce here?

          Both Sony and MS are going to make an x86 based console for next gen, so future consoles are only going to be technically closer to PCs than they were in the past.

          And no one saw the AMD stamp on one of the parts in that WiiU breakdown? lol

          It’s amazing how some people think 2GB is good enough because BLABLABLA 360 ONLY HAS 512KB BLABLA. Are you guys forgetting that WiiU is supposed to be next gen? That it’s supposed to be ABOVE PS3 and 360?

          If they’re still going to remain with 32bit systems when PCs have long made the transition to 64bit, shouldn’t they just maximize RAM to the 32bit system’s RAM cap of 4GB if this is truly supposed to be next gen?

        • you cant compare a Nintendo OS like a Windows OS which has many services/ programms runs in the background, in my case my pc would take around 60%(Windows Performance Index) of my 4GB DDR3 busy.

        • @06:08
          Yeah, the ram you buy for PC costs that much, but you don’t know how much it costs to produce ram for a console.
          Consoles don’t use the same motherboards and shit as PCs do, so you can’t apply the same pricetags to completely different pieces of hardware.

      • There’s something called efficiency and there is also something called not wanting to make the console really expensive. Have you programmed a game before? Only graphic whores will complain only about the graphics. A game doesn’t need serious HD graphics to be a good game. Plus, the majority of people who buy Nintendo products aren’t hardcore gamers who play shooters all the time. The argument, “but this isn’t a PC” , is not a ridiculous argument because it’s aim more for kids and casual gamers so the specs is not supposed to match a PC. As a programmer, it’s more than enough to work with.

        • “It’s a Nintendo console, so why care because they’re aimed for casuals.”

          Too many games Nintendo have made for Wii and are making for WiiU that shows that they do care about hardcores and they damn want that part of marketshare so damn bad, they could taste it. It’s just that they’re taking the cheap way out for hardware because they know they can sell those consoles on gimmick and brand alone.

          You’re saying The Last Story, Xenoblade, both Fatal Frame IV, Fatal Frame 2 remake and Pandora’s Tower were aimed for casuals?

          You think casuals would bother to learn inventory management and studying zombie AI for ZombiU?

          Hell, would they even consider Bayonetta? lol

          Nintendo ported so many hardcore titles for WiiU, and those hardcore titles are the ones being advertised the most along the usual Mario and Zelda titles for the game launch.

          Also, larger maps and more objects actually contribute more to gameplay. It’s not the same as resolution because whether the image is sharp or not, it will still determine whether the game will load every 3 fucking doors or just one. Also, bigger maps would enable more players to roam in a map for multiplayer.

          Let’s not forgetting all the side stuff they’re implimenting like chat, watching TV and stuff. How many of these operations can run at the same time or while gaming depends on RAM among other things.

          There are other factors such as CPU processing power and threading, but RAM directly affects gameplay because of the sheer amount of data it can hold. Since RAM is also cheap as fuck, there really were no excuses for Nintendo.

          Are you really a programmer…?

        • You’re implying RAM is only for pretty graphics?

          How about larger maps?

          More objects on screen?

          More parallel operations allowing for a more complex gameplay?


        • When was there an implication of RAM being for only graphics? It appears you’re the ignorant piece of shit since you don’t understand reading comprehension. Larger maps and more objects is still part of the graphics whore topic dumbass. Complex gameplay? It’s a Nintendo console! When was gameplay suppose to be complex for a console that’s aimed for casual gamers? It’s apparent whose the piece of shit whose vocabulary is limited down to profanity and using caps lock to show anger which is really embarrassing. Must be an inbred person.

        • They have this wonderful device which allows them to ‘test’ the games on the target consoles. They’ve had them for years. Some in the form of PC cards which essentially run a miniaturized version of the console (essentially a virtual machine), and some are genuine console units with extra bells and whistles to allow them to transfer code.

          Generally speaking though, these test systems are given extra RAM than their retail counterparts because they’ll be running un-optimized code which generally has a bigger overhead.

        • Comparison still isn’t fully correct since the ‘OS’ isn’t fully loaded onto the ram during game.

          And I have no idea about where you got the idea of made and tested on PC but no, not all games are tested on PC.

        • Well let’s not mistake that these consoles are in fact computers. They are just locked down and customized with their own OS and capabilities. Every single game made is tested initially on PCs and has to be locked down by custom hardware and software to limit the playability on the console, so really the reason the comparison still exists is because it’ll never really disappear.

          That doesn’t give my fellow PC gamers a good reason to be douchebag about PC vs Console of course, because that doesn’t really do anything for anyone.

        • The OS wouldn’t be loaded onto the RAM, it’d be installed to the hard drive. The games themselves take advantage of the RAM.

