Cops Hunt Man For Warning Girl “Your Pantsu Are Showing”


The public has been warned to be on the lookout for a man who reportedly mentioned the fact a girl’s underwear was showing in public.

The incident occurred at a Hyogo prefecture commercial building, where a schoolgirl on her way home in the afternoon reported hearing “There’s a JK here with her pantsu showing” from a nearby man, who promptly left the scene.

The man is described as being about 30, 180cm in height and of medium build, wearing black rimmed spectacles, black trainers and blue jeans.

The perils Japanese schoolgirls are subjected to on a daily basis are long since the stuff of legend online:

“Come on, he was just trying to help her out?”

“If this were some schoolboy wandering about with his penis hanging out it would be him they’d arrest.”

“If it’s a man, it’s indecent exposure and he gets arrested. If it’s a woman, any men who see it get arrested for voyeurism.”

“They should arrest the JK for showing off her pantsu!”

“Stick to 2D, who wants dirty 3D pantsu anyway.”

“I get it – you should just shut up and watch instead of warning her.”

“Why would you warn a JK her pantsu are showing, that should be treasured!”

“It doesn’t even sound like he was actually talking to her…”

“Anyone who actually calls a high schoolgirl a ‘JK’ in real life probably deserves to be arrested.”

“Arrest the JK for indecent exposure!”

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