Comfort Women “Nothing But Prostitutes”


A statement alleging wartime “comfort women” were nothing more than common prostitutes who “earned incomes far in excess of even generals,” and endorsed by a slew of eminent Japanese establishment figures including ex-PM Abe, has been published in a US newspaper.

The ad was published in New Jersey’s Star Ledger as a response to earlier advertising promoting Korea’s case, all of which is part of a long-running series of efforts by East Asian nationalists to interest the American public in their tedious squabbles (or possibly merely make them hate Japan as much as they do):


The video referenced in the advertisement:

With little in the way of impartial historical documentation and the subject largely being of interest to crazed patriots, assertions regarding the “comfort women” issue have become increasingly extreme.

Korean nationalists now insist the Japanese military spirited away hundreds of thousands of Korean women for use as sex slaves, whilst Japanese nationalists largely maintain that they were nothing more than money-grubbing camp followers and that the whole issue is being used by Korean nationalists to stoke anti-Japanese sentiment and milk compensation payouts.

The Korean government recognises 234 women as former sex slaves, whilst the Japanese government has issued various apologies and paid the South Korean government several hundred million dollars in war reparations.

Despite this the issue remains a matter of obsessive interest to many Koreans, and with most of Japan’s incoming politicians apparently in no mood to be endlessly victimised by their neighbours, no end seems to be in sight to the issue.

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  • Maybe instead of writing shit on other people’s news papers, japs should concentrate on getting their economy and 234% GDP national debt under control. Last time I checked, japan just recently contracted 3.5% GDP and basically entered recession.

    Get your fucking priorities right japs.

    • Japs and their selective vision. Maybe we should also say rapes committed by US servicemen were ‘fabricated’, ‘unjustly accused’, ‘accused with ulterior motive’.

      Sure is nothing compared to what japs are trying to cover up.

  • These japs should learn to keep their mouths shut about things they don’t understand. No wonder koreans and chinese are pissed – japs just mouth off with incredibly small-minded view of the world. Being confined to a tiny little excuse of an island often results in arrested development. That ‘article’ is so full of factual fallacy and selective emphasis it makes mein kampf look objective.

    Plenty of evidence from first-hand witness accounts as well as factual evidence of numerous woman liberated by US and allied forces in the pacific points to one conclusion only. All their ‘facts’ are nothing more than propaganda pieces and generally ‘you caught us but can never prove it’ attitude. Dong-a-ilbo was under imperial japanese control at the time. Their own ‘directive’ is worthless – crime is precisely a crime because it violates the law. It is worth less then a tissue paper since it was flagrantly violated by field personnel. What proof is their that prostitutes were paid so? They also ignored mountains of US documents corroborating the sexual abuse of japanese with mere fraction of short-sighted documents that were but minute percentage of many other reports, trying to portray it as truth. What a childish and infantile attempt at selective acknowledgement of facts.

    At this rate, they will suffer the consequences of their childish irresponsibility some time soon. America will get tired of their bitching and leave japs at the mercy of its neighbors. It’s so amusing how japs like to act like a pillar of morality of virtue. As japanese like to call koreans, shameless and ignorant. Even worse, they fool themselves and brainwashing themselves willingly at least to the same degree as those they insult.

    Those who refuse to act proper should suffer the consequences of their behavior.

  • Tbh, I wish the Asian countries would stop bickering about this and actually just admit the things that happened. Sure, those things may suck, it may lead to fighting, but in the end they can get past this petty high-school sort of bickering.

  • Hmmm…
    -Too much to think about this…-
    Ah, I’ll just go back to 2D girls. I feel alive again. Don’t think bad of me, from my view, many people thinking about this already. I don’t think they need my thought about it anyway.
    Just don’t forget your love for 2D.

  • “Japanese government has issued various apologies and paid the South Korean government several hundred million dollars in war reparations.”

    Japan already apologies and pay compensation, but some of greedy and selfish Korean is not satisfied. That stuff is in past and already resolved, so no point in bringing it back.

    • But the stance of the CftHF is not quite like this. They’ve found the truth and are generous enough not to let it rot in a scientific paper, but instead bring it to you in a very sensitive and enticing book ad. Even the people whom it concerns most won’t probably be able to hold back their curiosity.

