Cops Arrest Strip Joint – Strippers, Patrons & All


Police have executed a daring midnight raid on one of Osaka’s oldest strip clubs, even going so far as to arrest the strippers and the evil men who were taking photographs of them.

Police found the strip club to be putting on shows in which young women exposed their nether regions to paying patrons, and so arrested its 3 managers on public indecency charges.

They also arrested 4 employees and 2 strippers aged 24-25, finding the establishment had been lending customers cameras and charging them Β₯500 a go for taking pictures of its girls.

Of the 40 patrons present, 10 were caught in the act of taking pictures and were arrested for “abetting” the crimes of the establishment. The 10, including 2 civil servants aged 56 and 52, were released the same day, but police say they intend to prosecute them all regardless.

The establishment had been in business since 1985 (apparently without incident), and with a capacity of 120 was one of the more well established strip joints in the Kansai region.

How the establishment came to be the subject of such treatment when the rest of Osaka is overflowing with full-blown (at the very least) brothels is the subject of much speculation amongst Japanese, who are as hard pressed as ever to explain the actions of their police:

“What the hell are Japan’s police doing!?”

“Interesting definition of ‘public obscenity’ there, inside a private theatre and all.”

“What is the point of a strip joint where they can’t strip?”

“Since they let all these clubs and brothels go on unmolested for decades it is odd to see them going nuts all of a sudden – perhaps something going on with their leadership? Even so, bet we won’t see them lift a finger against any pachinko parlours.”

“It really does seem the National Police Agency is going crazy of late…”

“Expect to get arrested for buying AV next.”

“We need some kind of organisation to keep our police under control.”

“Since this is the whole point of a strip club it is hard to understand the point of banning them like this.”

“Why can’t they do anything about pachinko parlours and their illegal money changing?”

“What is with all these ridiculous sex trade arrests lately? There must be an election I guess.”

“Police just want you using the brothels instead, they make more money off of them.”

“Another shop which got behind on its payouts to police.”

“Police desperately trying to make their worthless quota of convictions again.”

“Fascinating how they never arrest teachers for taking pictures of their schoolgirls but doing it in a strip bar gets you busted.”

“They are as merciless as ever when it comes to persecuting weak targets.”

“Leave all the yakuza, illegal aliens and pachinko alone, and concentrate on the evils of strip clubs!”

“Was it the actual stripping, or the photography aspect which they cracked down on?”

“Japanese police = yakuza.”

“Great to see how our police have their priorities straight!”

“Wait, 24-25…”

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