US Soldier Beats Schoolboy in Drunken Rampage


A US serviceman is in hospital after a drunken rampage in which he broke into a Okinawa apartment and beat up a schoolboy, broke their TV and then fell out of their 3rd floor window, all in violation of a rape-induced curfew.

A 24-year-old US soldier stationed at Okinawa’s Kadena Air Base reportedly entered a private residence in a local village without permission (the door was unlocked) at 1AM, and went on a rampage, punching a schoolboy in the face and breaking their TV.

The boy was lightly injured, and his younger brother who was also present escaped injury. Their mother was not present at the time, perhaps for the better considering the circumstances.

The incident started with a bar on the first floor of the same building calling police with a report of a drunken US serviceman running amok, after which he for some reason entered the apartment above.

His rampage ended with him falling out of the residence’s 3rd floor window to the street below, where authorities recovered him and took him to a base hospital for emergency treatment. He apparently suffered broken bones in the fall.

Police intend to arrest him for assault and trespass; as US soldiers are supposedly under curfew after 2 soldiers gang raped a local last month, his superiors are unlikely to be happy with him either.

Base critics wasted no time in condemning the curfew as “useless” and calling US soldiers “uncontrollable.”

Japan’s foreign minister has called the incident “outrageous” and demanded something actually be done to stop US forces committing such crimes. The cabinet secretary called the incident “exceedingly regrettable.”

Base officials issued an immediate apology the morning after the incident, also calling it “exceedingly regrettable,” as well as “inexcusable.”

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