  • This story is amazing, imagine the lawsuits going back 300,000 years over history at what was done during conquring territory in all the wars todate, including every city the Romans killed and every city the aztecs and mayans killed. When people kill people, people kill people so they made do with whoever is near for whatever they want including canabiblism and sex slaves.

    BTW, Japan has such a hunger for sex the put their own children, ages 7 to 15, up on message boards to sell themselves to make money so the families can pay their rent and buy diamond studded hubcaps for the cars. Clearly, Japan should not be having a population birth issue, but if not for all the ones that are female are under age and pregenacys are aborted. Time for the animals and heathens to wake up.

  • more anti-American crap, what’s your agenda anyway? Sankaku used to be a cool place to come, but now its just propaganda posts to get a rise out of everyone and posts about polls that only retards voted in.

    first, the “American public” doesnt take news papers seriously anymore, especially New Jersey news, nor do they care about anything that far back in the past as current news. The news has just become blogs on paper, where “news” writers can just about spread thier opinion as fact these days. Its most likely just some Korean-American writer.

  • I hope people realize that the vast majority of Americans don’t give a flying fuck about any of this. WWII is long over — we won. That’s about all it means to us now.

    Putting these ads in papers is just a waste of money, which the papers are happy to take.

  • Like I said, sooner or later we’ll have something like a “Moe Moe Rape of Nanjing” book with tons of guro loli toys…

    Wonder what that’ll do when they have them made in the sweatshop in China…?

    “Why are you rioting, workers? This is glorious people’s republic…”

    “Look at the toys/books we are making, official. LOOK AT THEM…”


    “UuuuaaaaAAAAIIIEGGGGGGG!!!” starts vomiting.

    Workers “We know Marx say Da Rast Kapitarist shar shell us da lope with which we shar hang him, but this… THIS!?”

  • This kind reminds me how africans and there descendants blame europeans for inventing slavery. The truth is that, slavery existed in africa long before the first contacts with europeans…
    When a tribe defeated another tribe, the winning tribe kept the remaining survivors as slaves. Sometimes some tribes went to war just to replenish their stock of slaves…

    • That’s retarded. Africans blame Europeans for their centuries long enslavement, not for ‘inventing slavery’. Your claim makes you as retarded as whatever African you heard saying such nonsense.

      With regard to this thread, I’ve never seen Koreans claim Japanese invented sexual slavery. They seem to be claiming that Japanese enslaved Korean women for sexual comfort which is either true or not. Whatever social consequences come from that is those for the relevant parties to hash out.
      BTW, this hardly compares to CENTURIES of chattel slavery.
      Might as well say ‘this kind of reminds me of Jews blaming Germans for the holocaust-Jewish people have killed each other before then. Sometimes when Jews didn’t like what another Jew was doing, they’d hang somebody on a cross’

    • Arab slavery was much more extensive and more brutal way before europeans ever got into that game seriously, yet the world loves to play the ‘race’ card every time.

      Hypocrites must be exterminated by lesser hypocrites. Bucket of shit calling kettle black is worse than pot calling cattle black.

      • You are right, arabs took more black slaves from Africa than Europeans and Americans.
        And more blacks died in arab slavery than in elsewhere, because of brutal treatment and hunger and even thirst.
        Those clicking minuses to your post have got it wrong, and should begin to read history.

        As of main topic, it is getting old. Of course Japanese Army was guilty of atrocities in Korea and China, but they keep the thing up only to milk more money.
        That will not bring those who died in 30`s and first half of 40`s back to life.
        That prostitutes part can very well be true also.

        • Learn the truth about arab slavery, and you begin to see how ignorant and hypocritical all those anti-racists are.

          If they were judged by the same standard as whites, these races will all be raped and killed by tomorrow morning.

          However, as we can all see like in the case of japanese, they don’t even have the balls to face up to their shit ^^

  • The Imperial Japanese Army whisked away hundreds of millions of Korean women into their paradise retreats they were planning to built in the South Pacific to strengthen the friendship and blood ties between the Korean and Japanese people. But most of them were money grubbing whores anyway who needed the money for plastic surgery and latest designer handbags, so they ended up stealing all the food and money and so as a result the Japanese lost the war. Nothing to do with the Americans at all.

