Aya Hirano: “Guys Love Me Even If I Am A Deko-Bitch!”


Scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano’s “deko-bitch” nickname has passed her own lips for the first time, with Hirano sharing one of her famous stories – this time about a random admirer commenting on how beautiful her surgical mask and/or forehead is on the street – with her 366,000 diligent (or merely morbidly curious) followers.

She twits thus:

I passed a guy who said “damn, she’s super-cute!” to me.

I was wearing a mask and you couldn’t see half my face, so it was a bit strange.

Right! It must have been my forehead! He must have thought my forehead was cute!

Nice to see my forehead passes muster even if it does only get me called deko-bitch…

I now love that guy unconditionally.


She is however silent as to whether her new admirer was recruited into her harem or not.

The Mask of Aya Hirano, suggesting she might be onto something after all:


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