Narutard Commits Suicide “After Seeing Itachi Die”


A young Naruto fan has killed himself after becoming distraught at the death of his favourite character in a Naruto movie.

The 14-year-old Russian boy reportedly tossed himself off the top of his apartment building on seeing Itachi Uchiha die in “Hurricane Chronicle,” having apparently despaired at the death of his favourite character.

He is said to have left a message online saying he “was planning an ending,” but his body was only found two days later.

His father suspects he was having trouble discerning fantasy from reality:

“I always told him he spent too much time watching the TV – he didn’t know what was reality and what was fiction anymore.”

Strangely, online there is not much sympathy for the unfortunate boy:

“Itachi’s death was harsh but not worth killing yourself over.”

“I could understand this if it were the protagonist or something, but this is kind of an unexpected character to kill yourself over.”

“Idiots like this crop up from time to time…”

“What kind of genjutsu did they use on this one?”

“It’s too early for foreigners to be watching anime and manga.”

“Chuuni is chuunibyou even in Russia.”

“Can’t foreigners distinguish reality from fiction?”

“The same thing happens to Japanese – there was one who died thanks to Ashita no Joe over here…”

“I can’t believe they will blame Naruto and ban it, even in Russia!”

“If all fans killed themselves over their favourite character’s death Dragon Ball would be in trouble.”

“And to think what he would have known if he were a Shonen Jump reader…”

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