    Meanwhile in Europe, Adolf Hitler built lavish palaces and sanatoriums for his friends the Jews to live in and enjoy at the expense of the German state. Also there was no dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, that was just a documentary movie by Michael Bay highlighting the dangers of unrestricted marijuana use by teens. Jackie killed Kennedy for infidelity (who’d suspect?), Elvis went back to his home planet and Andy Kaufman is still lurking around somewhere.

    Can we all be happy now?

  • Making up an enemy so you can rally round the flag is a classic tactic of authoritarian right wingers and bullies. The Chinese government pulled this with Japan and the Senkaku Islands, the Korean and Japanese politicians are stoking this fire for their own gain as well.

    Even if they were prostitutes… What Japan did in Korea during the Imperial period is unforgivable. But all the same, most of the people who participated are long dead, and for Korean politicans to use this to gain points is scummy.

    All I can see is a bunch of wanna-be little hitlers stoking national and ethnic hatred for their own gain.

  • “With little in the way of impartial historical documentation and the subject largely being of interest to crazed patriots, assertions regarding the “comfort women” issue have become increasingly extreme.”

    Yup, sankaku. Those dirty, smelly, kimchi-eating Koreans are just batshit insane, aren’t they? I’m sure the only ones crazy enough to give a shit about this non-issue are the irrational Chinese and Korean horde.

    “From 1932 to the end of World War II, the government of Japan officially ordered the acquisition of an estimated 200 000 young women and girls – euphemistically known as “comfort women” – for the sole purpose of sexual servitude to the Japanese Imperial Army. The “comfort women” system included gang rape, forced abortions, humiliation, and sexual violence resulting in mutilation, death or eventual suicide, in what has been described as one of the largest cases of human trafficking in the 20th century.”

    Except… you know, the Amnesty International. But I’m sure they’re penetrated by Korean and Chinese spies.

    “Canada’s parliament unanimously passed a motion Wednesday calling on Japan to sincerely apologize to foreign women forced into military brothels during World War II.”

    “The US Congress and Dutch Parliament have already passed similar motions.”

    Oh wait. Canadians? The US? Dear god, how far does this Cino-Korean influence reach? This vast anti-japanese conspiracy must be stopped.

    /sarcasm end

    Seriously, sankaku. I used to think you’re quite awesome. But this? FUCK YOU.

    • “”The Special Naval Police (Tokei Tai) had ordered to keep the brothels supplied with women; to this end they arrested women on the streets and after enforced medical examination placed them in the brothels,” one document, titled Prosecution Document No. 5330, says. The report on “comfort women” in western Borneo was prepared by the Netherlands Forces Intelligence Service.”

      Mmmm, juicy. Of course, the paper is only named “The Japan Times” and the person wrote the article has a Japanese name, so it’s obviously part of the Cino-Korean conspiracy.

      “The Government study has revealed that in many cases they were recruited against their own will, through coaxing coercion, etc., and that, at times, administrative/military personnel directly took part in the recruitments. They lived in misery at comfort stations under a coercive atmosphere.

      As to the origin of those comfort women who were transferred to the war areas, excluding those from Japan, those from the Korean Peninsula accounted for a large part. The Korean Peninsula was under Japanese rule in those days, and their recruitment, transfer, control, etc., were conducted generally against their will, through coaxing, coercion, etc.

      Undeniably, this was an act, with the involvement of the military authorities of the day, that severely injured the honor and dignity of many women. The Government of Japan would like to take this opportunity once again to extend its sincere apologies and remorse to all those, irrespective of place of origin, who suffered immeasurable pain and incurable physical and psychological wounds as comfort women.

      It is incumbent upon us, the Government of Japan, to continue to consider seriously, while listening to the views of learned circles, how best we can express this sentiment.

      We shall face squarely the historical facts as described above instead of evading them, and take them to heart as lessons of history. We hereby reiterated our firm determination never to repeat the same mistake by forever engraving such issues in our memories through the study and teaching of history.”