          All games are technically “tested” on a PC first because that’s where they’re created. They have to at least make sure it works before going through the trouble of porting it to a consoles software.

      • the latency between the gpu and cpu is super low, your video card has more on board memory? How much did it cost. Oh so your whole computer with all the bells and whistle costs twice as much as the wii u? You see why your logic is fucked up?

      • No. What are you on about? Every single Zelda since the original has been divisive. And because of that, the ongoing sentiment has been that it’s been in decline since then. Which isn’t true at all.

        Unless you’re to take the discontentment of the vocal minority as fact. :/

      • Yeah Nintendo way to screw up Zelda by forcing motion controls down peoples throat with Skyward Sword. Which is why I think GameCube Twilight Princess was better than the Wii version.

        But all they have to is release a new EarthBound/Mother then all is forgiven, a game that is better played than described.

        • >seeing a pattern here?
          It’s easy to dismiss critics as a ‘vocal minority’.
          Yes, it is true that there was always someone complaining when new Zelda games came out though. And you missed out on Majoras Mask with some people complaining about “time pressure” (which was missing the point).

          But what I meant was execution and not that opinionated stuff. When OoT came out, it had good characterization for it’s time and for Nintendo. It doesn’t matter if someone complained about 3D, because the game was still really good and has become an all-time favorite for many.
          Compare Saria and Illya for example, and the way they were handled story-wise. Illya was not only badly written, she vanished out of the plot completely! Even though it seemed she’d play a role in the main story after she lost her memories. The story jumped from A to B and was a confusing pile of crap.

          Nintendo needs to put a bit more heart into their characters and story. Times have changed, and Nintendo can’t keep up anymore it seems.

        • Oh, yeah. Pattern’s easy to spot.

          The internet likes to bitch, but they are a little bitch, so they bitch the whole while they’re being made bitches.

          Bitches love to bitch. So I gave my bitch a bitch. Bitches love bitches.

        • When Twilight Princess came you, the internet bitched about “the formula being old” and said Wind Waker was the best Zelda.

          When Wind Waker came out, the internet bitched about cel-shading and said OoT was the best Zelda.

          When OoT came out, the internet bitched about ditching the 2D Gameplay Mechanics and said LttP was the best Zelda.

          Seeing a pattern here?

        • Except then Nintendo will choose not release Earthbound outside of Japan, just all the other games that Wii fans wanted but never got, because releasing actual games for Gamers in the significantly larger western market just makes too much sense for Nintendo to handle.

    • no joke.. Of course Zelda fans will buy Wii U, just like an Uncharted fans buying a PS3..

      If a game enjoyed by the fans, I’d say money is well spend.

      I wont buy a Wii U for a 3rd party released, but just for the first party game, and a ps3 and Wii U is all I need for my gaming session.

      • You can’t actually buy extra touchscreen controllers though, at least at this point, nor would you really want to, since current games don’t make use of more than one. For same-system multiplayer, the other players use either the Pro Controller, Classic Controller or Wii Remotes, which existing Wii owners will already have.

        I’d say the price seems reasonable in comparison with the other consoles. The current non-stripped down Xbox 360 bundles sell in the $250 to $350 range, depending on the bundled game, kinect, and other features, and if you want to play online, you’ll be spending an additional $50 or more a year. The PS3 is around $300 to $400, depending on the bundle. Plus, you have to remember that the Wii U is new right now, and demand outstrips production. When the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony debut in another year or two, they’ll undoubtedly cost hundreds of dollars more.

        Of course, if you already have a 360 or PS3, I can see how you might not be able to justify the cost of a new console that currently mostly features ports of games already available on your system. The Wii has a decent number of games available at launch, but doesn’t really have an exclusive killer app quite yet.

  • Yes yes internet we know you are Tsundere for Nintendo.

    Secretly playing the games but you don’t want your friends to know you like them. But what you don’t know is EVERYONE likes them which why they always do well

    • Not that argument again!
      The consumer has no gain from how Nintendo handles this. With Nintendo, you won’t even see it on the price tag. And with having lower specs you limit what developers can do with your console!
      Yes, we don’t need good graphics to enjoy ourselves. But it would be nice if developers could actually MAKE them for your console!

        • I always wait for 2-3 years after the console’s launch before I buy it – that way I know all about it and it’s competition and can make a proper choice. Compulsive purchases rarely pay off…

          Patience is a customer’s best friend – granted you know for sure that the item you’re planning to buy is going to stay on store shelves for long enough.

        • Buying newly launched system sucks. I buy the damn Vita early, and I have no game like for 3 months. After that, a Vita Value pack offered in stores, bundled with a game and the whole things is much cheaper than the Vita I bought.. Next time, I will only buy a system after I saw a game I like on it.