      Strong words, but the one who made that statement is only the “Chief Cabinet Secretary.” I’m sure he’s a Cino-Korean half breed.


      Lack of evidence, my fucking ass.

      • Makes me think about every time a horrible disaster happens in Japan and all I hear is “That’s for Pearl Harbor, f***ers!” Very sad indeed. Or of course how apparently white people still owe black people so much for years of enslavement.

        In truth, that whole white and blank bs is just racism at its worst/finest. There’s slavery everywhere. black/black, /black oriental, white/french, arab/white. I would go on, but you see my point.

        • Speaking of out right Raceism with genocide active today in the USA they do a thing called GangStalking and GasLighting. Both are the same but Gaslighting is like seeing the persons body on fire using modified police radar guns and microwave units without a closed door in the room next door or from the buildings roof next door that over looks the roof of the house next to it. It causes great physical pain and blindness if strong enough almost instantly plus heart attacks on strong people who may be asleep in their chair near the window that the device is above.
          The Mexicans and Latin people get free range on every one run 15 to 45 houses in one area on targed 1 to 4 houses such as is done here in Harlingen, Texas and has been done here since approx 1982. The group has protection as well from 4 or 5 fake churches and multiples of false witness people. Many of the USA policemen and their familys, usually always the top detective and top investigar do this, that includes their mothers daughters and grand children know how to set point adjust and give them their big shocks of the day. So don’t think any wars are over, they are just carrying on without you knowing it till one of your family members dies for a no way that can happen reason. look out USA, here comes Hugo Chavez and his brown eye black hair only going to be allowed to live in the usa mexico and any part of the americas including in canada emancaption. People with blue eyes and red hair are already falsely targed by all latin people because of the fake cathlic religion believe that they are the reincarnation of Judas who was a mexican that sold jesus out.

        • Your a dumbass. It’s going to take a lot more than brushing past wrongs off your shoulder by claiming everyone did it if there is to be a cohesive society that gets along, you dick.

          Yeah…lets move forward by accepting the cards are ancestors were dealt with by continuing with the rewards/penalties that were gained in those times.

  • Please just end this issue…

    As an Japanese-Korean living in Australia (Born in Korea; my dad is Korean and my mum is Japanese), I just don’t like both countries having tense relationship because of these kind of topics.

    It might have nothing to do with me since I live in oversea but it’s still sad to see how the Japanese-Korean relationship has been same as ever…

  • Those Korean sluts loved the easy money they were making. Who wouldn’t want a job that needs no experience or education and involves lying down for the shift.

    And it’s not like it hurt given the average size of the members of the Japanese military.

    • HAHA

      I once saw this korean girl (looked like one of those prim and demur with family but slut when no one’s looking type), fairly attractive, who came out of a ford mustang with 3 black guys who were clearly intent on having a gangbang session with her back in their house.

      The asian kids I was with either looked like they wanted to run into a hole, or was impotently raging but too pussy to look at any of the blacks in the eye.

      I was laughing my ass off.

        • Another case of asian girl flipping out when no one’s watching:

          A chinese girl moved into a nearby house rented by a conservative and religious non-christian woman. Within a span of two months, she brings home different men almost every other day, sometimes EVERY DAY, from every ethnic group imaginable. I am pretty sure she wasn’t staying up all night with them playing checkers.

          The owner was being driven mad, and finally asked the parents of the spoiled asian cum bucket to move her out. Those dim-witted parents of hers never even suspected a thing thanks to their slut of a daughter acting demur and submissive in front of them on the move out day.

          Only if they knew 🙂

  • “Sadly, many women were made to suffered to severe hardships during the wretched era during World War II…”

    You know it was written & proofread by Nationalist Party Japs, because their English is pure shit.

  • As long as japan remains japanese at core, or japanese themselves remain japanese, they will never be fully accepted by the international community. They will always be outcasts, ignored, precisely because core japanese mentality and attitude is flawed to the extreme. No amount of ‘our culture is different’ screeching will cover up the fact that they continue to lash out and then get slapped down for it everytime. Military, economics, cultural, etc.

    “Nail that sticks out gets hammered down”. Only if japanese followed their own proverbs.

  • This is as repulsive as the japanese efforts to portrait themselves as victims after the end of ww2, especialy their made-up ‘holocaust’ (yes, the one those filthy and greasy fat asses at 2ch like to mention everytime they want to justify their insults and irrational hatred of United States — if you want to blame and insult someone for that, then insult your own evil military elite who allowed that to occur…boom!)

  • In this case, japs are really pathetic making excuses. Look at all the stupid idiotic attempts in the video to try to worm its way into American thinking (quoting the bible LOL).

    Their limited view of other people’s perceptions and childish mentality that they understand anything about anyone really does come through clean.

    MacArthur said it best: “Japan is a nation of 12 year-olds”.

    Be a man and own up to your shit. If you neighbor is even worse shit then you, then its their problem. But don’t make childish excuses and arguments like this with all of your politicians party names on them.

    If another jap tries to act like a pillar of morality in US using diplomatic channels, we should just fuck his japanese wife to shut him up.

    • Exactly! See how japanese gets fucked over by their own incredibly shallow lies. It’s not just bureaucrats and politicians. It’s the fundamental defect in their mentality and psychology that allowed such disaster to happen which required a lot of luck and plenty of willful ignorance of literally hundreds of fail safes that all FAILED willfully thanks to japanese inferiority.

  • Since I can’t see my comment anymore, I’m going to assume it was deleted.

    Damn, sankaku. Did I kick your ass that bad to a point where you went all pissy and delete my comment? Kind of like the wingnuts: display of facts intimidate you.

    Anyway, the facts remain: there are preponderance of evidence not just from the “crazy patriots” from the Korean and Chinese race, but from multiple nations whose women were victimized by the Imperial Japanese military. Hell, an official investigation by the Japanese government FOUND that these women were TAKEN INVOLUNTARILY and were faced with unimaginable abuse.

    “Tedious squabbles,” you put it. Wow. Just Wow.

    Go ahead. Delete this comment too.

    • Your a moron. Where did you learn that bullshit? Japanese do have history about WWI. Germany has history on WWII. Did you read that on the internet or something? Because I think you need to get back in school.

    • What are you talking about? Look into the issue a little bit. There were revisionist textbooks, which were a bit worse received than creationism in US schools. Generally that shit is overblown and Westerners assume it’s in all the schools simply because it existed.

    • They learn all about it albeit some more than others because it’s all up to the school. And during High School they have over 50 different historybooks to choose from. There is 1 of these 50 books that tries to whitewash WW2 crimes, and that book is used in under 1% of all the schools. It is also, a lot up to the history teacher in question of course.

      The real reason a lot of Japanese people does not want to talk about it, is the following things:
      1) they feel ashamed of it
      2) they feel it shouldn’t matter this day and age, the majority of the people living today was not responsible in any way for what happened then.

      But yeah, nutjobs will always exist and keep denying this, especially netizens and Politicans fishing for the right-wing crowd.

      I think it’s sad, a lot of people just buy whatever South Korea and China says in this matter.

      • Of course, the other textbooks are all full of truths and painful facts about criminality of japanese during ww2.

        What the fuck you on anyway? Most of them just refer to ‘incidents’ and even when discussing the facts, try to veer away from calling them outright crimes like they are. Alway trying to weasel out by not-so-covertly justifying them and otherwise focusing way more on faults of the enemy then outright stating their soldiers were rapists and murderers like they were, and that there is an abject lesson to be learned from such clear cut case of criminality.

        Also, yes a lot of it IS based on teachers, and japanese teachers are NOT known for their partiality or professionalism, much less so then other places around the world. I would rather take islamic mullah over them, since at least those sand niggers at least openly admit they are worshipping a delusional pedophilic bitch called muhammad.

        China and Korea are not any better, but japanese have no standing to bitch at them either. Better check yourself before bitching like a whore in heat.

  • Every single excuse they gave for enslaving those women for sex slavery I can use to justify every one of the rapes that occured in japan by US military members from 1945 on.

    “We deeply regret the ‘unfortunate incidents’ that happen from time to time due to nature of war and military organizations…”

    Japs sure are selectively moral. This type of bitch attitude might work in japan but here in US we just laugh 🙂